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Tech Radio: S03E20 (12/10/14)

The 3rd season of LVTech Radio wraps up with the trial of a new format - and some of the technical glitches we're all used to (yeah, they'll be fixed in 2015). Somehow missing part of the 2nd hour (but don't worry @markkoberlein even the parts where your mic is off are safe). Ever wanted to know how @LVTech started? @tjlytle kicks things off talking about that. @josh_miller brings his trademark style via phone lines (we almost have that figured out), and @spainb and @anthonydurante join in...

Duration: 02:25:57

Developers: S02E04

So, it's been a while. But we're back. Well, as back as the developers show can be. Basically @markkoberlein talks loudly into the mic, and tried to bait @tjlytle into conversations he doesn't want have. Don't worry. It's the most fun you'll have today. Short version: @markkoberlein is obsessed with Mark Cuban, no one actually took the time to understand the Apple security breach, and @tjlytle still has no love for Apple. Them @markkoberlein dabbles in a futurist-isim. Visionary.

Duration: 00:49:59

Developers: S02E03

@MarkKoberlein continues his off-air conversation with @tjlytle, and they decide that his office hours should be held remotely from now on, with him at the Developers! (and designers) Show. @tjlytle discovers that @MarkKoberlein has no idea what (or who) Flat Stanley is. But he does remember Liquid Lightning, and - as they discover the need to talk about #lvhack prizes off-air - there's a bit of reminiscing of the first time @tjlytle samples the Lightning. The rest is about #lvhack. A bit...

Duration: 00:49:59

Developers: S01E18

It's worthing noting that the 'Developers! Show' isn't necessarily about programming or development, it's that it's a show where everyone on it is a developer. So we mention that. There's also some introspective glances into what you might want to get the developer in your life for Christmas. Also, @MarkKoberlein questions the wisdom of @tjlytle ordering his wife's present from Kickstarter. Eventually @MarkKoberlein drops some knowledge about being a developer at startup weekend. A true...

Duration: 00:50:05

Developers: S01E15

There's really no good way to describe this podcast. @tjlytle forgets how to read a clock, so it's five minutes short, @MarkKoberlein tries to segue into recent PHP news a few times, until @tjlytle finally tells him to just follow @phpdrama. @spainb talks about Microsoft keyboards (and some other things), after @MarkKoberlein talks about his students (which, hopefully aren't listening). @tjlytle would make a horrible teacher. If you've ever wondered what developers sound like when they're...

Duration: 00:45:15

Developers: S01E14

@MarkKoberlein talks with @MetrognomeGames, while @tjlytle tries to recover from all the technical issues of the last @lvtechradio show. By the end of it, we're pretty sure @MetrognomeGames is never coming back to the show.

Duration: 00:50:13

Developers S01E07

@MarkKoberlein talks with the @charlesbcraig about mobile development and how he got started programming, all while @tjlytle eats his lunch and occasionally heckles.

Developers: S01E03

@MarkKoberlein talks with @tjlytle and @danfinnie about programming, Dan's job jumping, pair programming, with occasional interruptions from @creativeKoder (who's listening on a delay). Also a bit about email, how much you sound depend on a single API, and scaling some stuff. And of course, Hackathon ideas.

Developers: S01E02

@MarkKoberlein talks with @tjlytle @creativeKoder and @jasonlotito about what they've been working on, thoughts on remote workers, and the question of everyone learning to 'code'.

Developers: S01E01

First Developers! show. Sorry for the overdriven audio, @creativeKoder will be accordingly reprimanded. We talk about server side compared to client side, frameworks and the 'micro' frameworks, along with the future of mobile -- is it auto apps?