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EP 007 – Amputating Dead Weight with Mike Rolls

After contracting one of the deadliest diseases on the planet, Meningococcal Septicemia, at age 18, Mike Rolls was left with horrific internal and external injuries and the amputation of his left leg. He made a slow and arduous journey back to health, and 8 years after falling ill, made the terrifying decision to amputate his other leg, as further infections in the bones made it even more difficult for him to move freely and go about his daily life. As he recovered, he found new...

Duration: 00:33:40

EP 006 – Looking towards the future with Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a Structural Engineer who consults on sustainability in buildings. He is constantly looking to learn and grow, as he works towards influencing positive outcomes for the planet. As a volunteer Lead Researcher for not for profit Beyond Zero Emissions project ‘Industrial Processes’, his goal is to eliminate cement emissions, which are currently 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Host of the ‘What You Will Learn’ Podcast, he reads a book a week. As host of the ‘Future of...

Duration: 00:31:45

EP 005 – Getting Curious with Joy Fairhall

Joy Fairhall is a Speaker & Emotional Support and Guidance Coach possessing extensive experience working with global companies & individuals to achieve personal and cultural change. Joy is committed to self-development and is a Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Leader in Culture Change, Trainer & Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Accredited Reiki Trainer, Assessor and Practitioner. Joy specialises in working with people going through Life Changing diagnoses or events. She...

Duration: 00:26:44

EP 004 – Discover Simple Systems for Life with Chester Kang

Chester is the IT & Lab Support Officer in the Neuropsychiatry Centre at the University of Melbourne, who says that he is now living the dream since arriving from Singapore in 2008. A self-confessed über geek, he has particular interests in sci-fi, especially the futurism and technological aspects, as well as fantasy, for its human and moral dimensions. Be inspired by Chester as he and ‘Tina chat about simple systems for life. Connect with ‘Tina Murray at Connect...

Duration: 00:32:22

EP 003 – Life Lessons with Dr Gail Crossley-Craven

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven has seen the empowering effect knowledge and preparation has on the human ability to succeed. She has spent a lifetime learning and re-learning the valuable education and people principles that she believes are the keys to success. Gail is self-made and has a rich background both experientially and educationally, with qualifications in education, business, psychology and natural therapies. She brings an eclectic wealth of expertise from the educational, counselling...

Duration: 00:40:19

EP 002 - Taking a Chance with Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in Melbourne Australia with his wife Angela and daughter Kaliyah. A die-hard about personal development, lifestyle design, and entrepreneurship, Prosper considers himself a lifelong student of life, constantly striving to become the best man that he can be and helping others along the way. He inspires others to live a happier existence through writing and podcasts where he helps coaches, consultants and other service professionals...

Duration: 00:30:35

EP 001 - How to Live On Purpose with Drew Myers

When writer, speaker and host of The Defining Audacity Radio Show, Drew Myers, walked away from his last “real” job, he realised that he had the embarrassing distinction of having had 11 jobs since graduating from college...11 years before. At first, he looked at this “accomplishment” as a monumental failure. He felt like a bona fide loser and started asking self-defeating questions. The main one: “What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!?” Then, the smoke cleared and with his confidence...

Duration: 00:31:07