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Episode 26 - Jessica Flores

I chatted with hard of hearing vlogger and YouTuber, Jessica Flores. We have similar hearing losses and it was fun to commiserate and laugh about our shared experiences. Follow Jessica on Instagram @limemoney

Duration: 01:06:01

Episode 25 - Justin Foster

Justin Foster is my first repeat guest! He's a great pal and I love talking to him, so why the hell wouldn't I invite him back? Hope you enjoy. Follow Justin on IG, Twitter, and FB - @justincomic

Duration: 01:22:41

Episode 24 - Darrin Rose

Darrin Rose, star of Mr. D & Match Game & Video on Trial, stops by my crib in Burbank, California. We had a grand ole time. Follow Darrin on Twitter @DarrinRose

Duration: 01:26:41

Episode 23 - Ryan Bondy

Ryan Bondy is the star of the Book of Mormon and also one of my lifelong best friends. We spoke over the phone from Burbank, California to Melbourne, Australia. Modern technology is a beautiful thing. Follow Ryan Bondy on Instagram @bondy34

Duration: 01:42:02

Episode 22 - Alex Pavone

I was in New York City for a few days, and Alex stopped by my hotel to have a little chat. We go way back to 2009, when we were a couple of young pups making our way in the Toronto comedy scene. It was awesome to re-connect with this gem of a man. Follow Alex on Instagram @Alex_thekid_Pavone on Twitter @MrAlexPavone

Duration: 01:27:09

Episode 21 - Nina Tarr

She's a comedian, a DJ, and an avowed cinephile. She also accurately guessed all of the so-called "lame" music that I love so very much (shout out to Jack Johnson). This week's guest is Nina Tarr! Follow Nina on Twitter - @NinaTarr on Instagram - @pizzaparty69

Duration: 01:12:20

Episode 20 - Thomas Dale

The hilarious Thomas Dale stopped by my apartment this week. We talked about the joys of prostate stimulation, his grievance with one of my jokes (the 'partner' bit), and his premonition of an upcoming Civil War. Follow Thomas - @ThomasDale5

Duration: 01:22:22

Episode 19 - Graham Clark

My guest this week is Vancouver's very own Graham Clark. He is a renowned stand-up comedian and beloved podcaster (Stop Podcasting Yourself). We recorded on a patio on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, and I loved every minute of our chat. Follow Graham @GrahamClark on Twitter.

Duration: 01:39:59

Episode 18 - Brent Butt

Star and creator of the hit TV series, Corner Gas, Brent Butt is one of the biggest stars in Canadian comedy. I chatted with him in the green room of the Comedy MIX in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Duration: 01:16:06

Episode 17 - Chris Cope

Chris Cope talks about his love for Oprah, his desire to watch a cockfight, and the aneurysm that nearly killed him at 27.

Duration: 00:36:45

Episode 16 - Kelsey Cook

Kelsey stops by Casa de D.J. to talk about her foosball championship pedigree, the pros and cons of the Diva Cup, and whether it's ok to make fun of your grandma in your stand-up act. Follow Kelsey on Twitter @kelseycook

Duration: 01:30:15

Episode 15 - Nic Novicki

Nic Novicki drops by da crib to talk about why he's grateful to be a little person in America, what he thinks about that dwarf-tossing scene in the Wolf of Wall Street, and that time an audience member in Philadelphia threw a beer bottle at his head. Follow Nic - @NicNovicki

Duration: 01:29:08

Episode 14 - Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson joins me in my studio (my apartment, really) and talks about her personal connection with OJ Simpson, big Pharma keeping us down, and what it's like to be the beloved black sheep in her family. You can find Rachel at @wolfiecomedy.

Duration: 01:34:20

Episode 13 - Justin Foster

Texas native Justin Foster stops by my apartment to discuss emotional support dogs, prejudice against bald men, and the impact of a comedian's sartorial decisions.

Duration: 01:17:07

Episode 12 - Taylor Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson stops by my place in Burbank, CA. We chat about Taylor's history of performing comedy in churches, her decision to abstain from marijuana and alcohol, and what it takes for us to stop following someone on Instagram. Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:20:43

Episode 11 - David Acer

Comedian/Magician/Lovable Guy, David Acer, chats with me in the bowels of Montreal's finest comedy club, the Comedy Nest. Plus, I get my first caller! Thanks Ben from Minnesota!

Duration: 01:10:24

Episode 10 - Wendy Liebman

The incomparable Wendy Liebman stops by my sweaty Burbank apartment. Wendy has been on the Tonight Show (with Leno and Carson!), Jimmy Kimmel, America's Got Talent, and anything else you can think of. She is one of my comedy heroes, so this episode was a huge treat. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:24:40

Episode 9 - Jose Barrientos

Joining me on this episode is my good friend, Jose Barrientos. Jose is a comedian, a military veteran, a hacker, and a fellow sesquipedalian.

Duration: 01:20:54

Episode 8 - Carol Zoccoli

Carol is a successful Brazilian comedian who moved to Canada. In just three years, she has learned a new language, a new culture, and is thriving in the Toronto comedy scene.

Duration: 01:22:38

Episode 7 - Ryan Dennee

D.J. chats with his friend, Ryan Dennee, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. They discuss his recent brush with the law, the rough and tumble nature of Kingston, and why he told his daughter the truth about Santa when she was just four years old.

Duration: 01:14:43

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