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Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 15 - Pilot and Dragons

Lesson # 15 Agenda Boot up your flux capacitors, grab a snack, and head into the past with Josh and Matt. In this previously unreleased lesson, Josh and Matt meet to record their pilot episode of Detentions and Dragons. The theme: their top 5 tips for running at D&D game at school. Proto-Item Review: Matt and Josh review a few different items. Some pretty boring. Some pretty awesome! Thanks again for joining us on this trip down memory lane!

Duration: 00:45:22

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 14 - Participation and Dragons

Lesson # 14 Agenda ... ... ...I don't want to write this summary. JK! In this lesson, Josh and Matt discuss techniques to encourage participation in your classroom or traditional D&D game. Again, it is hard to believe people wouldn't want to try, but it happens! Exit Ticket: Gold Star Winner - DM and Blogger @grand_dm. This person has been DMing for 3 decades is is filled with boundless knowledge to improve your game! Thanks for subscribing and the awesome iTunes reviews!

Duration: 00:45:03

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 13 - Xanathar's Guide to Everything and Dragons

Lesson # 13 Agenda Josh and Matt discuss the pros (there are a lot) and cons (just a few) of the new D&D 5E resource book. Exit Ticket: Gold Star Winner - R.N.W for her awesome papercraft manipulatives for D&D. Adds a fun tangible dimension to any D&D game. Thanks for subscribing and the awesome iTunes reviews!

Duration: 00:40:51

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 12 - Havoc and Dragons

Lesson # 12 Agenda Do you think D&D in the classroom is impossible? Well in this episode, Josh talks about how he makes the impossible possible through a modified D&D 5E system called Havoc. Matt is there too to ask questions. Josh discusses how his students develop important social, cognitive, and creativity skills through yearlong classroom collaborative story telling. Exit Ticket: Gold Star Winner - Matt and Josh give Will and Brian of The Dungeoncast Podcast a gold star. The...

Duration: 00:39:14

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 11 - Loot and Dragons

Lesson # 11 Agenda -Loot. Is it pretend fantasy treasure? Yes. Do we still want it? You better believe it! In this episode, Josh and Matt discuss the gold and magic items players yearn for. -Matt and Josh discuss their philosophies behind loot distribution, including how loot can help provide player/student agency in your campaign. -Smeagle Bobson learns how to use a loot table. -Exit Ticket: Gold Star Winner - Polymorph Crafts. These artisans are providing D&D organizational supplies...

Duration: 00:44:26

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 10 - Battle Basics and Dragons

Lesson # 10 Agenda -Back to Basics! Matt and Josh discuss the basics components and elements of battle in a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign. -Need to know about AC, attack rolls, and death saving throws? Josh and Matt review all of the mainstays of battle -Exit Ticket: Item Review. Matt and Josh discuss the Robe of Useful Items. It is kind of like the junk drawer in your kitchen. But you wear it. And sometimes it has a dog or a rowboat in it. -Thanks again for listening and...

Duration: 00:44:42

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 9 - Spooky and Dragons

Lesson # 9 Agenda -It is Halloween time so let’s get spooky! Matt and Josh discuss tips on how to make your campaign a little spookier. -Spooky creatures, spooky narrative, spooky plot hooks. All the recommendations to make D&D spooky! -Exit Ticket: Item Review. Matt and Josh discuss the Bag of Devouring. It is like the Bag of Holding. Except.... it will try to eat you. Happy Halloween!

Duration: 00:29:25

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 8 - Slang and Dragons

Lesson # 8 Agenda -Matt and Josh discuss some of the most useful Dungeons and Dragons vocabulary. Do they slay it? YASSSSSSSSS. (sorry not sorry about the annoying use of slang tbh) -Matt has a new passion and obsession: he wants him and Josh to become the Car Talk guys of Dungeons and Dragons. -Exit Ticket: New Hires. Our hosts welcome @heartless_pe to the international community of teacher DMs. You and your colleagues are going to be great!

Duration: 00:40:00

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 7 - Economics and Dragons

Lesson # 6 Agenda -Economics! There are only so many actions you can make in one turn. Matt and Josh discuss each player character and creature’s action economy. - Ever needed clarification on what you can do with a bonus action or reaction? Matt and Josh answer that question and many more. -This is the first time (and probably not the last time) Matt discusses why he hates the “Hide” action in 5e. -Exit Ticket: Gold Star. Our hosts award a gold star to Frances S (twitter handle:...

Duration: 01:03:31

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 6 - Dice and Dragons

Lesson # 6 Agenda -After an intense fifth lesson, Josh and Matt have a fun and light discussion on the different dice and their functions in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. -Matt has dumb but clever(?) names to help students find their dice more easily. -There are a lot of bad jokes and puns. Things fly off the rails a bit. Josh sometimes yells into the microphone. It is all in good fun though. -Exit Ticket: Gold Star. Our hosts award a gold star to Michael Mordor, fantasy miniature...

Duration: 00:47:33

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 5 - The First Day of Club and Dragons

Lesson # 5 Agenda -Josh and Matt discuss their most important topic to date: how to prepare for your first day of running Dungeons & Dragons at school. -They go over eight steps to follow to help increase your likelihood of success on that first day.Hint: These tips can also help new DMs or DMs introducing new players to the game. -Exit Ticket: Is the Bag of Holding a good item for your classroom or club campaign? -What is the Bag of Molding? -Remember: You can do anything with a D20.

Duration: 00:35:49

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 4 - Stealing and Dragons

Lesson # 4 Agenda -Josh and Matt discuss how begging, borrowing, and stealing (with permission) campaign ideas will help teacher DMs survive in the classroom setting. Note: These are helpful for any new DM! -They talk about excellent sources of free and purchasable campaigns and D&D modules available to DMs. -Exit Ticket: Matt passes back papers and the hosts award a gold star to The Raging Swan Press and their contributions to the gaming community. Note: At the time of recording, the...

Duration: 00:34:36

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 3 - Pregenerated Characters and Dragons

Lesson # 3 Agenda -Josh and Matt discuss the benefits of using pre-generated character sheets for D&D in the classroom or club setting. -They discuss the best starting classes for new players. -They introduce helpful online resources to obtain pre-generated character sheets. -Exit Ticket: Is the cloak of Arachnida an effective item for your classroom D&D campaign? -This episode introduces what will probably (and sadly) be the reoccurring character, the Dutch-German boy.

Duration: 00:46:35

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 2 - Materials and Dragons

Lesson # 2 - Lesson Plan -Josh and Matt discuss their top 5 (maybe more?) materials needed to run Dungeons and Dragons with students at school. -Exit Ticket: Is the Wand of Wonder a good item for your school campaign? -Matt really loves deals on folders. -This begins a trend of really bad puns. Help two teachers spread the word about teaching D&D to students by subscribing! Thanks!

Duration: 00:28:35

Detentions and Dragons: Lesson # 1 - Syllabi and Dragons

Welcome to Detentions and Dragons, a podcast dedicated to introducing Dungeons and Dragons into the classroom experience! Matt and Josh are highly educated and experienced American public school teachers who want to help provide tips and techniques to effectively run Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition with students. They are also confidant that new players, new dungeon masters, and fans of Dungeons and Dragons may enjoy this as well. Lesson # 1 Agenda -Josh and Matt discuss the importance...

Duration: 00:36:43