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Seg 29: Ben Simmons the next LeBron? NFL WK 13 predictions! NBA talk!

Is Ben Simmons the next LeBron? Duke looking tough this season. Marvin Bagley! Trae Young almost in the 50, 40, 90 club! Cowboys done! Crabtree and Talib fight! NFL Week 13 predictions!

Duration: 00:34:49

Seg 28 : DexView Power Rankings! NFL and NBA talk! Deion is funny!

Hear DexView NFL Power Rankings! NBA & NFL talk! Deion Sanders checks Tony Romo LOL Aj Green fight recap! #DexView

Duration: 00:31:58

Seg 27: Big NFL trades made! Josh Gordon is back, Brock Osweiler starting!

Seg 27: Big NFL trades made! Josh Gordon is back, Brock Osweiler starting! by DexView

Duration: 00:24:30

Seg 26: Top 10 players in NBA! Finals prediction! Lonzo vs Pat Bev recap

Basketball season is here! Bledsoe wants out! Will Devin Booker emerge into a star this year? Lonzo Ball vs Patrick Bev! DexView Top 10 players in the league!

Duration: 00:50:14

Seg 25: Odell out w/o new contract, Dirty hit on A Rod? NFL up for grabs!

Odell out for the season without new contract! Was Anthony Barr's hit on A Rod dirty? Hear DexView Studs & DexView shockers!

Duration: 00:31:39

Seg 24: AB & Big Ben beef, Patriots in trouble, LaVar Ball "worst sports dad ever"

Hear my view on the Big Ben & AB beef! LaVar Ball the "worst sports father ever" Did Cp3 make a good decision? NFL week 5 Predictions! Is Cam Newton back? Listen to DexView!

Duration: 00:35:42

Seg 23: Melo to OKC, Brady MVP, Diggs or Dez??

Why kneel now? Melo to OKC! Can they beat GS? Jim Harbaugh pissed LOL! Hear DexView Surprises and DexView Studs from Sunday! Week 4 Predictions! Dallas vs Cardinals talk! Hear my bold statement and hear my MVP through 3 weeks! EXPLCIT

Duration: 00:35:13

Seg 22: Kyrie talk, Melo ranking, Tiple G & Canelo, Cowboys & Broncos breakdown

Discuss Kyrie Irving interview he had on First Take. Why is Carmelo ranked #64 on ESPN? Discuss why Zeke didn't get his bulk of carries Sunday vs the Broncos. Tune in for the question for the day! LEAVE COMMENTS, SHARE, LIKE and tell ya ppl!

Duration: 00:33:02

Segment 21: Recap NFL Wk 1! Wk 2 predictions!

Recap Week 1 in the NFL! A little Texas Longhorn and Texas A&M talk! Baker Mayfield got payback! Week 2 NFL predictions!

Duration: 00:31:52

Segment 20: NFL Week 1 Predictions!

Week 1 NFL predictions! Tom Herman on the hot seat in Texas already?! How did Sumlin and A&M blow a 34 point lead?

Duration: 00:19:35

Segment 19: Lebron next move? Kaep should be signed! NFL predictions!

No gas in Dallas?! Where will Lebron go next, is he scared of the west?? Kapernick should be on a roster! NFL predictions!

Duration: 00:23:52

DexView NFL Power Rankings and Winston/Mariota comparison!

Discuss DexView Top 10 NFL Power rankings! Who will have the better 3rd season out of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston?

Duration: 00:27:41

Mayweather/Conor talk!

Discuss the Mayweather and McGregor fight!

Duration: 00:06:34

Kyrie Irving & Isaiah Thomas trade!

Discuss Kyrie and IT trade!

Duration: 00:15:06

Top 5 RB's in the NFL & Zeke news

Talk about Zeke suspension and list Top 5 running backs in the NFL!

Duration: 00:27:11

Top 10 NFL QB's! Define What a surgical QB is, Tom Brady should due for a monster year!

DexView top 10 Quarterback's in the NFL. Dez #9 rank in top WR's not fair? Discuss what it means to be a "SURGICAL" quarterback.

Duration: 00:47:40

Top 10 WR's in the NFL! Explains how important the QB is for the WR to have success!

Hear my Top 10 Wide Outs in the NFL! Discuss ranking WR's on talent vs stats. Discuss how big a QB is for a WR; difference from a great veteran QB vs an above average QB. DexView!

Duration: 00:37:33

Tay Roc vs Chess review! Favorite battle rappers, Favorite rap battles! Whats a classic battle?

My first battle rap segment! I LOVE battle rap! Listen to me review and play some bars from the Tay Roc vs Chess battle. I discuss my favorite rap battles and my favorite battle rappers! Whats a classic battle?

Duration: 00:34:51

Segment 18: Cowboys Whitehead dog held for ransom, Zeke in trouble again? Mike Vick talking crazy!

Lucky Whitehead dog being held for ransom? Zeke was involved in a scuffle Sunday night. Zeke name not in police report. I'm putting my money on Hurts and Scarbrough for Alabama this season! Nike gets the NBA! Kirk Cousins and Le'veon Bell will most likely sign a franchise tag. Michael Vick tells Colin Kaepernick to cut his hair!

Duration: 00:23:34

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