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owa native Chance Dorland brings you independent interviews & commentary on news from Des Moines & central Iowa. Subscribe to the Des Moines FM Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, audioBoom, Overcast or your favorite podcasting app & let us know your opinion by recording a voice message on our website,






Iowa Teacher Advocates For Science, Climate Facts

On Saturday, June 10th, around 40 demonstrators with signs & banners attended a rally at the Iowa State Capitol to protest President Donald Trump's recent announcement that the US will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. Ruth Henderson, a science teacher with 40 years of experience in Iowa, was one of the rally's organizers & also was involved with March For Science Iowa, an event that drew thousands to the same location earlier this year. Henderson spoke with Des Moines FM...

Duration: 00:16:18

The Rise & Fall Of Kim Weaver, Iowa's 4th District Democratic Opponent To Representative Steve King

Only a few short months ago, former 4th district Iowa Congressional candidate Kim Weaver seemed to have it all. After raising thousands of dollars in donations as a result of controversial comments & tweets by current 4th district Congressman Steve King, Weaver was poised to have a stronger campaign for a possible Democratic primary & subsequent election campaign. This situation, & Representative King's reputation for being "Iowa's Donald Trump", led many to believe it might finally be...

Duration: 00:46:53

Des Moines Capital City PrideFest 2017

June is national LGBTQ pride month, & this last weekend Des Moines held its 39th annual Capital City PrideFest, with the slogan "Community As One”, as Iowa's LGBTQ community was celebrated & represented as part of continued efforts in the state for equality. Des Moines Pride Center President Dianna "Tink" Harvey spoke with Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss what took place & some of the issues currently affecting the Des Moines & Iowa LGBTQ community. Stream this episode online...

Duration: 00:38:25

"Slow Lane", Karen Weir-Jimerson's New Book On Raising A Family In Rural Iowa

Karen Weir-Jimerson is a garden magazine writer, author & Iowa native who, with the help of her husband (also a writer), raised two sons on their 3-acre Iowa farmstead outside of Des Moines. During that time, many of her family's stories appeared in the magazines she wrote for, & Weir-Jimerson has now collected some of those essays for her second book, Slow Lane: Essays on the Wisdom and Wonder of Living in the Country, a followup to her 2011 book of rural Iowa stories, So Much Sky. Find...

Duration: 00:34:27

New Vaccination Requirement For Iowa Students Will Save Lives

Vaccinations save lives, & while the end of the school year means Iowa families & students are likely thinking about summer vacation, they also need to think about immunizations. Iowa has as a new vaccination requirement for the 2017 school year, & to get details on the new requirement, & how vaccination exemptions are handled in the state, Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland spoke with Don Callaghan, the immunization program bureau chief for the Iowa Department of Public Health. Stream...

Duration: 00:15:05

"Acting" Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, Kim Reynolds Start Campaign On Day One

Terry Branstad is the longest serving governor in US history, but as the torch was passed to Kim Reynolds, Iowa now has its first female executive. political blogger Laura Belin joins Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland for a final update on the transition saga, which now includes "acting" Lt. Governor Adam Gregg. Stream the episode online at Download the full episode at...

Duration: 00:30:49

Iowa Puppy Mills Make Humane Society's 'Horrible Hundred' List

Iowa journalist Erin Murphy recently wrote that for the last five years, Iowa has held an outsized place on the national Humane Society’s annual publication of problematic commercial dog breeders. According to Murphy, advocates for humane treatment of animals say Iowa’s role as an apparent safe haven for habitually offending dog breeders — often called puppy mills — has been created by lax animal cruelty laws, weak enforcement of those laws, & powerful farming groups that resist stricter...

Duration: 00:19:38

Iowa Women "Ready To Run" For Political Office After ISU Workshops

Dr. Dianne Bystrom, director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center For Women In Politics at Iowa State University, joins Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss ISU's "Ready To Run" workshops that offer training & guidance to empower Iowans wanting to become more deeply involved in political or issue advocacy campaigns or even make a run for local or state office. Find more info on "Ready To Run" as well as facts about women in Iowa & national politics at...

Duration: 00:43:31

Tom Miller v. Kim Reynolds: Battle To Elect, Or Appoint, Iowa's Next Lt. Governor

More political blogger Laura Belin joins Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss new developments concerning Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynold’s plans to appoint a Republican replacement after taking over for current Governor Terry Branstad who will soon leave office to become the US Ambassador to China. While originally releasing a short statement supporting the contrary, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller now says the Iowa Constitution does not allow Reynolds to appoint a...

Duration: 00:33:02

Democratic State Senator Nate Boulton "Runs" To Top Spot In Governor's Race

Iowa State Senator Nate Boulton recently threw his hat into the ring for the 2018 gubernatorial race with a campaign video that is still getting compliments from across the state. Iowa Starting Line founder Pat Rynard was quick to make the announcement & talk about its implications for a race that seems to become more crowded by the week. Rynard spoke with Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland about Boulton’s announcement & the excitement, as well as endorsements, his candidacy is generating...

Duration: 00:24:31

Veterans, Iowans with PTSD Deserve Better Medical Cannabis Legislation

Des Moines FM continues its coverage of the latest medical cannabis bill that fails to provide Iowans with enough options for conditions already covered by several other state governments. Iowa Hemp Association co-founder & Iowa Democratic Party Veterans Caucus chair Shelly Servadio joins Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss the activism she & others continue to engage in to convince Iowa's elected officials that the medical science is not debatable as veterans & thousands of other...

Duration: 00:20:15

Medical Cannabis Bill Doesn't Go Far Enough For Iowa Families

The Iowa House & Senate have adjourned for the year after passing several last minute pieces of legislation, including a medical cannabis compromise passed with bipartisan majorities in both chambers. The new bill theoretically covers nine conditions, but as the legislation only allows cannabis oil with a low percentage of THC, Iowans with eight of those conditions will be left needing medicinal cannabis that is not covered. founder Laura Belin says despite this,...

Duration: 00:22:42

Illegal For Iowa Utilities Board Chairwoman Geri Huser To Practice Law While In Office?

Ryan Foley is an Associated Press correspondent based in Iowa City who recently had quite the scoop on a piece of news here in the state. In late March, Foley reported that a top Iowa regulator has maintained a busy & profitable private law practice in what appeared to be a violation of the terms of her position. The regulator in question was Geri Huser, chairwoman of the Iowa Utilities Board, whose position was supposedly mandated by law to be a full-time job that would require Huser to...

Duration: 00:24:53

4th District Iowans Discuss Steve King Comments, Kim Weaver Candidacy [Indivisible Iowa]

"Steve King being Steve King" is a phrase many Iowans may be familiar with as the state's 4th district Congressman has repeatedly made controversial verbal & social media comments that have been picked up by both local & national media outlets. Having served in the US House of Representatives since being elected in 2002, many believe the sheer amount of controversial statements coming from Representative King have hurt the state's image nationally, & it appears an increasing number of...

Duration: 00:47:45

Pros & Cons Of Growing Des Moines Metro Area & New Voter ID Legislation [Small Town Friends]

Des Moines FM host Chance & Jake are back with a new episode of "Smal Town Friends" to bring a rural perspective to issues affecting Iowa. The do begin by discussing news that the Des Moines Metro Area is the fastest growing Midwest urban lanscape & how that is changing the capital in both positive & negative ways. They then discuss proposed voter ID legislation that would require a non-photo ID for Iowans when they held to the polls. Stream the episode online at...

Duration: 01:05:51

"What's the Matter with Iowa?" Asks University of Iowa Professor Colin Gordon

2004’s “What’s the matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America” spent 18 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List due to its telling of the rise of populist, anti-elitist conservatism in Kansas & the United States. Now, University of Iowa history Professor Colin Gordon is asking “What’s the matter with Iowa?” Professor Gordon recently penned an article by that title for Dissent Magazine, & spoke with Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss the "blueprint" he says...

Duration: 00:16:55

Keep Pat Rynard's Gas Tank Full With A Donation To Iowa Starting Line

More, Iowa's #1 progressive-leaning news site, has seen a lot of growth & exposure in the last 6 months, mostly due to the hard work & diligence of its creator, Pat Rynard, who gets up each & every day to cover political news & hold Iowa’s elected officials accountable to voters. As running the site is Rynard's full-time job, fundraising is also a component of the position, & a rather large event was just held to keep the site running. Pat joins Des Moines FM host Chance...

Duration: 00:25:07

Alliant Energy Strangling Iowa's Solar Industry

Ideal Energy CEO Troy Van Beek says new rules for solar energy in Iowa will "strangle" the industry. Van Beek is a retired US Navy Seal & recently wrote a guest column for The Gazette outlining why new rates from Alliant Energy, approved by the Iowa Utilities Board, are bad for businesses & bad for Iowans. Van Beek spoke with Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland about his activism on the issue. Find out more by visiting Stream the episode online at...

Duration: 00:16:26

Who Will Win Iowa's 2018 Gubernatorial Race?

November of 2018 will likely see current Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, a Republican, as the incumbent, but who will be her Democratic challenger? founder Laura Belin joins Des Moines FM host Chance Dorland to discuss the recent addition of State Representative Todd Prichard to a short list of possible contenders, and that Kim Reynolds may actually see a primary challenger for the Republican nomination. Stream the episode online at...

Duration: 00:18:32

Discussing Senator Joni Ernst's Des Moines Forum with Indivisible Iowa

Last weekend US Senator Joni Ernst met confrontational crowds at public forums in Des Moines & Cedar Rapids where she was repeatedly shouted down & booed over the GOP health care reform plan & other issues. Indivisible Iowa Senate District 21 chapter leader Christen Bain is a Drake graduate & attended Friday's forum at the university with nearly 800 other Iowans, some of whom had the chance to directly address Senator Ernst with a question. In this episode, Des Moines FM host Chance...

Duration: 00:35:09

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