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Slightly late with this episode. Sorry about that. We'd like to attribute that to unavoidable and mitigating circumstances, but the truth is that Hal just got too shitted up once too often over the Christmas period. Still, it's here now, so let joy be unconfined. Hal and Ants give it their usual big ones, and basically just sit there bitching about shit, like a modern day Statler and Waldorf. Under the microscope this month are movies both past and incoming, and some videogames form the...

Duration: 01:18:22

Defcast #3: Once more unto the breach. For England, and Saint George.

Episode 3! I know. I'm sorry. You thought we'd disappeared, and yet here we are, littering your feed. Hal and Ants touch upon many subjects, extremely lightly, this time around. Ants went to Japan, and spouted off about that. And rightly so. How often do you get to Japan, huh? Hal, on the other hand, could barely find it within himself to get further than his couch, and so parps on about everything he saw from there. Which turns out is not that much. Fallout 4, mainly. We've introduced a...

Duration: 01:16:46

DefCast#2: The Returnening

Episode 2! And they said we'd be barred from the internet for our first attempt. Your venerable hosts Hal and Ants return with some more British-class chuntering on matters of practically zero import. Games touched upon are The Last of Us: Left Behind, Ratchet & Clank, Nights of Azure, SOMA, and Derek Souls III. To show ourselves as slightly more rounded characters, we've added a sort of 'TV and movies we've been watching' section as well, which sees us prostrate before the altar of HBO,...

Duration: 00:55:59