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This is like all the other board gaming podcasts, where the hosts Joel, Tom and Lewis talk about their favourite board games they have played, news from the industry and do reviews of games.




38. Devon Dice podcast,

everyone, Joel and Sam bring you another episode of the boardgaming podcast. Talking about all you like to hear about. Necromunda Returns! Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars Legion Fireball Island Renegade Games News! DLP Games has announced Altiplano, 11 new board games to be converted to apps from Asmodee Digital What we have been playing: Joel: City of Spies, Ticket To Ride: UK maps, Werewords. Sam: more Clank!, NMBR9, Unearth Kickstarters: ALEXANDRIA Warehouse 13:...

Duration: 01:20:00

2. Devon Dice Unhinged Defenders of Nothing

Join Joel and Lewis on their second outing of the Unhinged podcast where they talk about anything they want to. warning it is not like the other podcasts and you will find it has naughty works and Adolescent innuedos.

Duration: 01:42:11

37. Devon Dice The Podcast is at Gen Con 50, Not!

Join Joel And Tom for another podcast episode and hear them talk about some cool stuff about Gen Con 50, happening as they record, in Indianapolis, America. And how Joel got on play with Sony's VR head set, Tom tells us about his holiday to Ireland and gaming. Plus games they played: Arkham Horror: The Card Game News: Clank! In Space - link Twilight Imperium 4th Edition - link Sid Meirer's Civillization: A new dawn. link Through the Desert. Link Kickstarters: Fog Monster Mini...

Duration: 01:00:58

35. Devon The Solo Die Podcast, A short hello podcast

Joel is the only one to turn up for this podcast, so get ready to listen to 2 hours of Joel talk about all the gaming he has been doing... KIDDING... its only about 20 minutes and 15 minutes is just Joel trying to pronounce names' right. He does talk about some of the games played: Gloomhaven and Pokemon Card Game. Then he talks about some Kickstarters you want to take a look at: Flash Point: Tragic Events Heroes Wanted: Elements of Danger A new collection of miniatures 40 mm from...

Duration: 00:26:54

1. Devon dice Unhinged (Working Title) AmaFlix Warning Uncensored

WARNING THIS IS NOT A NORMAL DEVON DICE PODCAST. you will find mild langage and rude stuff being talked about here. listen to Joel and Lewis right the world in this new spin off podcast about everything not to do with Board games.

Duration: 01:55:30

34. Devon Dice Podcast, Near & Far, Dice Forge and Outlive

Joel and Sam return this week with a normal podcast where they will bring you the lastest News, Kickstarters and what they have been playing. Enjoy! Spiel Des Jahres winners announced Kingdomino Kennerspiel Exit: The Game Kinderspiel Ice Cool Geek Chic closes it’s doors Plan B Games acquires Eggertspiele What we have been playing: Joel: Dice forge Sam: Near & Far Outlive Kickstarters: Star Scrappers: Cave-in! is a tactical “discard building” card game for 2-4 players,...

Duration: 01:22:01

33. Devon Dice Podcast, UK Games Expo 2017

Hey everyone, this months podcast is bought to you by The UK Games Expo 2017... This episode is a long one and it's all about the show that happens every year in the Birmingham NEC. It will feature talk about almost everything that happen to Joel, Tom and Sam at the show. They meet lots of friends, new faces, played lots of game and eat like kings. Interlude 1: Sound bite from the Dark Room last year 2016 Interlude 2: musice clip of the Donut Song By Sorted Food on YOUTUBE a parody of...

Duration: 03:33:23

32 Devon Dice Podcast: 2 podcasts in one, Tom Vs Sam

Hey Everone, this podcast is slightly different as the first half was recorded in the beginning of May with Joel and Sam and the second half was recorded middle of May with Joel and Tom. But they still talk about all the normal things they like to talk about, board games. What we have been playing: Joel: Santorini, Sam: Petrichor, Lanterns, Yamatai News: Fall out 4 boardgame Hasbro to start their loot crate kind of thing, AEG want know all about you in exchange for some promo cards...

Duration: 01:35:09

31. Devon Dice Podcast, 90% Meeples’ Corner Brown Nosing, 10% other

Joel and Sam give us an Easter special podcast, why's its special - only because it was the day they recorded it on. Episode 31 also will feel like an express episode as they try and record less time then normal and get back their wifes before they notice they are gone. Joel talks about Car-booting and playing Rimworld on steam, there also Might be a new number 1 fan for the podcast. They follow up talk about the Meeples' corner's games day and all the games they played Game - Century...

Duration: 01:15:25

30. Devon Dice podcast: Not Too Busy To Play Games

Joel and Sam return this week to bring you another Devon Dice Podcast episode after a few long weeks of working. What we have been playing: Joel: Plague Inc, Blood of an Englishman Sam: TIME Stories: Under The Mask and Expedition: Endurance, Planetarium, New York Slice News: Eric Lang hired by CMON to be their Director of Game Design. Gloomhaven second printing up for pre-order for very short period of time - get your from Meeples’ Corner. Ends the 6th April Flip Ships, A New...

Duration: 01:31:57

29 Devon Dice podcast The Rising Xan,

Episode 29 of the Devon Dice podcast has landed. Joel and Sam are joined by Gary (Xantirad) Blower from The Gameburst Podcast to talk about their gaming exploits, News, Kickstarter (One in particular thats just landed), plus we announce the winner of the A tenner for a title compo. Meeple corner top 5 sells and preorders What we have been playing: Joel: Coloretto, The Pursuit of Happiness Gary: Twilight Imperium 3ed Sam: Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Black Fleet News: Golden...

Duration: 01:29:00

28. Devon Dice Podcast part 2, Show packed full of content.

Hey everyone, Late but a packed full Podcast from Devon Dice is here. And boy there is a lot to talk about so lets not hang aorund any more. What we have been playing: Joel: Clank! App and solo, Vikings gone wild, Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game Sam: Via Nebula, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Birds of a Feather News: Heroes of Land, Air and Sea Canceled again! Games workshop’srebuttal to PETa The expansewill get a board game - Terra Mystica in space - Fan #1 Jon steggles tagged...

Duration: 01:52:50

28 part 1 Devon Dice ORE-SOME Interview with Sarah Kennington

Here is a special podcast from Devon Dice with Joel and Sam interview Sarah Kennington about Kickstarter Game ORE-SOME! They also lok at a couple other kickstarter games at are kickstarter at the present time. Dogs - Terminator: The Board Game - Champions of Midgard: The Expansions: Tune in for part 2 of 28 where it is pack full of more gaming goodness. Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK Find us on @TPWestrope @DippyDolittle @DepressedMonk3y @spoonoftweets Find our Facebook page Our...

Duration: 01:19:28

27. Devon Dice Podcast: The Balancing Act: Assassins, Beasts, Children, Designers

Joel and Tom return to bring you episode 2 in the season 2 of the Devon Dice Podcast to you all the great board gaming content as normal. With the added value of an interview with Ryan Ilar from Wonderment Games and his game Quodd Heroes. What we have been playing: Medici - 5:44 [SHOP] Temp Worker Assassins - 9:00 Ticket to Ride: Asia map - 12:10 Above and Below - 16:10 [SHOP] Beast of Balance - 22:40 [SHOP] News: Dice forge coming from Asmodee coming middle of 2017. Steve bonacore...

Duration: 01:49:12

26 Devon Dice podcast season 2 Sub Terra, sub DOOM and sub monsters

Here it is, the first Devon Dice Podcast of season 2, Episode 26 and it is a bit different. Only Joel was avalible to do it, so he called in a friend to co-host and help him with pronouncing names. Justin Smith joins Joel for the first but not the first podcast of year, they talk about Games they have been playing: DOOM the Board Game [BUY] Manions Of Madness 2 ed [BUY] HandyCon 2017 Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Jabba's Realm expansion [BUY] News; Clank! ExpansionRhino Hero: Super...

Duration: 01:35:01

25. Devon Dice Podcast The Top 5 games they played in 2016

Welcome to episode 25 everyone, the NOT New Year's Eve Podcast. You will hear on the podcast why it is so late. But here it is is for your listening ears. Hear about Joel, Lewis, Sam and Tom's top 5 games and disappointments of 2016. Also big thanks to all guest Contrubruters for sending their top 5 games of the year. Christoph Reis of Meeples' Corner Brandon Kempf From WDYPTW podcast @VacaBCK Daren from Podcast - Read his full thoughts here - Blog Oliver Brookes -...

Duration: 02:53:05

24. Devon Dice Christmas Special

Welcome to The Chrismas Special episode of the Devon Dice podcast, Joel is join by a feast of co-hosts: Tom, Sam and Lewis. And they have a good old chin-wage about anything they wanted to, but it comes to boardgames mainly. Join them in epic topic discussion about cult of the old, reviewer's hype, and Kickstarter late deliveries. And find out who won the gift vouchers for Meeples' Corner and who wrote our first 5 star review for mug. Happy Christmas and have a New Year from everyone at...

Duration: 01:56:51

23. Devon Dice, The Great Fable Fools Podcast

Joel, Tom and Sam jump on the mics to record the 23rd episode of the devon Dice podcast and talk about their Black Friday sales, playing games on apps, what to buy the family for christmas and tell all about the compertion tune to here. What we have been playing: Joel and Tom: Great Western Trail 9:40 Sam: Conan 16:10, Mechs vs Minions. 22:10 Tom: Time Stories, Under the Mask, 22:50, jorvik 27:30, Fable Fruit 30:20 Sam: Fool’s Gold, 32:50 Joel: Junk Art with the family, Mi Tierra...

Duration: 01:47:48

22 Devon Dice podcast Another VAST episode controlled by Turtles and Mechs

Joel and Tom host episode 22 of the Devon Dice Podcast with a long list of games they want to talk about, some news and topic brought to us by Tom. What they have been playing: Joel and Tom: Flamme rouge, Vast, mech vs minions Pandemic, Robot turtles First impressions: Cottage garden faceoff with feast of odin News: Hasbro unveils new edition of Acquire River Dragons get super sized! Scythe universe gets a video game versionIron harvest 1920+ Room 25 turn Ultimate Space Goat...

Duration: 01:23:06

21. Devon Dice Explores Clank! Oceanos and the North sea

Hey everyone, Joel and sam are here for another episode of the Devon Dice Podcast and they talk about what they have been playing, news and some Kickstarters. Joel: Clank! 3:20 [SHOP] Nine worlds, 16:55 [SHOP] Acquire. 30:54 Sam: Chariot Race, 10:05 [SHOP] Oceanos 25:14 [SHOP] Explorers of the North Sea, 36:54 Breaking News: 43:03 Meeples’ Corner figures for last month News: 54:15 Wil Wheaton returns for season 4 of Tabletop and to kick it off, he plays Lanterns with...

Duration: 01:24:58

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