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Episode 43 :: Get in the Guy Pile

Unscripted, unrefined, and completely uncouth; hang with Derpy Show – the nerd comedy podcast with a penchant for aimless odysseys. Strap on your headphones and GET IN THE GUY PILE! But first you'll need to be subjected to a hipster check. What is that and why is Neofaust doing it to everyone? Find out? Maybe. The gang discusses some recent and very pressing news topics including Chinese funeral strippers, glass dildo urns, polygamist sex ninjas, and password security. Be prepared to...

Duration: 01:10:34

Episode 41 :: Derp-O-Ween III

MmMmuuUUAhahHAhAhhAhhAh! The derps have been summoned for yet another Derp-O-Ween celebration! This time around, the gang delves into the dark and dreary past of our good friend Neofaust, who was deprived of the bare necessities as a child. RoboJoe shares an interesting perspective on "Just the tip", and reviews the new Bob's Burgers porn parody. boR rejoices as he can finally review Soylent after many many moons. The whole crew dusts off the chopter and embark on the chopter's most...

Duration: 01:02:42

Episode 31 :: Wank Yank

Neofaust takes a fortnight sojourn to England and regales us with tales of his exploits. Anger abounds as the Derpy Show crew clashes over pronunciation of Homeopathy, and DJ Snorlax rants about Nintendo’s inconsistent aesthetics. Trying to cash in on the new fad of ridiculous movies, the gang brainstorms on ways to 1-up Sharknado and on the path back to the topic, they stumble Back to the Future. Some other crap that comes up: Jenny McCarthy, Sarah Silverman, the “Frat Pack” and “Brat...

Duration: 02:00:21

Episode 28 :: Rope Van Winkletree

Rule one of Rope Van Winkletree? Don’t talk about Rope Van Winkletree! Well, it’s a good thing the Derps are awfully bad at following rules! Join in this verbal free-for-all as they battle it out over the values of Free2Play Games and the merits of various forms of blood sport. Whether it’s a fork to the penis or a cannon on your head, nothing holds a candle to a very special sport from Robojoe’s past. Learn who the gang would sacrifice in a life or death situation, and what the deal with...

Duration: 01:58:13

Episode 26 :: One Year Herpiversary Derptacular

Join National Derpy Radio (NDR) as they try to raise money on Derpy Show’s One-Year Herpiversary Derptacular! Ladies and gentleman, thank you for logging on to National Derpy Radio. We can’t thank you enough for your continued excellence and support with all of our derpy tidings. It’s that time of the year when we hold our annual support drive, and Derpy Show is providing the entertainment. With a one year anniversary spectacular, those crazy guys will discuss the merits of the next-gen...

Duration: 03:08:36

Episode 21 :: Condi-March Madness LXI

Condi-March Madness LXI heats up as the gang discusses what the hell this contest is, and how they feel about the lineup. To help reign in the madness, and to give another perspective on the topic, the guys brought in a professional condiment slinger. As per usual, the conversation devolves into topics such as the male tramp stamp, Batman porn, word corruption, futanari, and more! Last, but… well maybe least… DJ Snorlax and boR take a trip in the chopter to SimCity. Be sure to enter our...

Duration: 01:11:34

Episode 18 :: Bad Jeans

ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO MAKE FUN OF ROBOJOE’S JEANS? After the completely unexpected return of DJ Neofaust, the gang has to deal with too many cooks in the kitchen. Robojoe has gotten pretty cocky with his new place of derp in the show, but Neofaust seems ready to reclaim his throne. Prepare your mind for shocking discussions of weapons, porn, Fire Emblem for 3DS, obscure hand jokes, and the dreaded dookie bean! Amidst all of this, one of your brave hosts may be kicked off the show,...

Duration: 00:58:19

Episode 17 :: Derpy Weapon

DJ Snorlax and boR have been at this game a while. They know the ropes, and have seen some shit. With Neofaust temporarily banished from Derpy Show due to his embarrassing defeat in the Derp Dome, DJ Snorlax and the boR are going to have to d-d-d-d-demonstrate how things work to RoboJoe “the Rookie”. Prepare yourself for an aquatic ride in the chopter, and a discussion about a popular TV show that ripped off a beloved singer/songwriter. Marvel as the guys recount stories from the days of...

Duration: 00:56:13

Episode 16 :: Singin’ and Bangin’

On this very musical episode of Derpy Show, Neofaust once again brings his guitar. The gang discusses the new Sonic the Hedgehog fan movie, Titanic 2, fake ghost sightings, and Final Fantasy VIII. Later, they discuss what would happen if they had a time machine that could only be used to go back in time and have sex with people (time travel bangs). What will Neofaust sing about? Did anyone actually win the Derp Dome? These questions will be answered, yet somehow you’ll still be left...

Duration: 01:07:38

Episode 14 :: Herp in the Derp Dome Part 2

The derpbate continues! RoboJoe and Neofaust continue to match… wits… or something similar while they discuss their favorite historical and philosophical figures and events. The gang discusses the closing of City of Heroes, and takes a trip down MMO memory lane. Later, DJ Snorlax reads us a poem he derped up, “How The boR Derped Herpmas”. Come back next week to watch the Herp in the Derp dome conclusion!

Duration: 00:54:44

Episode 13 :: Herp in the Derp Dome Part 1

Two derps enter, one herp derps! That’s the rule of the land when you’re inside the Derp Dome. Join us on the first installment of the momentous occasion: Herp in the Derp Dome! Watch as the brain cells die when Derpy Show veteran DJ Neofaust goes up against the “Lord of the Derp”, RoboJoe! Laugh with us, cry with us, but most importantly come back every Wednesday of Derpcember for more!

Duration: 00:48:51

Episode 12 :: Five Kinds of Pork

This week you can kick back, relax, and have a pizza with the Derpy Show crew. Topics they cover include gay marriage, the Papa John’s insurance fiasco, Facebook profiles of the deceased, Way of the Samurai for PS2, the subtleties of languages, and more! A NEW CHALLENGE APPROACHES! Gearing up for their big fight on our next episode, Neofaust and newcomer RoboJoe issue each other challenges and pre-fight interviews.

Duration: 01:15:25

Episode XI :: A New Herp

It is a period of serious derping. Disney, striking with a serious amount of cash, has won their first victory against the pessimistic Star Wars fans. During the battle, DJ Neofaust managed to watch a video of terrifying smut, PTERODACTYL PORN, a video with enough perversion… we may be able to get Kitty Glitter to write about it. Pursued by the boR’s sinister agents, DJ Snorlax races across the internet to interpret Ryan Lochte’s twitter so he can predict the Election and restore derpiness...

Duration: 01:08:47

Episode 10 :: Derp-O-Ween

Muahahhahaha! This is the spookiest episode of Derpy Show yet! Join DJ Snorlax a.k.a Chan Spookling, FrankenboR, and Necrofaust on truly terrifying journey of derp. Scary places, suicide hotspots, dramatic readings of creepypasta, penile decoration, answers from the para-boRmal, goth dancing, and an exclusive interview with the Headless Horseman in the Chopter are just some of the things you can look forward to in this spooktacular derpisode.

Duration: 01:06:17

Episode 9 :: Our Violent Double Lives

It’s bring your own instrument day on Derpy Show! Neofaust brings his guitar for no apparent reason and sings about Freud. The derps discuss a slander campaign against a republican congresswoman centered around her WoW account, the new movie Looper, the origins of Hyrule, and how hard it is to find a job these days. DJ Snorlax takes a spin in the chopter to interview the only person waiting in line to purchase Windows 8.

Duration: 01:03:06

Episode 8 :: Voodoo Ruins Everything

This week the gang takes a trip down memory lane and tackles the issue of remaking old movies, games, and music. DJ Snorlax gives us the low down on the new movie Dredd 3D and compares it to the original comic. boR’s cat has an emotional breakdown, and Neofaust nearly overdoses on caffeine and drives the others insane yet again. Stuck recording in a house with no train noises, how will they take a break?? What new games are the guys playing?? Find out in this exciting episode of Derpy Show!

Duration: 01:13:08

Episode 7 :: Programa Tonto

¡Programa Tonto! It’s time for another educational installment of “Ask a Foreigner” on Derpy Show! This time around, the guys found a young Spanish woman named Marina who was willing to answer their derpy questions. You’ll learn all about Spanish culture, from Chrisopher Columbus, to the Spanish nativity scene pooper. DJ Snorlax gives us his thoughts on a recent book purchase of his called “Wesley Crusher, Teenage Fuck Machine”. This episode is brought to you by the new 29 disk collection...

Duration: 01:04:54

Episode 6 :: No Things Considered

In response to criticism, this episode of Derpy Show is 100% non-offensive, all inclusive, and they actually check all their facts and pronunciation.* Learn about an exciting new blend of tea, the Alpine myth of the Krampus, EVE Online, and gender theory. Listen as DJ Snorlax goes on an angry tirade about The Big Bang Theory. Later, boRstrodomus cracks open a few truth eggs and whips up a wisdom omelette. *NOTE: This statement may not be based in reality.

Duration: 01:01:06

Episode 5 :: nefoost pls

In this rootin’ tootin’ episode of Derpy Show, DJ Snorlax realizes that Neofaust is a living version of the dolan meme, the gang recounts their experience at Nerdapalooza, Neofaust reacts to /r/spacedicks, and DJ Snorlax fires up the Derpy Show Chopter to get the scoop on a naked man with Crisco looking for a good time. They also blather on about MMOs, VR goggles, Free to Play gaming, Neofaust’s antifreeze drink, The Olympics, philosophy, microwaves, and the new Beck album.

Duration: 00:57:12

Episode 4 :: WoW Bots = Job Skills

In this episode you can learn how cheating at WoW can get you a high paying government job! DJ Snorlax wrestles with Google to try to get them to keep his money. Neofaust realizes realizes that he’s our Karl Pilkington, and that he spends more time coding bots to play video games for him than actually playing them himself. Some other topics they tackle in their own derpy way include Total Recall, The Secret World, DJ Snorlax gets seduced by a candy bar, real life Frankenstein monsters,...

Duration: 01:07:34

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