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Pune Pune Ping?

The Detroit Cali trio bring back Gianna for Halloween. In this episode they discuss about Janet Jackson’s ex-husband, which leads to the creation of pune pune ping. They also talk about the origin of Lilith, Jessica’s doodles, and TV Show Theme Songs. The show closes out with talks about the curse of the Kennedys, and the pedophile allegations against Michael Jackson, which led his demise.

Duration: 01:21:38

Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid

Jarryl, Jessica, and Gharren take a journey into the city of Transylvania. There, they meet Casper, Madame Ding Ling, and the ghost of Michael Jackson. When they return, they discuss actor and standup comedian, Eddie Izzard, and him openly being a transvestite, black women in comedy, Marvel’s Black Panther movie, Star Wars, sitcoms of today, Selena and JLo, Broad City, and what it’s like to be in a live studio audience.

Duration: 02:12:34

F*ck the Format

Jarryl, Jessica, and Gharren welcome their very first guest, nurse, and Jarryl’s best friend, Gianna Robins. In this episode, they talk about all of the horror movies coming to a theater near you this month. Throughout the show, they discuss transparent AIDS commercials in Africa, Rosario Dawson, Africa’s involvement during the slave trade, the first de facto First Lady to run the U.S., Trevor Noah, the Hollywood Bowl, and visiting Ukraine.

Duration: 02:05:03

The 15 Sub-Genres of Horror

Jarryl, Jess, and Gharren kick off October with the 15 sub-genres of horror films. They also discuss their journeys to L.A., VHS tapes, and joke about overpopulation.

Duration: 02:23:25

Coming to Germany with Laurie Strode & The Scream Queens

Gharren returns from Oktoberfest. Jarryl and Jess return from Modesto. In this episode, they dive deeper into their personal lives, life in L.A., and the return of Laurie Strode to the Halloween franchise.

Duration: 01:48:42

Clowns! Clowns Everywhere!

In the premiere episode, Jarryl, Jessica, and Gharren warm up to the clowns from American Horror Story, discuss seeing Whitney Houston in a different light, and nerd out to watching the scariest clown of them all, Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Duration: 01:37:32