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Trump Rant

Just my thoughts on the last few days. I was too frustrated not to unload while driving home this evening so I grabbed the mic and puked some thoughts up. Hope you don't mind.

Duration: 00:34:58

Colin Quinn

One of my all time favorite comics, Colin Quinn is my guest this week. An Irish American legend, he is heading to Dublin for the Vodafone Comedy Festival. We chatted about the old NY, his broadway shows and why he never made it to Ireland until now.

Duration: 00:39:08

Mark Normand

Great chat with Mark Normand. Fresh from his special on Comedy Central, Mark is on his way to Dublin for the Comedy Carnival. We covered some etymology, the PC police and his last time in Dublin with Amy Schumer.

Duration: 00:58:48

Karl Chandler: Running rooms

I chatted with Karl Chandler who is a Melbourne based comic and writer for various television shows in Australia. He also runs some great comedy nights in Melbourne and I wanted to chat to him about the stress of being the comedian and the booker. We also chatted about his new show where he gets a comedian to heckle him throughout the show. We finished with a great chat about podcasting as he has a successful podcast called the Little Dum Dum Club.

Duration: 01:00:59

Tom Ballard: Bubble Rap

Great Chat with awesome Australian Comic, Tom Ballard. His current show tackles tough issues around political correctness, white privilege, racism and the mob that calls people out on those topics.

Duration: 01:04:22

David O'Doherty: Touchstones of Purity

Chat with Edinburgh Award winning Comedian David O'Doherty. I have known Dave since the very start of both of our careers so this was part trip down memory lane and part look at the vast amount of work Dave has done. We also had a cameo from Edinburgh Award Nominee James Acaster who was looking for a pair of shorts.

Duration: 01:01:49

Urzila Carlson: Big laughs

One of our funniest chats yet with Urzila Carlson. Originally from South Africa, Urzila began stand up in New Zealand and has had a rapid rise through the comedy ranks. We chatted about being a "fat comedian", being a same sex parent and just had a laugh about loads of things. She has a big personality and an even bigger heart.

Duration: 00:58:34

Alison Spittle: Analysis paralysis turned hilarious

Great chat with Alison Spittle who is blowing up in Ireland at the moment. We chatted about her nomadic childhood, her constant state of self analysis, some current affairs including the Tuam babies scandal and repeal the 8th, and a long chat about Irish comedy.

Duration: 01:04:37

Tommy Tiernan: In debt to debt

Great chat with one of the greatest Irish Comedians of all time. We chatted about the process of writing a show, the creative motivations of needing money, having two goes at a family, and his new chat show on RTE. Great to have Tommy as our first guest of the year.

Duration: 01:14:24

Joanne McNally: Afraid to say nothing

Joanne McNally has had a rapid rise through the comedy ranks. I first became aware of her when I saw her in a very interesting show called Singlehood. It turned out it was her first ever time performing in a show. She has since taken up Stand Up and has already done a show about being adopted with PJ Gallagher and her own show called BIte Me about her recovery from an eating disorder. This is a super interesting chat.

Duration: 01:14:30

Jena Friedman: American Cunt

I chatted with comedian and former Daily Show field producer Jena Friedman ahead of the release of her comedy special American Cunt on Seeso. After a week and a half of Trump scandal I was dying to find out what she thought of it all. We chatted about co-parenting too which sounded a little bit like I was trying to sell her on the idea of doing it with me but that was not the intention. Great chat with a great lady.

Duration: 01:00:36

Kevin Brennan: Misery loves Company

I am chatting with Kevin Brennan from the Misery Loves Company podcast. Our first podcast in association with another podcast as we are both releasing it. Kevin is a veteran of the NY comedy scene and recently has had great success with his new Podcast celebrating the humor of the miserable, the bitter and the defeated. I spent 90 mins in the energy of it all and it was great fun. Nobody is safe from the attacks of a man liberated by his acknowledgement that he has given up.

Duration: 01:26:53

Ronny Chieng: International Everyday Show Correspondent.

I chatted with new Daily Show Correspondent Ronny Chieng. We chatted about Asian Stereotypes, the culture clash of East meets West, settling into the states, being from a conservative culture and the challenge of joining one of the biggest shows in comedy. We then had a great chat about the huge pressure to succeed from Asian parents.

Duration: 01:07:40

Annie Lederman: I am a mountain

People in the U.S. know Annie from MTV's Girl Code, Comedy Central's @Midnight and Chelsea Lately. I met Annie at the Vodafone Comedy Festival back in July. We had a very intense chat about growing up with A.D.D. and being on the spectrum of Aspergers, being abused by a teacher in her teenage years, giving up drinking and how she had a moment of Self-Realisation when she was in Ireland.

Godfrey: The Racism Equation

Godfrey is one of the big names of the US comedy circuit. Every time I see him on stage he kills like no other. His credits are too long to list but he just brought out a new special on Showtime. We chatted a lot about Racism and also about being the child of Nigerian immigrants and how he is not "Regular Black." We finished we some fun impressions. Most importantly Godfrey decided to do this at 2AM last night and we recorded until 3AM. Long Story that I explain in the podcast. Enjoy

John Bishop: Smoke from the Chimney, The Synod meets.

John Bishop is one the the UK's most successful comics with TV shows and arena tours to attest to his success. He is also an old friend of mine from the early days of both of our careers. We met up over in Spain for a catch up. We chatted about his working class upbringing, his years working before he tried comedy, his new conversation show, getting ready for the empty nest and generally about getting older. Great chat with a great guy in a great location.

Aisling Bea: Getting Broken Down and Rebuilt

I picked up Aisling at the airport and dropped her out to her mom's in Kildare. Aisling is a huge rising star of comedy in Ireland and in the UK. In her short career she has been on numerous UK comedy series and is about to announce another big one. We chatted about Drama school, feminism, talking about abortion in Ireland, sex in comedy and why the last name. Enjoy.

Kevin Bridges: Part 2

Part 2 of my chat with Kev. It mostly happened because after we finished our planned chat he needed a lift back into the city centre with his dog. I was happy to oblige and we just kept on recording. We are really just trying to have a laugh in this one. We don't tackle any tough subjects. Honestly, I just let Kev be funny which is a joy to listen to. Enjoy.

Karl Spain: Conversation Transformation

I chatted with one of my closest friends in comedy, Comedian Karl Spain. He is in my opinion one of the most underrated comedians working in Ireland. This week he will be on Celebrity Operation Transformation on RTE 1 (Irish TV). Karl is tackling his weight in the show and we discussed it while driving around Limerick, where he is from. We also had a good bitching session about other comedian's success at the end of the chat for our own entertainment.

Deirdre O'Kane: Empathy with attitude.

Deirdre O'Kane is a great stand up and actress who many Irish people know from her stage and tele work. She was recently the lead in Noble which was also a project she got off the ground. We chatted about the frustrations of the comedy game and also had a great chat about Waking the Feminists, repeal the 8th and abortion law in Ireland. She is a great friend and always fun to be around.
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