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179-The Missional Marriagebed

Main Points: one flesh The Seduction Course Part 1 is released today!! Purchase now to have the most discounted price! (It will go up next Tuesday when I release Part 2!) I am SO excited to share this content with you. I think it will really get you to the place of implementing and doing, practically, those things that will really make you feel powerful. Because you will know that you know how to drive him wild.


178-Stoke His Desire

The specific steps to seduce: Why Seduction is important, helpful tips on what will help you seduce and next steps. The Seduction Course P1 will be released next week! Purchase now to have the most discounted price! (It will go up on Tuesday!) I am SO excited to share this content with you. I think it will really get you to the place of implementing and doing, practically, those things that will really make you feel powerful. Because you will know that you know how to drive him wild.


177-Body P6: Be Released

Main points: -God's might and glory is shown in the uniqueness of creation. And in the tiniest of details of your body. -The way you feel about your body affects the way you interact with your spouse and the rest of the world. -Children are released in their bodies. Body insecurity is learned (and its unattractive). -Our self-perception is tied to so many different things. Time of the month, what we've been eating for the last couple of weeks, what stresses are in our lives etc. And...


176-Body P5: Value Touch

How to enjoy sex as a woman. We as women have so much going on. So many commitments and responsibilities. Busy. For women its a slow process to transition from life to physical intimacy. (For men, not so much). For us, its slow and it should be. Its an opening. Its a releasing. Its a being invited into her divinely orchestrated womanhood. What does it feel like to be in touch of your body? Why does touch matter? Being in your body. Being attentive to the touch of your body will help...


175-Body P4: Honor Your Ressa

Embodying your Sexuality P1 & P2, Episode 160 & Episode 161. "Save sex for marriage". A wise piece of advice. But because I didn't learn anything about it's value, I just assumed it was nasty. But I never learned about my Ressa. Why your Ressa needed to be reframed and renamed: Ressa = Receiving him into your Essence (Feel free to keep the name you feel most comfortable with. However, I don't feel comfortable using the words publicly on this show, that to me either evoke...


174-Body P3: Flaunt, Don't Seek Approval

When you're confident in your body you're not being prideful, you're humbly acknowledging His gift of your body. Your beauty is not a question is a statement. God knit you together, counted your hairs. He cares about all the incredible intracacies of your body. It matters what you do with it. God is all about the spirit and mind and soul. But He also says love the Lord with all your strength. Your body is important to God. Jesus talked about the body when describing a husband and wife....


173-Body P2: Know Your Worth & Freedom with Food

I thought my body was gross. I thought God didn't give me a good one. God changed my perspective. Now that insecurity has become fierce respect for this wonder God has given me. Now I'm convinced that we as women are jewels. Our bodies are of the highest value. And we should not put our jewels before swine. Your body should be adored by someone who deserves it. By someone who serves you, respects you and makes you feel worth it. Your husband (though he himself is a work in progress) is...


172-Body P1: Behold Your Body

Welcome to this brand new series all about body. Body image, food issues, body acceptance, comfort in sex... all of it affects how you make love. But who made it? Is it yours? Are you responsible for how it looks? My body image struggles caused me great pain throughout my life. It was my "project." It was my obsession. It was my thing that made me feel OK but also horrible. But as my eating increased, so did my body. And I hated it. I wanted to get liposuction. I prayed God would make me...


171-New Year's Reflection That Will Change My Life

In the long view of your 100 years on earth, what is going to matter in THIS season? I had an abrupt and unsettling realization when I had a parent teacher conference a few weeks ago. Though I believe I was discerning God's will and way for my life. I don't believe I was pursuing it in God's timing. And that is one of the central themes around today's podcast. What is your season (mine is a quarter inch) in the grand scheme of life? And what matters most right now. From there, what do...


170-Rest in Sex. Interview with Dr. Juli Slattery P2

Sexual intimacy should be a place of rest. It can even become a "haven for me". In this interview, Juli Slattery, of Authentic Intimacy, talks about the spiritual priority of sexual intimacy in marriage and the passion involved in covenant love. She also discusses which Sexual acts are ok? How do you know if it's a conscience thing or just a comfort thing? We don't grow in anything unless we push past our comfort. Learn how to become great lovers. How to be able to lose control? Either...


169-Biblical Women--Sensual? Interview with Juli Slattery P1

When you think about the women of the Bible who comes to mind? Ruth, the loyal daughter who served her widowed mother-in-law. Esther, who risked her life to save her people. The hardworking Proverbs 31 wife. Mary, the teenage girl who's heart was so tender before the Lord that He chose her to be Jesus' mother. Yes. The women in the Bible are incredible and should be aspired to. Did you immediately think of the Song of Solomon? Probably not. Not because she doesn't take up space in the...


168-Why He Became Romantic, Part 4 (Belah’s Husband Tell’s All)

He proposed to me over fast food in a parking lot. I think it might have been drizzling. Well he's not that man anymore. God has changed him. He has brought him in so many ways to a place that I could not have imagined were possible. Truly. I hope this podcast inspires you. I hope it empowers you to make the hard choices for yourself to see what God might want to allow you to think about. At the end I tell you about the amazing anniversary experience my husband gave me. And I tell you...


167-Why He Became Romantic, Part 3 (Belah’s Husband Tell’s All)

This is Part 3 of Why we became romantic. I was a generous wife in intimacy and I felt loved in some areas, but I didn't feel loved outside of the bedroom. The romance on dates, the random gifts, the consistent compliments, the surprises were missing. (Part 1 is more of the theory behind it and Part 2 is the beginning of my discussion with my husband that exemplifies this process.) Ultimately, Belah's husbands feel her changes caused the marriage to change. Caused him to...


166-Why He Became Romantic, Part 2 (Belah's Husband Tell's All)

I encourage you to first listen to Part 1 here. Today, you get to hear the gory details of how awful I was...from my husband. He is giving you all the dirt on me, for your benefit (hopefully!). There's a ton of mistakes I made that I thought was helping, but was actually driving a severe wedge between us. I was making it impossible for him to love me in the ways I was desperate for him to love me. God has taught me a ton in my marriage. But by God's grace, He continues to teach me. I...


165-Why He Became Romantic P1

You may have thought you chose the right man when you were dating, but suddenly things changed when you got married. He stopped trying. He stopped woo-ing you and just took you for granted. When was the last time he took you on a date? Its so tough to feel that if he just tried a little you'd be happy. Its an awful feeling. The good news is it can change with these steps. Its hard work on our end, but it makes big differences in the marriage. I was totally surprised to find out the very...


164-J2: Make Sex More Fun. with Amy McKinley

There's a lot we can do to make our love lives more lively. More than you might have thought. What about making sex into a game? Here's a wife who made a Christian app that makes sex more fun for all of us! Amy's passion has come out of a place of understanding the significant impact that comes out of a place of marital intimacy. This is the second half of her interview and it is so important for us all to prioritize and enjoy making love. We all can only be so creative---Why not get a...


163-J1: Sex Got Us Through. with Amy McKinley

Financial challenges aren't easy. They are in fact the #1 reason for divorce. How did her marriage survive when things got really stressful financially? When you're stressed tensions run high in the household. Often the last thing on your mind (especially for women) is making love. And this wife and mother believes it is what brought them through the serious challenges in their marriage. God doesn't promise us an easy life. We will have struggles throughout this side of eternity. But,...


162-Why Sex Matters To Him (A Gift For Your Wife)

I get so many emails from husbands. I want to send a message to their wives...the wife I used to be. I was a wife who saw sex as And so I avoided it and got resentful that the things I was doing wasn't appreciated. He kept asking me to learn more... and I got angrier. Well God has changed my heart on this. I have discovered that God made my husband's member, and I am his wife. It is my privilege to be a part of intimacy with him. I am his only means of receiving this vital fulfillment...


161-Embodying Your Sexuality (Seduction), Part 2

Now that you know the value of your sexuality (from Part 1), what does it mean to share that with your spouse? I was a woman so insecure and unaware of the beauty of my body that it shocked me to realize the attraction my husband felt towards me. It took a while to actually come to accept it was true. But from there, to become fierce in the bedroom, that was another process. That's what we're going into today. What does it mean to captivate your man? How do you "embody your sexuality"...


156/157 Encourage Your Wife's Sexuality (For the Good Guys)

After releasing Episode 56 & 57, I realized the good guys needed an episode. I may have been a bit too harsh on those episodes. So, I have this updated/revised/clarified/contextualized episode to give a bit more grace and kindness to the good guys, looking to love and be loved in sexual intimacy with their wives.


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