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Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.

Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.
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Los Angeles, CA


Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.






The Most Expensive iPhone Accessory Ever! - Diggnation

It's the 3rd to last Diggnation episode straight from the garage of Alex Albrecht. This week the guys discuss China's first aircraft carrier, Lindsay Lohan's leaked Playboy photos, and the most expensive iPhone accessory ever. Plus, how much money would it take for the Diggnation crew to take it all off?

Stephen Hawking: Colonize Space, or Else! - Diggnation

Stephen Hawking demands that humans colonize space - or else! Plus, proof there is an alien in every episode of South Park, former Digg employee Aubrey Sabala performs a particular task (watch to find out), and more!

Hacking Siri - Diggnation

This week on the show, a discussion about reverse engineering Apple's Siri, iTunes match, Zynga CEO demands stock back from some early employees, questionable haunted items for sale on eBay, and luxury sex toys.

Modern Warfare - Diggnation

On this week's show, a look at the Amazon Kindle Fire, Modern Warfare 3's sales records, Kevin and Alex's humorous take on an article about how to spice up your sex life, and more.

Google Maps Now Charging? - Diggnation

Google is now charging for Google Maps? Netflix woes continue, HIV testing for teens, an 87-year-old man is caught with a bunch of cocaine, and more!

Rock Paper Chug - Diggnation

This week on Diggnation, Alex and Kevin discuss Samsung outselling the iPhone, New Mac Pros, Giant Lego Men washing up on shores, Groupon's IPO, what is really in the McRib and Kevin discusses his company's first app, Oink!

Pirating Movies - Diggnation

Kevin and Alex recall some of the elements that were shot on the show for sponsors that ultimately had to be edited out - watch for an awesome Earthlink sponsorship gone wrong clip! Plus, the guys discuss a man catching his wife cheating via the iPhone's "Find My Friends" app, the top 10 most pirated movies, and teaching the the iPhone's Siri to Tweet!

A Very Siri-us Episode - Diggnation

This week on Diggnation, Alex and Kevin reflect on the legacy of Steve Jobs, discuss iPhone 4S sales and get chatty with Siri. Also in the show is a lively debate about the legalization of marijuana, quantum levitation, and the hacked mobile phone of Scarlett Johansson reveals some... uh... revealing photos.

Superheroes - Diggnation

Alex and Kevin discuss the most ridiculous superhero weaknesses, China's plan for investing in a low-carbon economy, & the top ten science fiction series available on Netflix streaming!

Gone Fishing! - Diggnation

This week Kevin spills the details on his epic fishing trip on the Sacramento River. Plus a real life Tron Lightcycle, Netflix woes, and sex on the moon!

Reunion Tour - Diggnation

Kevin and Alex discuss their retirement from the weekly production of Diggnation at the end of this year. Plus, they engage in a philosophical discussion on the speed of light, tour Facebook Timeline & more!

Indecent Proposal - Diggnation

Everyone has a price - see what Alex and Kevin have to say about it! Plus, ancient human sex habits, Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls, how hedge fund managers are using Twitter for forecasting & much more.

Arringtonmunch - Diggnation

Hippie Glenn is back, TechCrunch's quick fall into nothingness, and more Star Wars themed cakes you've never seen!

Google's Changing Algorithm - Diggnation

What's up with Google and their changing search algorithm? Join us to discuss what Google's aiming at and what we can expect in the future! Also, see the new Han Solo novelty item that we absolutely NEED, and speaking of Google, the top 15 Gmail add-ons you never even knew existed!

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Google+ Account - Diggnation

Google+ is amazing, and we've got 10 tips to help you get the most out of your profile! Join us this week on Diggnation to discuss, along with some of the hottest user-submitted stories of including how the downfall of society might very well be the Pocket Espresso, and why Shaq's love life is clearly... awkward.

What the iPhone 5 MIGHT Look Like! - Diggnation

Curious about what the iPhone 5 will look like? We've got a slideshow just for you! And, of course, talk with us about the artist who injected herself with horse blood (to get in tune with the species for art), and Google's latest billion-dollar acquisition: Motorola!

Adobe VS Apple - Diggnation

Join in Diggnation this week to discuss Apple VS Adobe! Plus, 5 things we can't believe websites are STILL doing, and a dude from Florida finds a suspicious white substance - what happened after he decided to snort it? Tune in NOW!

Lady GaGa and Kanye West Invest in Turntable.FM! - Diggnation

Alex turns 35 and vows to shave his head! That's right, say goodbye to the emo spikes we all know and love. You will be missed! Also, Lady GaGa and Kanye West invest in Turntable.FM, some Swedish dude gets arrested for trying to split atoms in his kitchen as a hobby, and are they really making a full-sized Angry Birds airplane?!

AppleTV: The All-In-One Ultimate Mega Multimedia Superstar? - Diggnation

This week we delve into the wonderful world of male birth control! Plus, see the 21 year old who just sold her startup for $100 million, and the top 7 actresses who seemingly go out of their way to go topless in films!

Kickflips on Stage with Tony Hawk & Epic Meal Time! House of Blues: ComicCo

Hello ComicCon! We're back for another EPIC Live Diggnation Time! that's right, don't miss the catastrophic melding of Epic Meal Time and Diggnation - LIVE at the House of Blues in San Diego for ComicCon 2011!
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