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Dickin A'Round Hour

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Just another drunken podcase with random ramblings and chaos

Just another drunken podcase with random ramblings and chaos
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Just another drunken podcase with random ramblings and chaos




Dickin A'Round Hour ep 42 - dicks of the apocalypse and long dong molding

This extended week of episode 42 includes the apocalypse and many dickin arpund type things. We make molds, discuss stuff, and always remember to bring a towel. Join us for this week's shenagians and stupidity.

Duration: 01:29:08

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 41 - Dick Talk and tubularligation

We get a little controversial with some more rambling shenanigans of nonsense. Get your friends neutered, avoid tubas, don't sexually assault people, and beware of dangerous circumcisions. Same dick time, same dick place

Duration: 01:31:05

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 40 - We made it, flacid dreaming

We made episode 40! We are just as amazed and embarrassed as you are. This week we stay on topic and cover daylight savings, dating app, and testicular anomalies. Join us for this weekly level of debauchery and insaniry

Duration: 01:20:29

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 40 Halloween and dress up

Welc9me to episode 39 or 40 we dont pay attention and its the after Halloween wpisode anyway! Trick or treat and all that fun time shenanigans of joy. Listen to us talk about stupidity and costumes

Duration: 00:45:58

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 38 - Famous Last Words

This week we discuss out the famous last words abd what sayings you wpuld pick plus the good old surprise of BBC. Join us on our journey of debachery and shenanigans.

Duration: 01:10:20

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 37 Le Hamster droppe

Episode 37 the attack of the falling gerbil plus french kissing and the mother hens shame. Follow along with our dark depravity and total nonsense craziness. Be warned. Be very warned. Nsfw or recommended for people with ears. Check out to see more

Duration: 01:22:18

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 36 Little shop of Bukake

Welcome to the Dickin Around Hour. We get a little all over the place this week and cover eberything feom bukake, crossing guards, lawn gnomes and other shenagians.

Duration: 01:30:16

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 35 League Issues

You ever see a couple that juat doesn't make sense? Like a 8 or 9bwith a 3? Join us as we discuss a clear violation we experienced tonight and the many possible scenarios we came up with to explain it all away.

Duration: 01:07:56

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 33 Hurricane Prep, UFC at the 7-11, and baby time

Hurricane Irma has us all a bit scrambling in Central Florida but join 1 Beer Keith and HI as they discuss prepping for the storm, fistfight at the local 7-11, hurricane insanity, and June 2018 Irma baby making. Keeping it safe and join the entire Longwood Lures next week as we return to our regularly schedule shenanigans and depravity.

Duration: 00:33:07

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 32 - we're famous, mad about soccer, and wondering where Jesus is hiding

Episode 12 and were famously almost famous, doing the usual crazy dickness and just doing our general shenanigans.

Duration: 01:13:47

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 32 mini dick of premature soccer ejaculation.

It's a quickie!!! Yes a quickie, a mini dick episode to hold over your appetite until next week. Enjoy this quick little ditty and we'll be back soon with a full version of deplorable things!!!

Duration: 00:07:40

Dickin A'Round Hour ep 31 Pancreas for Eclipsing Boners and lottery money

Would you trade an erection for the cure to diabetes? Mother Hen has to make a decision. Also it's eclipse week and let's get drunk

Duration: 00:56:19

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 30 - Pirate Jizz Bucket List and hot ait balloons

Episode 30 is our best ever as we explore the wonderful and slightly warped world of bucket lists. Including an affinity to whack it on hot air balloons, visit exotic places, and take over massive pirating in the most bizzare ways possible. Join 1 Beer Keith, Mother Hen, Senor Chadgeeez, and the White Delight on a wacky and wild deep dive into crazy town.

Duration: 01:36:24

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 28 - toilets, fishtails, and super heroes

Episode 28 of the wacky crazy show that asks many questions that shouldn't be answered or even asked. We discuss the darker side of super heroes, enjoy some random good times and make fools of ourselves.

Duration: 01:10:58

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 27 - Which one is the skinny one

This week's delayed episode of mischief and depravity including crazy stories of airplanes, travel to Tennessee, and the Mother Hen recap of vacation. As always we are put of control and doing stupid things. Be sure to check out to see more of our amazing sponsored dickworms and even more of our depravity.

Duration: 01:06:40

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 27 - Kane experiences himself, angry old people, death by poopoo

This week we discuss the angry old lady get interrupted by Kane the wonder dog and explore the fun of salmonella. Also special Ode to futurama shout out

Duration: 01:26:32

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 26 - Agressive Panhandling with Pygmy Goats and Death

That's right, I'm not sure what the hell we got into this week but things got weird and wild on this week's show. Be sure to listen as our crazy team debates bathrooms, goats, death, and cereal.

Duration: 01:25:57

Dickin A'Round Hour Ep. 25 - Fishing and Brother of Doof Doof

Welcome back after a quick hiatus the dickin around hour has returned with great stories of wild and craziness. Join us for the shenanigans of the world and all it's worth. Also Happy Birthday to Doof Doof

Duration: 01:12:51

Dickin A'Round Hour 21!!! Spider King and Barfing OBradys

Episode 21!!! This week we enjoy an amazing car ride full of dumassery. Join us as we continue our random shenanigans and trouble making.

Duration: 00:49:32

Dickin A'Round Hour ep. 21 mini Easter episode with chocolate eggs

Happy Easter from Longwood Lures, this week is a short car ride wishing a happy Easter from 1 BK and JJ. Join us for a quick chat on Easter eggs. We'll be back this week with the full crew, be sure to checkout or hit us up at @longwood_lures

Duration: 00:10:28

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