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This podcast dedicated to all things tech. The story of how this came about was ordinary, maybe, but what I want to do with it, is extraordinary. I was working at a coffee shop and pondered my love for coffee and tech. I have also grown up around tech. I also had a new passion for coffee. This idea stayed with me until I figured out the name. Digital Coffee was born. So, with this idea I look at tech as I do coffee. How is the “tech brewed?” In my reviews, I look at it as a taste test, except I don’t drink the tech. I mean, who would? If you do, please let me know how I can! Anyways, if you feel like this is a great space to learn and have fun with tech, then, feel free to support me. I don’t mind at all!




Amazon Prime Day a hit and the latest in marketing news

Today's Episode It's an interesting time in marketing. We are moving closer and closer to a multi-strategy based upon sight and sound. There will be other avenues, but, this is where the new frontier is at. Amazon helped start this at the home and the battle is heating up. Find out why this is exciting here! Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show: The biggest Prime Day for Amazon. Woohoo! Facebook is trying to be the everything of the internet or the new internet. It will be...

Duration: 00:15:52

The Internet Strikes back and New features from Snapchat and Instagram

Today's Episode New features from Snapchat is a good sign. They've taken a beating in the stock market and for user growth. I talk about this new Instagram feature and more tech news here. Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show: India it's your fault for not updating. Take responsibility This legal battle is not going to well At least Facebook finally came out with a new feature Podcasters, be sure you use something other than SoundCloud People do not understand the opt-in for...

Duration: 00:35:17

Twitter updates, Periscope super hearts and staying hungry

Today's Episode Twitter update was a little surprise, but, it was a minor change. People got mad, but, Twitter needs to find a way for new users. We shall see if people like. I sure they will ignore it. Show Timeline new study Highlights from the Show The minor redesign is not bad for Twitter Google making YouTube their social network is the best idea. Stay hungry, marketers! I wish Amazon allowed brands to choose who sells their products.

Duration: 00:43:14

E3 Aftermath: Booths, Press Conferences, and Games

Today's Episode E3 Aftermath is here. It was an interesting show. Full of great and terrible press conferences. Luckily, the booths were great. The biggest problem is VR. VR has a movement problem. I hope they can figure this pain point. Let's get the show started! Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show: The Intel portion was just marketing speak Bethesda had the worst press conference I'm really excited for Age of Empire definitive edition I'm glad Battlefront 2 is injecting...

Duration: 00:24:08

What to Expect When You're Expecting E3

It's E3! That means we get to see the best... er, most hyped games announced. This is my first year going, so, I'm expecting to see lots of great and probably weird things. Tell what you're expecting from E3! Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show: Microsoft and Scalebound has this on again, off again relationship I feel like I'm giving the awkward talk on how companies came to be. It's like the sex talk. I'm so excited from E3! EA, please announce your other Star Wars games

Duration: 00:25:40

Tech leaders, it's time to stop thinking you know better

Today's Episode It's terrible that tech leaders run their mouths and are completely wrong. They're great when they stick to tech. However, they keep running their mouths and I will be here to say, "you're wrong." They are wrong. Find out why they're wrong. Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show: Mark, we have a universal income, it's welfare and it doesn't work. Tech leaders do not care about blue collar jobs. Tech leaders have a God complex.

Duration: 00:32:44

Happy Birthday Overwatch, Far Cry 5, and the SJW takeover of games

Today's Episode SJWs takeover was a slow malicious turn to terrible writing. It has infected Bioware. Bioware was a great developer. Their stories were always top notch. The reason, they had a checklist. SJW's usually want to give a long list of things games should have. These lists usually make bland writing. I hope EA turns away from this. It's not going to help their business. Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show: People are projecting what their enemy is on Far Cry 5 BF1...

Duration: 00:31:20

Marketers, stay politically neutral. Facebook's new rules.

It's a new episode of Morning Marketing! This week I will talk about Facebook's ridiculous community standards for articles. Google updates and more! Enjoy! Show Timeline: Highlights from the Show:

Duration: 03:17:41

Google is turning stupid and we will pay for it

Today's Episode I'm back! You can Google it! Ha! This is Digital Coffee 2.0. It's a new day and only once a week. I would love to do daily, but, a full-time job does not make this possible. However, Google is not on my good list. They are close to being hated as bad as Facebook. You all know how bad I hate Facebook. It's more of a good loathe. This week I am talking about Google doing some bad things. I also talk about the unnecessary hate AMD seems to get. It's weird. They are making...

Duration: 00:38:04

Please stop nitpicking Mass Effect and the hope for Destiny 2

Today's Episode Mass Effect is out! People love and love to hate it. It's all nitpicking. People have short memories. I wish people would understand that Mass Effect games have always had weird facial animation. However, they forget some other aspects of Mass Effect. The problem, it is a beloved franchise and people think the older games are perfect masterpieces. Find out what I have to say about Mass Effect and more down below. Show Timeline: Gaming Deals: TITAN QUEST, DARKSIDERS, THE...

Duration: 00:33:17

Live streaming got easier on Facebook, Coffee Meets Bagel gets serious

Today's Episode Live streaming is what every social network clamors to make. It is a great way to get users to stay on their site longer. Facebook wants to make sure they continue their dominance as the king of social networks. They released their live program on the desktop today. Hooray! Now everyone can live stream. Be sure to bring puppies and cats! As we progress to a media-rich online world, I hope people remember to read and write. It's important. What do you think about live...

Duration: 02:01:14

Overwatch community is awesome, Blizzcon update, BF1 DLC gets released

Today's Episode BF1 DLC is finally here for premium members and it is interesting. I am not sure about the new mode, but, the maps are pretty good. They have a good mix of open tank battles and confined spaces for infantry. I still have to play more of it to get a feel if this is a good DLC. I am not a fan of the unlock system and I wish DICE would just leave it as a different unlock system. Oh well, there's are pros and cons to everything. Show Timeline: Gaming Deals: Steam SalesGOG...

Duration: 00:30:08

It's a tech world full of cheap labor and Russian hacking!

Today's Episode Russian hacking. It's always big news! The media has a fascination with the Russia. I do think it's time for them to break-up. However, the Department of Justice released a statement claiming Russian involvement with the Yahoo incident. It did hurt Yahoo a lot. They had one of the worst hacks in recent memory and it damaged their brand quite a bit. We shall see if Russia will hand over these people or just not play ball. Show Timeline: Apps/Programs to Try: UpitmeVisual...

Duration: 00:41:22

Zenimax lawsuit gets interesting, No Man Sky update, Middle-Earth Shadow of War Impressions

Today's Episode Middle Earth details were finally released. They did not disappoint, this game looks to expand on the last Middle Earth game. We shall see in August if the game can live up to its hype, or become the next No Man's Sky. Speaking of No Man's Sky, there as new update and it's huge! This helps to bring a more robust game. The launch of the game was not good, but, these updates are proving that this game can be great. Find out more down below. Show Timeline: Gaming...

Duration: 00:39:26

I dig into Vault 7, hate on Instagram and vulnerabilities in tech

Today's Episode Vault 7, it sounds like a new vault from Fallout, but, it's not. The bombshell dropped on Tuesday about what the government is up to. It's usually no good. It was discovered that the CIA is spying on everyone. They can do some terrible acts too. Time to talk about this and understand that tech has vulnerabilities. All new tech has mistakes. These are usually exploits of vulnerabilities. However, the government should be willing to help companies combat these things. I will...

Duration: 01:52:58

This episode: Ryzen and the gaming numbers, Middle Earth is back

Today's Episode The AMD Ryzen chips launched this week to some interesting benchmarks. The funny thing is the benchmarks are not bad for gaming, they are not better than Intel. Every benchmark I have read has the frame rates above 60 frames per second. It's weird seeing people flip out over nothing. They are not the best benchmarks, but, they are better than the previous CPUs. The most exciting thing is Middle Earth is getting a sequel. Yes, more information was released on the sequel....

Duration: 00:37:49

Video Cards, CPUs, Snapchat IPO, Facebook tools oh my!

Today's Episode Snapchat IPO is here! People are wondering if this company could rival Facebook. Twitter has not been a great contender for a while. They are still figuring out who they are and time is not on their side. This could be the best contender to rival Facebook in a long while. I also talk about AMD and Nvidia products unveiled this week and so much more! Enjoy! Show Timeline: Apps/Programs to Try: TwidyVideo Teleprompter 2.0PopcornYouTube TV Medium Stories Highlights from...

Duration: 03:00:32

Facebook mid-roll ads, Instagram adds more pictures, Hootsuite buying

Today's Episode Hootsuite is a popular social media scheduling tool. It recently got into ads with its purchase of AdEspresso recently and now its buying another company. It's an interesting time for the company. It also looks like Hootsuite and Buffer are going in different direction. Buffer is shaping to be more of a content management tool and Hootsuite is more about the ads and analytics side of the business. The industry is maturing and we will see more and more companies buying...

Duration: 02:14:34

Twitch releases their stats, my impressions of the BF1 update and For Honor Review

Today's Episode BF1 or Battlefield 1 got its winter update. It was a great update. I personally do not care about ribbons. I think they are useless and people will get plenty of these ribbons. I never cared for them in BF3 and BF4. It's a personal opinion. I do think DICE needs to look at some other things they missed, but, they are doing a good job balancing for the most part. We will see what happens when the new DLC comes out. Twitch released some stats about their site and streamers....

Duration: 00:30:25

Verizon goes back to unlimited, Facebook and autoplay and PewDiePie against the media

Today's Episode Like him or hate him, PewDiePie is a huge influence on YouTube. It's funny how the media loves to hate him. They do not understand that he is trolling them and does not care. He has over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. Unless he does something so egregious, you are getting mad over nothing. Find out what I have to say about this in my show. Also, Verizon brings unlimited data back. This is in response to what T-Mobile doing well. They finally have a response to losing...

Duration: 00:58:32

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