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Dr. Holmes has discovered that the most effective way to get massive results is to first have a Vision. She provides actionable steps to help you to develop your business culture, systems, and brand as well as shares strategies which can help you to fast-tract your success.

Dr. Holmes has discovered that the most effective way to get massive results is to first have a Vision. She provides actionable steps to help you to develop your business culture, systems, and brand as well as shares strategies which can help you to fast-tract your success.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL


Dr. Holmes has discovered that the most effective way to get massive results is to first have a Vision. She provides actionable steps to help you to develop your business culture, systems, and brand as well as shares strategies which can help you to fast-tract your success.




103 - How to Integrate Sleep Apnea Treatment Into Your Practice With Dr. Meghna Dassani

I’m excited to welcome Dr. Meghna Dassani to this week’s podcast. Dr. Meghna Dassani is an internationally educated dentist located in Houston, TX. She received her dental training from University of Mumbai in India and ran a successful practice there for 6 years before moving to the U.S. A 2005 graduate of Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Meghna now practices full time in Houston, TX. She has a passion for providing patients with high quality oral healthcare that will benefit...


102 - How To Grow and Scale Your Practice With Dr. Jesse Green

I’m delighted to introduce the amazing Dr. Jesse Green to this week’s podcast episode to discuss many innovative ways to grow and scale your practice. Dr Jesse Green is a dentist, entrepreneur, coach and thought leader who specializes in working with established high-performing dentists and industry young guns hungry for success. In an increasingly over-competitive market, he has made an art of helping his elite clients play bigger, better and smarter. He is the founder of Practice Max, a...


101 - How to Build a a Solid Online Reputation with Dr. Leonard Tau

I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Leonard Tau to this week’s podcast episode to discuss the importance of a solid reputation to increase patient numbers. Dr. Leonard Tau is passionate about internet marketing, social media, reputation marketing and its ability to help grow your practice. In his content-rich energizing seminars, Dr. Tau shares his firsthand experience and the tools used to achieve 100% growth in his practice since 2009 in a down economy. He maintains a full-time...


100 - How Dental Women Can Find Their Freedom With Dr. Fern White

I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Fern White onto this week’s podcast to talk about how Dental Women can find their freedom by breaking through stress to work less, earn more and take back control of their days and create a life they love. Dr. Fern White is a principal dentist, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, coach and growth aficionado. She came as a refugee ‘by boat’ to Australia, and now is making waves around the world for founding the first online empire for Dental Women that...


099 - How To Fit Dentistry Into Any Patient's Budget With Dr. Bruce Baird

I’m delighted to introduce Dr Bruce Baird to this week’s podcast and talk about how dentists can grow their personal wealth and fit dentistry into any patient’s budget. Bruce B. Baird, DDS, has been named as one of the nation’s most productive dentists. Comprehensive treatment planning, and full-mouth restorative care has set him apart in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. Recognizing his ability to help other dentists to achieve success, Dr. Baird partnered with Vicki McManus, RDH in 2004...


098 - Growing Your Practice Through In- House Membership Programs with Jordon Comstock

It’s great to introduce Jordon Comstock from BoomCloud on this week’s podcast to talk about how to boost your practice’s revenue through membership programs. Jordon has been in the dental industry for over 10 Years. He started out managing his family’s dental lab in Salt lake City, Utah and studied Business, Marketing, UX/UI design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. As he was managing the lab, he built a sales and marketing department from scratch and helped grow the lab from local...


097 -The Roadmap to Freedom with Dr. Anissa Holmes

This podcast episode is a real treat for you. I recently attended the Voices of Dentisty Summit where I was presenting on how to grow your practice with Facebook marketing and how it can be achieved without spending lots of money. Whilst at the event I recorded quite a few podcast episodes as a guest on other shows. This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I share with you my appearance on the Millennial Dentist podcast. We focus on the journey that doctors go on from not knowing where to...


096 - How to Avoid Distractions To Get Stuff Done With Dr. Anissa Holmes

This week's Delivering WOW podcast is a solo episode - I wanted to talk to you about something everyone wants to avoid... distractions. As busy business owners, it's often the case that we become overwhelmed with all that we are responsible for. This happened to me recently and I realized that I needed to reevaluate my priorities and take back control of my time. To help me, I hired a new coach who encouraged me to take a time study. I wanted to share with you all how this helped me, my...


095 - 10Xing Your Dental Implant Case Acceptance With Elijah Desmond

In this week's podcast episode I talk to my great friend Elijah Desmond about an amazing strategy to grow your practice and treat a lot of people. Elijah Desmond, RDH, is a dental guygienist whom graduated from The Ohio State University. He is a motivational speaker and has a passion for changing lives of kids and dental professionals. Elijah is the founder of Smiles at Sea in which he puts on dental conventions on a cruise ship surrounded around having fun! He is also a partner in Driven...


093 - How to Get Your Patients To Say Yes To Your High Level Services With Dr. Steve Schluentz

This week on the podcast I spoke to Dr. Steve Schluentz (shoe-lentz). Many of you already know Steve as he's super active in the Delivering WOW Facebook Group and he's a member of our bootcamp. Steve is a dentist, motivational speaker, guest speaker for The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies, and CEO/Founder of Mountain Sky Coaching, a company that helps businesses make quantum leaps in their results. He is a certified consultant for Bob Proctor, the world’s #1 teacher on human growth and...


093 - Real Marketing That Works with Jerry Jones

This week on the podcast I interviewed Jerry Jones. Jerry is of the nation’s top expert on professional practice marketing with over 20 years experience, Jerry spends most of his time developing marketing and advertising strategies for his limited number of private clients and ClearPath Society Members. His company, Jerry Jones Direct, is the #1 internationally recognized Membership-based boutique dental marketing and advertising firm focused on both patient retention & turn-key new...


092 - Growing a Fee For Service Practice with Dr. Drew Byrnes

This week on the podcast I had a great conversation with Dr. Drew Byrnes. Dr. Drew Byrnes is a family and cosmetic dentist in Winter Park, FL, a graduate of the University of Florida College of Dentistry and a Central Florida native. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the Dental Society of Greater Orlando and the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. He believes in treating people the way that he would want to be treated. We talked about a topic...


091 - Maximizing Your Marketing ROI with Dr. Anissa Holmes and Dr. Mark Costes

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I had a really good conversation with a very good friend of mine, Dr Mark Costes. The podcast was totally impromptu, in fact, I was actually in my car when we recorded it. For those of you who don't know Dr. Mark Costes, he is far from a typical dentist and dental coach. During his career, Mark has been able to start or acquire over a dozen successful dental practices during some of the profession’s most challenging times. Mark is the International...


090 - How to Serve More And Grow Your Practice Using 6 Month Smiles With Dr. Chris Bowman

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I interviewed a really good friend of mine, Dr. Chris Bowman. We talked all about how you can treat more patients, grow your practice, increase profits and integrate additional services into your practice. Dr. Chris Bowman is a full-time practicing dentist, speaker, author, and dental coach from Charlotte, North Carolina. A graduate of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Dentistry, he started Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte in...


089 - How To Get Your Facebook Posts To Go Viral With Dr. Anissa Holmes

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I've recorded a solo episode where I share with you lots of tips and advice on how to get your Facebook posts to go viral. So many people have asked me in the past how I manage to get 40,000 people watching my videos, and how I manage to get similar results with the doctors that I've been working with. In this podcast episode I share the exact strategies that we use at Delivering WOW. On the podcast I discuss: If you want help with Facebook...


088 - The Making of A Successful Startup With Dr. Ashley Joves

On this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast I am SO excited to introduce you to a rock start dentist, Dr. Ashley Joves. Ashley is the Founder of Smile & Company, located in Folsom, Ca. Ashley announced via FB Live that she was officially doing a start-up, and that she was not going to “let fear and uncertainty” hold her back anymore. That post went viral with over 10,000 views. Ashley was able to become a local celebrity in her community, getting over 1100 people following her Facebook...


087 - How To Create A Fee For Service Practice That People Rave About With Dr. Robert Pick

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I am so pleased to share with you my interview with a true leader in the dental industry, Dr. Robert Pick. Dr. Pick is a popular business practice management consultant, coach, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and professional speaker. He is known for his high energy, fast moving, motivational, highly educational and entertaining programs. Dr. Pick is the CEO of The Pick Group, a practice management firm designed to yield a happy, healthy and...


086 - How To Create Systems That Work With Dr. Evelyn T. Samuel

This week on the Delivering WOW podcast I spoke to Dr. Evelyn Samuel. Dr. Samuel became a Dental Practice and Small Business Efficiency coach by chance. After achieving her life-time goal of becoming a Dentist, she set out to provide excellence within her chosen field. She had a unique experience after her residency. She worked in many different types of practices as a contractor and saw first-hand that although many of the owner dentists were excellent clinicians, they didn't have...


085 - Facebook Q&A with DJ Turner of Delivering WOW

This podcast episode is all about all Facebook marketing. It brings you a ton of information and a ton of value – definitely an episode not to be missed if you want to learn more about leveraging Facebook to grow your business. The podcast episode is a rebroadcast of a Facebook Live Q&A which was delivered on the inside of the United Facebook Group – a Facebook Group for Delivering Wow U. I’m so excited to have DJ on this podcast. DJ is marketing director, funnels expert, coach, and FB...


084 - How To Attract Your Ideal New Patient With Cyndi Blalock

This week on the Delivering Wow podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Cyndi Blalock. Dr. Blalock passionately believes in ‘finding your tribe’. By finding your ideal patients and team, you can create the practice of your dreams. Dr. Blalock completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO and completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery training at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. During her training she...


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