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Dear Diary: Sexy Dirty Intimacy

Intimacy is that good gushy gushy. Happy Valentines Day yall. I'm a bit late. Hit that follow button, thank you. Follow Maureen on IG: @maureenezeude Follow Diary of a Bad Bitch on IG: @thediaryofabadbitch Subscribe, follow, like, share, and watch on Youtube: Like and watch DOABB on Facebook: Beat by: A JayBeatz


Dear Diary: How Do You Love?

When life gives you lemons find peaches, they're sweeter Happy belated new year yall. Thanks for being patient with me and waiting. Song produced by That One Guy - Mabel's Interlude


Dear Diary: Season One Gift-Wrapped Nice and Tight

Closing out the first season of DOABB with some hype, on a fresh take dropping in the new year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year yall! FOLLOWFOLLOWFOLLOWFOLLOW Follow Maureen on IG: @maureenezeude Follow Diary of a Bad Bitch on IG: @thediaryofabadbitch Subscribe, follow, like, share, and watch on Youtube: Like and watch DOABB on Facebook:


Dear Diary: Maureen, You Fake Bitch

This weeks diary entry, Maureen Ezeude comes to a deep realization in her journey of life; releasing herself from the self-imposed prison in her mind. From this realization, she has unlocked the gate to discovering balance; making more steps towards reaching her ultimate form (on the inside and out). Can yall relate? side note: Fake can mean many things, so in this case, don't take it in the social sense. SUBSCRIBSUBSCRIBESUBSCRIBESUBSCRIBE Reach out at Happy...


Dear Diary: Your Virgin-Whore Complex Is Cramping My Style Bro

Happy Holidays Yall! This weeks diary entry, Maureen Ezeude catches yall up on where her minds been. She talks about why she went ghost on social media, being friend zoned and overly sexualized, and shares a story about a man with a serious virgin-whore complex (urban dictionary it if you don't know). SUBSCRIBSUBSCRIBESUBSCRIBESUBSCRIBE Reach out at Love yall Side note: I'm currently editing the video so be on the lookout for that.


Dear Diary: Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

Maureen Ezeude has a question she'd love for yall to answer. Hit her up at with your response. How do you know yourself? Happy Thanksgiving! You've worked out so hard for this exact day, so enjoy it...I know I will ;) Like and watch DOABB on Facebook: Theme song produced by Dope Boi


Dating Maureen: If You Could Go Back In Time, Would You?

So I'm doing this thing called dating myself since everything seems to continue blowing up in my face and the patterns keep patterning (yes, I'm aware that's not a word). For a first date, this was pretty interesting. Maureen asks herself and y'all as well: If you could go back in time, would you? FOLLOWFOLLOWFOLLOWFOLLOWFOLLOW Follow Maureen on IG: @maureenezeude Follow Diary of a Bad Bitch on IG: @thediaryofabadbitch Listen on SoundCloud during those long car rides or in the background...


Dear Diary: Tired of Being TIRED

So I cried in this one...I always said I didn't wanna be one of those crying ass niggas on youtube too smh. It gets like this sometimes. Life gets like this sometimes, especially when you don't really know what you're running from and/or to. Humanize me, thug tears and all. Follow Maureen on IG: @maureenezeude Follow Diary of a Bad Bitch on IG: @thediaryofabadbitch Watch on youtube: Like and watch DOABB on Facebook:


Dear Diary: Intuition Speaks Louder Than Words

Listen to your gut. Your brains got you. Your hearts got you. But your intuition is holding you tight, Maureen pinky promises. This weeks episode of Dear Diary, Maureen Ezeude talks about how her intuition has been talking to her and she didn't listen till it almost became (mayve even was tbh) too late... Follow Maureen on IG: @maureenezeude Follow Diary of a Bad Bitch on IG: @thediaryofabadbitch Watch on youtube: Like and watch DOABB on Facebook:...


Dear Diary: Keep God First

In the words of Murda Beatz, "Keep God First". Truly, we all need to keep God first in our lives. God is and has always been a taboo topic for many reasons. Doesn't make sense why when God is the same man in every religion and/or spirituality; preaching the same message of LOVE. In this Dear Diary episode, Maureen discusses her relationship with God. She goes over every facet, from understanding Him, incorporating different religions in her faith and spirituality, to relaying the universal...


Dear Diary: A Bad Bitch Named Confidence

In La, Maureen Ezeude met a bad bitch named Confidence. She turned her out. Showing Maureen how to go from a lamb to a g.o.a.t with sass. Confidence helped Maureen realize what was hindering her from being the most confident woman she was always meant to be. Maureen discusses her new found friend in the latest episode of DOABB. Have a good one yall! Follow maureen on ig to ask questions for What Would Maureen Do?: @maureenezeude Wztch DOABB on Youtube: Theme...


Dear Diary: Stop Giving a Fuck, It Can Be Fun

Saying that you have "zero fucks to give" is a lot easier said than done. On this Dear Diary episode, Maureen Ezeude goes into the difficulties of caring about what people think and stopping to care about what people think. She gives examples of how this mindset has affected her in life; leading up to making a decision of living for herself, no matter how people feel about it. So seriously, let's all make a pact to stop giving a fuck. It can be fun, I promise ;) Listen to Diary of a Bad...


What Would Maureen Do? | I Wasn't The Only Girl He Was Talking To

So Maureen Ezeude got a dm the other day and the story goes like this... She initially curved him, he got mad and disrespectful, but then later apologized. She decided to eventually give him another chance, then he hit her with a "you're not the only girl I'm talking to". Let me add she caught some feelings...for the rest of the story, her question, and my response, watch this week's new episode of DOABB'S What Would Maureen Do? For some advice hit me up on Instagram @maureenezeude Watch...


Dear Diary: What's Your Fantasy?

Maureen Ezeude is ready to manifest the ideal man. Join her in this weeks episode, as she goes through her fantasy checklist (I'm sure yall have one on the low LOL). A reoccurring fantasy of hers, involves a nerd...So tell me, What's your fantasy? Comment down below. Side note: Just to be clear when I say "messing with", "fucking with", or anything along those lines, I'm referring to talking to/interacting with a guy. Check out the DOABB videos on Youtube! Have a good night yall ;) Theme...


Dear Diary: 25 Rules of Life I've Learned In 25 Years

Maureen Ezeude is back this week with a new Dear Diary episode! Maureen turned 25 on the 9th! In honor of her special day, this week Maureen lists her 25 rules of life she's learned in 25 years. These rules are staples in her day to day and Maureen wants to share :) Side Note: This is the first hour-long episode :) Remember to check out the youtube channel as well for the video to go along with this week's new episode! Have a dope week yall! Also, DM me (IG link on SoundCloud main page)...


What Would Maureen Do? | He Snapchatted My Best Friend

We've all gone through this in some manner, unfortunately. And if you haven't, you most likely will in the very near future. So what's the best way to handle it? Find out in the new Diary Of A Bad Bitch segment "What Would Maureen Do?". DM me to have your story/question/need for advice featured as an episode! ig: @maureenezeude Watch the episode at Theme song produced by Dope Boi


Dear Diary: Foreign Parents + (Sibling Drama) / Crushed Dreams = Unconditional Love

Maureen wants y’all to feel her on a deeper level. Y’all ready? This week Maureen Ezeude speaks on family/sibling drama. Being the oldest of five children to foreign parents can be tough, especially when you not only have to set an example for your younger siblings, but also have to live up to dreams that are far from the future you envision for yourself. If you feel me or are dealing with a situation similar to mine, this episode is perfect for you. Click play babe. You know you want too....


Dear Diary: How To Dead (Cut) A Relationship The Right Way

Maureen Ezeude is back with another dilemma (this is all part of the quarter life crisis I swear lmao) and she needs yalls help! This week Maureen will be talking about how she ended a friendship gone bad, the reasons why its best to be upfront instead of hiding behind the fear of not being “liked”, and this model that won’t leave her alone despite all the curveballs she’s thrown his way. Don’t miss out on an episode that will push you to finally cut out those dead situations from your...


Dear Diary: This [Week] Is Just The [Week] Of Like, Realizing Stuff *Kylie Jenner

Maureen's life realizations after last weeks unexpectedly angry episode: 1. Forgive yourself before anyone else 2. Accept the part you play in every situation life hits you with 3. Express yourself regardless of any perceived fears, doubts, criticisms and worries 4. Take into account "The Rule Of 10" (Thank you Charlamagne) 5. Invest your energy into the people and things you love the most...Fuck everything else 6. Time is precious, remember that 7. Watch "Optimistic Nihilism" on YouTube...


Dear Diary: YG said F*CK DONALD TRUMP, I say F*CK RPI

Maureen Ezeude gives a special shout out to the people, who either are currently attending or have graduated from RPI, that she associated with during her 5 1/2 year education in lovely Troy NY. Today is the day Maureen finally lets go of every single individual she supported, whom can't even reciprocate a lick of support all because she's "changed"... Maureen Ezeude delves into every role she played to her peers (RA, cheerleader, trusting friend etc) and how at her lowest no one could...


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