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Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.

Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.
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San Diego, CA


Non-partisan podcast featuring thought leaders and industry pioneers explores innovative approaches to political campaigns, voter engagement, mobilization, leveraging social networks, message testing and targeting, fundraising, cross-media advertising and persuasion.




Incumbents New Faces and the Republican Party with Bonnie Siegel Political Branding Associates

Bonnie Siegel, founder, Political Branding Associates has her eye on helping to grow the next generation of Republican candidates for state and local office as well as developing strategies for getting younger voters to the polls. She also shares some wisdom about what candidates and elected officials should do to keep their brand fresh and how they should react if negative news or accusations come out. Political Branding Associates


Best Practices for Engaging All Stakeholders with Erik Rosedahl Phone2Action

Erik Rosedahl, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Phone2Action has a clear view of the need to understand different types of activists and emphasizes that just focusing on the number of supporters can be misleading. Having lead the advocacy efforts at the National Association of Manufacturers, Erik emphasizes the need to communicate with constituents on their preferred platform be it mobile, email, phone or mail. @Rosedahl1 @phone2action Phone2Action


Engaging and Mobilizing Young Voters withi Nick Guthman Blue Futue

Nick Guthman has co-founded Blue Future, a civic engagement start-up focusing on organizing young people 18-25 around progressive electoral campaigns. This group includes young Millennials and Gen Z and while they might not have much money to contribute to a candidate, they have energy and social media experience that can be invaluable to a campaign. What's missing is the resource to identify meaningful volunteer and organizing opportunities. @BlueFutureNow


Democratic Candidates Conference Review with Andy Millard

Andy Millard, was the conference organizer of the Democratic Candidates Conference in partnership with the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. This multi-day event attracted hundreds of people interested in running for Congressional, state and local races along with those who are interested in helping those candidates figure out how to run a successful political campaign. Andy's motivation for creating this conference was his own unsuccessful run for...


Integrating Field and Digital for Advocacy Campaigns with Chazz Clevinger One Click Politics

Chazz Clevinger, CEO, One Click Politics, on how mobile apps and devices have changed the world of advocacy and political campaigns, field strategies for polling and mobilization across all screens, creating online engagement options with simple user interfaces that encourage sharing and uploading of images, and ways of making message testing more effective. @1clickpolitics One Click Politics


Expanding the Reach to Find Base Voters with Joe Corbe 1631 Digital

Joe Corbe, Founder, 1631 Digital emphasizes the need to look beyond traditional definitions of the loyal base and to use online micro-targeting to engage and mobilize a broader audience. Particularly relevant in 2018 will be targeting political and advocacy video ads on mobile devices to reach voters when and where they might be most responsive to a call to action. @1631_DigitalAdv 1631 Digital


Gauging Emotion and Impact of Tweets With Steven Alembik SMA Communications

Steven Alembik, Founder, SMA Communications says that Twitter is the only real time actionable social media channel. He is excited about using tone analyzer algorithms to understand the emotional response of people to tweets and to help figure out what ads can best address those emotional hot buttons. Steven also gives a reality check about focus groups, direct mail, use of mobile devices, and in the impact of moving the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. @SMAComm SMA Communications Truth...


Targeting Voters Across All Screens and Locations with Matt Hedberg Semcasting

Matt Hedberg, political team leader, Semcasting talks about efficiently targeting voters across all of their screens and devices including computers, mobile devices, and connected televisions and using their location to tailor messages. Using a Smart Zone concept, Semcasting is thinking about how to segment the online electorate using IP addresses not cookies, charitable giving history and media consumption habits to inform about most effective ways to reinforce a candidate's message and...


What Drives Millennial Voters and Candidates with Jesse Barba EDGE

Jesse Barba is Vice President of the lobbying firm Cassidy & Associates, vice chairman of the Grassroots Professional Network and founder of EDGE--Electing a Democratic Generation. We talk about what drives Millennial voters to support a candidate, the efforts that are underway to encourage Millennials to run for state and local office, and what to expect from a Millennial political campaign in the age of digital technology. @TheDemEDGE @GrassrootsPros Grassroots Professional...


Measuring Impact of Negative Political Ads with HCD Neuroscience

Michelle Niedziela, PhD Scientific Director and Glenn Kessler, President HCD Research put a scientific eye to measuring the real impact of negative political ads. Using traditional message testing and applied neuroscience tools, they are able to identify those voters most likely to have an authentic emotional reaction to a negative or contrast ad and those likely to not pay any attention at all or be influenced in an unintended way. While negative ads are usually quickly forgotten, the...


Robust Mobile Apps Changing Political and Advocacy Campaigns with Thomas Peters uCampaign

Thomas Peters, CEO and Founder, uCampaign sees the future and it is mobile apps for political and advocacy campaigns. While web sites are still a basic necessity for campaigns, mobile apps can provide canvassing and lobbying tools that engage voters, reward them for sharing content, and allow targeting specific audiences by geographic location at the right time and on the right screen. @uCampaignUpdate


Building Brand Love of Millennial Voters with Bonnie Siegel Political Branding Associates

Bonnie Siegel, founder, Political Branding Associates shines the light on how Millennial voters are different from earlier generations of voters. With examples from the Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz 2016 campaigns Bonnie points out what drives Millennials to act, their interest in making the world a better place, and how we often hear what we want to hear from candidates. Political Branding Associates


Grassroots Advocacy Comes of Age with Joshua Habursky ICBA

Joshua Habursky, Director of Advocacy, Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and Founder/Chairman of the Grassroots Professional Network talks about how grassroots advocacy and traditional lobbying have come together to create a new model for engagement, mobilization, and ways to find constituents across traditional party lines. We also talk about best practices for mobile outreach and value of social media for creating two-way conversations with elected officials. @ICBA ...


Historical Perspective of the Opioid Epidemic with David Herzberg PhD SUNY Buffalo

David Herzberg PhD, associate professor of history, SUNY- University at Buffalo reminds us that opioid addiction is not a new phenomenon and in fact there have been waves of addiction to sedatives, stimulants and pain killers over the last 150 years. David points out how we often view physical dependency on a drug versus drug addiction with racial and economic bias. He also warns that history tells us that the current opioid epidemic most likely will continue until we better address real...


Digital Campaign Trends to Watch in 2018 with Gary Sherwood Resonate

Gary Sherwood, VP Client Solutions-Politics and Advocacy, Resonate zeroes in on changing media habits of voters 18-49 and emphasizes the need to find the sweet spot for targeting niche audiences with tailored content on the right screen. We also talk about the self-serve model, low barrier to entry and other factors that allowed Russian money to be spent on digital political ads in 2016. @ResonateTweets


Role of Social Media in Advocacy Campaigns with Andrew Stanley Phone2Action

Andrew Stanley, VP Product, Phone2Action sheds light on how advocates, organizations, and elected officials are using social media. He emphasizes how important it is to harness the energy of voters at any time making it easy to post an opinion, send an email, or receive a call to action. With a variety of screens available and multiple social media platforms, Andrew reminds us of the need to experiment in order to find the most preferred method of reaching each...


Local Activism by the Next Generation of Voters with Navid Massarat

Navid Massarat is a junior at the La Jolla Country Day School and has started a petition on to create a dog beach in La Jolla Shores to allow owners and dogs to enjoy a remote part of the beach. Armed with research about previous attempts and successful dog beaches in near-by beach communities, Navi has collected enough signatures to take the effort to the next step of organizing community gatherings and taking the proposal to the necessary councils for approval. No word on how...


Cost of Accurate Campaign Research Going Up with Ben Krompak Tulchin Research

Ben Krompak, Vice President, Tulchin Research shares his insights about early polling for incumbent candidates, value of data from focus groups, and assessment research for those thinking of running for public office. With fewer people willing to answer survey questions, the cost of accurate research continues to rise leading to more creative ways to understand sentiment and intent, and predict outcomes. @TulchinResearch @progressinsight Tulchin Research


Finding Pockets of Swing Voters with Brian Kind TargetPoint Consulting

Brian Kind, National Director of Geo-Strategic Analytics, TargetPoint Consulting, reminds us that geography is still the most fundamental variable in how someone votes. While top line voter numbers might seem consistent within a state, pockets of swing voters might make all the difference in a close race. Brian also talks about constructing predictive voter models, making sense of exit polls, and identifying bias in polling and pollsters. With years of experience in Wisconsin politics,...


Building a Candidate's Brand with Bonnie Siegel Political Branding Associates

Bonnie Siegel, founder, Political Branding Associates brings a depth of knowledge about branding from the consumer world. As the national brand strategist for Ted Cruz she realized how much candidates need to understand the value of their brand and what it means to keep the brand authentic, consistent and meaningful.


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