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Continuous Testing w/ Tricentis

Few areas in DevOps are hotter than continuous testing. Automating various types of tests as part of your CI/CD pipeline is a bit of a holy grail in the DevOps world. Tricentis is a company that is offering a tried and proven enterprise solution in this area. Having perfected their technology over the last 6-7 years and having raised $165m in capital, Tricentis is poised to deliver. In this DevOps Chat we sit down with Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri to discuss the market, the opportunity and...


Security as Code in Public Cloud with Tim Jefferson, Barracuda Networks

The environments that we deploy applications in have certainly changed over the last 10 years. This is true for the way we secure applications as well. Barracuda Networks has ridden this wave to cloud native and making solutions for developers, devops teams and security and risk teams. We speak to Tim Jefferson, VP of public cloud for Barracuda on how they are adapting and helping to shape this market


ASRTM, Application Security Requirements & Threat Management

Application Security Requirements & Threat Management (ASRTM)is a great way to: • Lowering costs to build secure software • Making security measurable • Turning unplanned work into planned work • Freeing up time away from remediation, and into feature development • Having a single process that works with in-house, outsourced, and commercial software • Providing confidence that software is secure, when requirements are linked to verification In this chat with Rohit Sethi of Security...


The Art (or Science) of Deception with Ofer Israeli, Illusive Networks

One of the hottest new trends in the cybersecurity world is what is being called "Deception". While honeypots and such have been around for a long time, the idea of purposely deceiving your attackers has really gained momentum, especially in the age of APT (advanced persistent threats). The team at Illusive Networks has pioneered this approach to safeguarding your infrastructure. In this Security Boulevard Chat we sit down with Illusive Networks Ofer Israeli to discuss the "art of deception."


Your Mainframe Can Go As Fast As You Need It To

Rosalind Radcliffe is a treasure of the mainframe world. It is always an interesting interview whenever we get the chance to speak with her. In this chat, Rosalind updates us on the newest generation of Big Iron from IBM, the z14 systems. Rosalind also tells us about some of the new capabilities of z14 that allow you to go as fast as you need it in your organization. Rosalind says it is time to move away from thinking of bi-modal IT. Even multi-speed IT is outdated. Today's mainframe can...


What is Cloud Private?

Michael Kaczmarksi is an IBM Fellow and CTO of DevOps and Service Management. In his distinguished career at IBM he has obviously seen technologies come and go. Michael gives us an inside look at IBM's Cloud Private offering and how it relates to DevOps, Service management, hybrid cloud and so many other contemporary technologies in the market today.


Pro Tips on Cloud Management

In this DevOps Chat we are joined by Andy Richman of Park My Cloud and Samir Mehra of Cloud Health Technologies. Both of these cloud experts give sound advice on how you can best and most efficiently manage your cloud infrastructure whether it is on AWS, Azure, Google or anywhere else. If you are interested in optimizing your cloud deployments (who isn't?), then have a listen.


Securing the IoT with Digicert

They already number in the billions, but connected devices or IoT were not all built with security as top of mind. In this chat we speak with Mike Nelson, VP of IoT Security at DigiCert, a global leader in digital security for connected systems and devices. Mike tells what to do with your legacy devices and systems to help make them more secure and what to look for in systems going forward so that you can be as secure as possible. Great practical advice.


Wolfpack Saves Over 50% on Cloud Costs w/ Park My Cloud

In this DevOps Chat find out how the developers of Wolfpack ( are saving over 50% of their prior costs for cloud by using Park My Cloud's cloud management platform. Though the cloud offers many benefits to app developers and others, controlling the costs of these apps can sometimes elude organizations big and small. Cloud sprawl can quickly lead to cloud bills. In this chat we speak with Jonathan Chashper, CEO of Wolfpack about how his company got a handle on the cloud...


Microservices and Containers: Mastering the Re-Platforming of the IT Infrastructure

Microservices and Containers: Mastering the Re-Platforming of the IT Infrastructure The re-platforming of the enterprise IT infrastructure is no small undertaking and is usually provoked by a shifting set of key business drivers. That is precisely the case today. The term digital transformation is in the hearts, minds and on the lips of top-level business executives and IT leaders alike. The underlying traditional or legacy infrastructures that have dominated enterprise IT for nearly 30...


Chef Habitat Update

Chef Habitat is growing up. Along the way it is really becoming quite a useful platform for application automation, including beefing up your security and compliance. We had a great update from the Chef team on what is new with Habitat. We have two Chef folks, Jaime Winsor, a co-author of Habitat and Tasha Drew, senior product manager and Blake Irvin of SmartB, a Habitat user.


Chef Compliance & Security update

Chef has spent a lot of time bringing security and compliance into the software development lifecycle (SDLM). They have several solutions both open source and commercial which can help with your DevSecOps practice. I had a chance to sit down with Dan Hauenstein and Dominick Richter. Dominick is one of the founding members of and co-creator of Chef Compliance.


Aqua Security Locking Down the Container Security Market w/ Rani Osnat

Container adoption rates are skyrocketing. Securing these environments is both a tremendous opportunity and a daunting challenge. Aqua Security has taken on this challenge. With their most recent funding announcement and other momentum news, they are making their play to lock down the container security market and establish themselves as the market leader. I had a chance to catch up with Rani Osnat of Aqua to hear about their funding news, how they are going to use the money and what the...

Duration:00:27:14 launches to disrupt the CI/CD market w/ Steve Burton

More launched from stealth today with a goal of disrupting the CI/CD market. Made up of members from the AppDynamics founding team, Harness has a plan to bring a higher level of CI/CD functionality to those who require it. DevOps Chats caught up with Steve Burton, VP of product marketing at Harness to understand how theContinuous Delivery-As A-Service Platform seeks to make it happen.


Kristian Stewart, IBM

In this DevOps Chat we catch up with Dr Kristian Stewart of IBM. Kristian talks to us about how dev and ops can work together. He calls it shift ops left and shift dev right. He has some great ideas borne out of his years of experience in the field. Kristian's background is as follows: Dr Kristian J Stewart, Architect - Hybrid Cloud Event Management and Analytics Kristian currently leads architecture for IBM's Netcool Event Management offering, and is part of the team providing...


Tracy Ragan, OpenMake

OpenMake has been involved in the software integration and delivery process for many years. The CI/CD revolution that is inherent in much of what DevOps is about has changed the company and their model in ways not imagined. DeployHub has been open sourced and has really found a community. DeployHub Pro has landed OpenMake on the Gartner MQ. We speak with OpenMake CEO Tracy Ragan about road to open source and DevOps success.


IBM z14, why is it the best mainframe ever?

IBM's latest enterprise system, z14 is in general release. Beyond pure speeds and feeds, the z14 has capabilities that go far beyond where any z system has gone before. Pervasive encryption, hybrid cloud integration, many new APIs and more make the z14 "the biggest release in z systems over the last 10 years at least" according to Hayden Lindsey, VP of Enterprise DevOps. Hayden is our guest in this chat and he lays out all of the reasons why z14 isn't your grandads mainframe


Measuring DevOps Success

Steve Boone is the product owner and development manager for Urban Code Deploy. He has helped hundreds of companies adopt, implement and scale their agile and DevOps practices as part of their digital transformation. In this chat Steve gives us some insights into how can you measure your DevOps success.


Continuous Delivery Map w/ Scott Wilson, Automic

Wouldn't it be nice to have the entire continuous delivery topography laid out in a nice map that shows how they are all interconnected? Sort of like a subway or metro map? Well now you have it and it is interactive! The good folks at Automic, a CA Technologies company just released their Continuous Delivery Map. It is really cool and they are adding to it all the time. I caught up with Scott Wilson of Automic and had a chat about the Continuous Delivery Map. As usual the streaming audio...


Transforming to the Coud via DevOps, JT Giri, CEO nClouds

The path to the cloud can be best navigated utilizing DevOps. JT Giri, co-founder and CEO of nClouds is helping enterprises migrate to the Cloud and adopt DevOps practices at the same time. it is a formula that is proving very successful. I had a chance to sit down with JT and discuss this path in this episode of DevOps Chat.


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