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Allyson Klein (Intel) and Reuven Cohen (Enomaly) talk technology. Why Digital Nibbles? We’re providing listeners with bites (or is that bytes?) of technology info. Every other week we’ll be diving into cloud computing and data center topics our audience is curious about, including big data, dev ops, mobile enterprise apps, and storage.




Cloud Orchestration and Data Gravity – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 60

Allyson and Reuven are finally reunited this week for a new episode with a couple of great guests. First up, Michael Crandell (@michaelcrandell), the CEO of RightScale stops by to talk about cloud management in the cloud environment and bridging services (servers/network/storage) to run applications. He also weighs in on the PaaS vs. IaaS debate. Then Dave McCrory (@mccrory), the CTO of Basho, discusses distributed database technology and also the concept of Data Gravity – thinking about...

Duration: 00:40:43

Best of DNP: The Connected Future and Privacy – Digital Nibbles episode 59

With Allyson on sabbatical and Ruv on the road, we’re pulling a couple of our “best of” episodes from the archive. This week we’re re-posting an episode with two former guests of the show. First up, Ben Kepes (@benkepes), a cloud thought leader, stops by to cover the growth of enterprise cloud, the Cloud 2020 Summit he’s currently organizing, and what “The Internet of Things” means for the future. Then Deborah Salons (@dsalons), an attorney specializing in regulation and privacy, weighs in...

Duration: 00:46:15

A New Decentralized System for Digital Transactions – DNP episode 51

First up this week, we have CEO Johann Gevers (@johanngevers) and CTO Chris Odom of Monetas. Based on the Open-Transactions project, Monetas is aiming to be the world’s first decentralized system for financial and legal transactions – a digital contracting platform. They’ve seen interest for a variety of different uses/industries including: money remittance, cell phone providers, banks, consumer applications, and virtual worlds. Then returning guest Gordon Haff (@ghaff), a cloud evangelist...

Duration: 00:39:55

Enterprise Cloud Strategy – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 50

First up this week, Faiz Parkar ((@_CloudNinja), a Product Marketing Director from Canopy, stops by to talk about cloud computing and helping enterprises map out a cloud strategy. He sees a growing concern around cloud transparency – enterprises want to know what technologies are at play in their public cloud instance that address security, performance, and compliance issues. Then frequent guest Michael Sheehan (@HighTechDad) chats about his new gig as a staff reporter for IntelFreePress....

Duration: 00:33:31

It’s All About the Apps – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 48

In our last episode of 2013, Duncan Johnston-Watt (@duncanjw), the founder and CEO of Cloudsoft and Chip Childers (@chipchilders), the VP of product strategy at CumuLogic stop by to talk about their respective companies and cloud computing in 2014. Cloudsoft is bringing business to the cloud – their Application Management Platform orchestrates services, platforms and infrastructures to ensure they directly meet the needs of applications, dynamically and in real time. CumuLogic allows...

Duration: 00:44:02

Finding Value in Big Data – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 47

John Blumenthal (@cloudphysics), founder and CEO of CloudPhysics, stops by to talk about using data analytics to improve the safety and efficiency of your data center. Their virtual appliance scans and collects big data for analysis, leading to insights on how to structure virtualized infrastructure. Then Alex Williams (@alexwilliams), an enterprise writer at TechCrunch, checks in from Dreamforce. He and Allyson talk about the proliferation of hackathons before moving onto the announcement...

Duration: 00:35:14

Accelerating Tech Start Ups – DNP episode 44

We’ve got a couple of interiewees talking tech start ups this week. First, Simon Crosby (@simoncrosby), co-founder and CTO of Bromium, stops by the show to talk about security on mobile devices, specifically using virtualization technology to create a micro-VM -for each task a user performs on an untrusted network or document. For more information, visit Then Jason Seats (@seats), a managing director at Techstars, joins to talk about their boot camp for technology...

Duration: 00:43:32

The Changing Role of IT in the Enterprise – DNP 43

Reuven’s hosting solo again, as Allyson is out with a cold. He breaks with tradition and brings on this week’s guests together for a wide-ranging discussion on the role of IT in the enterprise. Bart Copeland (@bart_copeland), CEO and president of ActiveState, talks about private Platform as a Service – bringing PaaS behind the firewall and offering enterprises control and management over their platform. Kevin Behr (@kevinbehr), founder and president of Assemblage Pointe and a co-author of...

Duration: 00:41:50

Cloud Bursting and Backend as a Service - DNP episode 42

Reuven is hosting solo this week, as Allyson is in San Francisco at the Intel® AtomTM processor C-2000 series launch. He guides listeners through a couple of fascinating interviews – first up is Rajeev Chawla, the CEO and Co-Founder of CloudVelocity, and second is Sravish Sridhar, Founder and CEO of Kinvey. Rajeev chats about viewing the public cloud as a seamless extension of your data center, taking existing workloads and running them in the cloud without having to re-architect. Sravish...

Duration: 00:37:16

The Key to Enterprise Clouds? Open Source. - DNP episode 41

Randy Bias, the co-founder and CEO of Cloudscaling, is our guest this week. Cloud scaling is a provider of Infrastructure as a service, for enterprises who want to connect their OpenStack* deployments to Amazon Web Services * or Google Compute Engine*. He believes we’re close to broad adoption for clouds, and that we’ll start to see different flavors of clouds (HPC cloud, enterprise virtualized cloud, elastic cloud, etc.) each with specific types of hardware, network architecture,...

Duration: 00:36:19

Services for Public and Private Cloud – DNP 40

After a short hiatus, DNP is back on the air with an episode all about rapidly-growing start ups in the private and public cloud space. First up, Joshua McKenty (@jmckenty), co-founder and CTO of Piston Cloud Computing (and one of the co-founders of OpenStack) stops by to talk about innovating on top of the OpenStack APIs for customers including major banks and governments. Then Mat Ellis (@MatEllis), founder and CEO of Cloudability, discusses how to give control and insight into cloud...

Duration: 00:41:02

Integrating Compute/Storage and Cloud App Resiliency – DNP39

First up in this week’s Digital Nibbles is Jason Hoffman (@jasonh), the CTO and Founder of Joyent, who talks about Joyent’s new product offering, Joyent Manta, which combines compute and storage (i.e. natively running compute instances directly on the object store where the objects lie). More info is available at Then Mohit Lad (@mohitlad), the CEO and co-founder of Thousand Eyes, stops by to talk about the company, which just came out of stealth phase. Thousand Eye...

Duration: 00:40:55

Live from GigaOM’s Structure Conference – DNP episode 38

Allyson and Reuven are live from the patio of GigaOM’s Structure event with a great lineup: Sameer Dholakia (@spdholakia), Group VP & GM - Cloud Platforms, Citrix; Jim Blair (@OpenStack), Principal Infrastructure Software Developer, OpenStack and Lauren Sell (@laurensell) Director of Marketing, OpenStack; Jonathan Murray (@Adamalthus), EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Warner Music Group and Jared Wray (@jaredwray ), Founder and CTO, Tier 3; and Raejeanne Skillern (@RaejeanneS ), Director of...

Duration: 01:12:00

Live from Forecast 2013 – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 37

Allyson and Reuven chat with Das Kamhout (Intel, @dkamhout), Paul Miller (Cloud of Data, @PaulMiller), and Ben Kepes (Diversity Ltd., @benkepes). The group was live on stage at the Open Data Center Alliance’s Forecast 2013 event, and discussed the conference as well as the industry’s most pressing cloud computing topics like VM interop, software-defined data centers, and Infrastructure as a Service. Show Timeline: 0:00: Introduction and discussing Forecast highlights 4:10: Das Kamhout...

Duration: 00:53:00

Quantitative Factors Driving Cloud Adoption - DNP episode 36

Joe Weinman (@joeweinman), SVP of Cloud Services and Strategy at Telx, stops by to talk about how companies can achieve competitive differentiation through cloud computing in terms of operational excellence, product leadership, and customer intimacy. Our second guest, Ben Kepes (@benkepes), had challenges getting connected, so Allyson and Reuven wrap up the episode chatting about privacy and scrutiny in the world of cloud and big data, as well as a couple of upcoming cloud conferences....

Duration: 00:41:52

Requirements and Strategy for Cloud Computing - DNP 35

We’ve got an event preview this week on Digital Nibbles. First up, Das Kamhout (@dkamhout), IT Principal Engineer at Intel, stops by to talk about the Open Data Center Alliance’s upcoming Forecast event (June 17-18) and his role moderating the ODCA University sessions on cloud requirements. Then Derrick Harris (@derrickharris), a senior writer at GigaOM, joins us to talk about GigaOM’s Structure event (June 19-20), which focuses on the companies that are powering Web experience and how they...

Duration: 00:43:04

The Future of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – DNP 34

Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco), director of architecture for cloud systems at Netflix, joins us from the Google I/O conference and chats about his Google Glasses and also an interesting announcement on charging by the minute for Google’s IaaS platform. He also discusses how Netflix built their massive cloud architecture, how they test the Netflix cloud, and the recently launched $100,000 prize from Netflix for developers who can improve on the company’s open source tools. Our second guest is...

Duration: 00:45:15

Your Data Has Value – DNP Episode 33

We’ve got a loose theme running through our guests this week. First up, Paul Miller (@paulmiller), an analyst at Cloud of Data talks cloud privacy and why your personal data might have more value than you think (like making purchase data portable and taking it from Amazon to Barnes& Noble). Then Brian Gracely (@bgracely), VP of Solutions Marketing at Virtustream, chats about how his passion project and how important it is to educate your kids early on the connectivity of the Internet. Show...

Duration: 00:42:19

The Connected Future and Privacy – DNP episode 32

Two former guests of the show are back this week to talk about a couple of interesting cloud topics. First up, Ben Kepes (@benkepes), a cloud thought leader, stops by to cover the growth of enterprise cloud, the Cloud 2020 Summit he’s currently organizing, and what “The Internet of Things” means for the future. Then Deborah Salons (@dsalons), an attorney specializing in regulation and privacy, weighs in on if you can ever be truly be private in the cloud. Show timeline: 0:00 – Introductions...

Duration: 00:48:15

Analytics for eCommerce and PaaS for the Enterprise – DNP 31

We’ve got two great interviews this week, focusing on some emerging technologies. First, Will Young (@zapposlabs), the director of Zappos Labs, stops by to talk about the customer experience and using analytics and social media to find new ways for customers to shop and interact. Then Sam Charrington (@samcharrington), the principal of CloudPulse Strategies (and co-founder of Cloudcamp with Ruv), joins DNP to break down IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and to discuss where PaaS is heading in the...

Duration: 00:43:56

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