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Lisa Quine // Being Nice Gets You Places

Episode 248. Aired March 20, 2018 This week we will be talking to my friend, Lisa Quine. Lisa recently went from full time designer with a very busy side hustle to full time freelancer. But that full time freelance life was short-lived because she got an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Lisa now has a part time gig with American Greetings. We will talk about managing clients, staying creative, and how she has been able to get and keep so many clients, with so many of them are repeat...


Lisa Glanz // From Designer to Illustrator

Episode 247. Aired March 12, 2018 This week we will be talking to Lisa Glanz. Lisa is an illustrator who sells products online. She is a co-host of the popular Honest Designers Show, representing women as the only woman on the podcast, go LISA!!! Lisa has been a designer who started practicing watercolor and then decided to dabble in the online marketplace Creative Market while she ran her freelance design business. She now is one of the most successful sellers on Design Cuts and Creative...


Jamal Collins // Teaching at Risk Kids to be Design Entrepreneurs

Episode 246. Airs on ****Friday, March 9,**** 2018 at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT . Jamal Collins grew up in Cleveland, by the time he was leaving high school Cocaine was the new thing. Many of his friends were dealing drugs and he knew he had a choice to make. He decided to go to college and studied graphic design. Jamal worked in the industry as a designer for years but was unfulfilled. He found his true passion and life’s work in what he is doing now. . Jamal is changing lives in Cleveland....



Episode 245. Aired on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Jordan sells his own products, works for clients, and has taken his drawing exercises and created a way to innovate in his own design practice. He is able to take these exercises and now make things for clients. The life that has come out of his #automaticDrawings is going to inspire you to take your exercises and see what kind of legs you can give them. Jordan is always pivoting, and creating ways to better help his clients and innovate...


David Brier // Brand Intervention

Episode 244. Aired on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. Want to dive DEEP with David Brier on Wednesday and talk about Branding? David has been on the show many times and recently released his first book, Brand Intervention. I have always gotten a ton out of our conversations. I have been able to have takeaways from each of these conversations that I have been able to implement in my business strategy and design strategy. He has helped me in how I talk to clients. This book features 33 steps...


Reina Takahashi // Going for It

Episode 243. Aired on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. Have you ever wanted to figure out what was “your” thing? Have you wondered how you can find that thing and after you found it what to do with this talent and passion?Well if you have said yes then this episode is for you. This week we will be talking to the talented and humble Reina Takahashi. Reina was a UX/UI designer that uncovered her passion for paper arts then started doing a deep dive into it when she moved to San Francisco. From...


Rapid Recharge // Love on Designers

Episode 242. Aired on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Kim Panella and I have been scheming about a way to appreciate, encourage, and build stronger connections within the design community. We are going to do five giveaways at the end of the month but will choose a winner each week. I explain this in the video. So love on some designers this month and take one week out for you to show some love to yourself. Here are the prompts for each week, try and do one of these prompts per week. Snap a...


Corrina Reff // Focusing on Branding

Episode 241. Aired on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Have you ever wanted to focus on a certain area of design, but don’t know how to get started? Or have you enjoyed an area but not really known how to start incorporating it into your offerings? Well if you have said yes then this episode is for you. This week we will be talking to my friend Corrina Reff. Corrina started blowing me away with her daily hand-lettering project. But after talking to her, I realized this was just part of her...


Dylan Menges // Understanding Your Calling

Episode 240. Aired on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 These days growing my business and starting my illustration journey are constantly on my mind. As I search for this clarity of purpose I am lucky to talk to someone who is ahead of me on this journey. This week I am talking to someone I really look up to, my friend, Dylan Menges. He is a true inspiration to me, both business-wise and spiritually. We will dig into how he went out on his own in Sept 2015 and how he uncovered what he was meant...


Nick Brito // Working Towards a Goal

Episode 239. Aired on Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Illustration is on my brain, along with new goals and skills I want to master (well get better at). This week I am so excited to have one of my former students on the show this week. This designer has exploded since graduating. This week’s guest is Nick Brito. Nick graduated a few years ago but blossomed after graduation due to a self-imposed project. He has grown and continues to grow and set goals for himself and his career. Nick is going...


Kim Panella // A Detailed Look

Episode 238. Aired on December 6, 2017 Want to learn some tips about illustrating details with chalk? Well my guest this week is my good friend, Kim Panella. She will be sharing all kinds of detail tips and tips on chalk illustration and lettering. Kim has an inspiring story of perseverance and she is one of the coolest people I know. Her humility and desire to learn are infectious. I hope you will join us for the LAST Design Recharge of 2017. Kim and I will also talk about our goals for...


Austin Saylor // Animating Lettering Part 2

Episode 237. Aired November 22, 2017 This week's guest is Austin Saylor a motion designer with a love for animating lettering. We will chat about his new course, Animating Lettering which opened on Monday, Nov 20. We will learn what is in the course and how it will help us in our business. Tune in live on Wednesday, November 22 at 2:30pm ET / 11:30amPT. Follow Austin at:


Andrew Berkemeyer // Working InHouse

Episode 236. Aired on November 15, 2017 Do you work InHouse? There are positives and negatives to it. This week’s guest, Andrew Berkemeyer works InHouse at Woods Coffee in Bellingham Washington. He started his career as a designer on a small InHouse team and has been able to find his rhythm working for companies on their InHouse teams. Come with some questions about working InHouse and find out what Andrew has been doing in his free time. Follow Andrew at:


Meena Khalili // New in Lou 365

Episode 235. Aired on November 8, 2017 Have you ever wanted to change up your style? Or get better at something in a fairly quick amount of time? Well it all takes time. Meena Khalili has been a regular guest on the show and I am stoked to have her back. Meena is an illustrator, and design professor who is has one hand in the digital world and one hand in the physical world. She will be talking about her 365 project that transformed her style and has turned into a traveling show. Find out...


Nick Sloggett // Finding the Right Fit

Episode 234. Aired on November 1, 2017. Have you ever wanted to know how you land an interview with Google and what it is like? Ever wanted to ask someone what questions they asked at an interview to ensure they find out what they needed to know to be able to make the best decision for their creative growth. Do you want to know how to get your foot in the door as a Design Leader on a team? Then don’t miss this week’s show with Nick Sloggett a designer at Uber. We talk about faith and...


Tom Ross // Building Long-Term, Design Relationships

Episode 233. Airs on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT / 5:30pm in the UK. You may know Tom Ross from his start-up, Design Cuts, a source for great deals on digital design products and bundles. Tom is a new friend I was introduced to through Dustin Lee but I feel like I have known him for about six months because I have been listening to the Honest Designers Show every week since it started. I am a huge fan of the show and Tom. Tom is the founder of Design Cuts and is a...


Matt Vergotis // Versatile & Flexible PART TWO

Episode 232. Aired on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Matt and I will continue our conversation about branding and how he decides when to create hand drawn typographic marks vs computer-generated symbols and how he does that. Join us for the LIVE show and see what I mean about his versatility and how he has continued to grow over the years. We will also get to see some more of his amazing wave illustrations. Follow Matt at: Web: VERG.COM.AU Instagram: @MATTVERGOTIS FB: @MATTVERG Twitter:...


Matt Vergotis // Versatile & Flexible

Episode 231. Aired on October 10, 2017 This week I am excited to have my friend, Matt Vergotis on the show. Matt is an incredible designer and a passionate lettering artist. He has clients from all over the globe. His branding clients show his versatility. He loves working by hand first and has a great eye for business, keeping grounded, and we will dig into what he does to keep his name and work on the forefront. There will most definitely be some surfing analogies. Follow Matt at: Web:...


David O’Hara // Bob & Weave

Episode 230. Aired on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 This week I am excited to have my friend David O’Hara on the show. David has changed from a visual designer to a user experience designer. He has moved without a job, he has struggled but then excelled. David doesn’t give up, even when life has thrown him lemons. David’s attitude especially when he was looking for work is inspiring. He has a great philosophy for networking and we will hear about that. Follow David at: 50 States -...


Erik Reagan // Scaling a Business

Episode 229. Aired on September 27, 2017 at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT This week I am excited to have Erik Reagan on the show. Erik was on a panel at Creative South the first year I attended it and I was blown away by the panel and have followed him and FocusLab ever since. Maybe you are like me and want to scale your business or get in a place where scaling is an option, but really don’t know where to begin. I have known I wanted to scale my business but have not had the guts or knowledge...


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