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You know what to expect when Digital Punk and A² Records team up to create a podcast: only the hardest tracks of the scene. Digital Punk will be dedicated to unleash a heavy-hitting show every month. Besides that he will provide you with the latest news, sneak peaks and best new tunes of the moment.

You know what to expect when Digital Punk and A² Records team up to create a podcast: only the hardest tracks of the scene. Digital Punk will be dedicated to unleash a heavy-hitting show every month. Besides that he will provide you with the latest news, sneak peaks and best new tunes of the moment.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands


You know what to expect when Digital Punk and A² Records team up to create a podcast: only the hardest tracks of the scene. Digital Punk will be dedicated to unleash a heavy-hitting show every month. Besides that he will provide you with the latest news, sneak peaks and best new tunes of the moment.




057 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers, I salute you with your monthly fuel! This months we’ve got an extra long episode, so better hold on tight, get a grip and don’t panic! Next month its time for the annual yearmix. So prepare yourself for some hours of absolute mayhem. For now, enjoy DPU Episode 57! Episode 057 on YouTube, Soundcloud & iTunes: Enjoy! Digital Punk Tracklist: 00:00 | Intro 01:32 | KELTEK - Mask On MY Face 04:18 | Code Black & Crisis Era - Beat Canon 07:16 |...

Duration: 01:30:03

Digital Punk Unleashed - Episode 056

Unleashed Soldiers. This is your monthly fuel! We give you 'Digital Punk Unleashed - Episode 056' with loads of new ammunition to for fill your needs. Tracks by Public Enemies, Gunz For Hire, War Force and Radical Redemption is doing a 'Road to Redemption' takeover! Don't forget to buy or stream the Public Enemies album: Original Sinners. Get the link here: Episode 056 on YouTube, Soundcloud & iTunes: Enjoy! Digital...

Duration: 01:18:02

055 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

► For more music, subscribe at: ► Follow our Hardstyle Playlist on Spotify: Unleashed Soldiers! Here is your ammunition of this month! And let's get straight to the point. The Public Enemies album 'Original Sinners' is finished and therefore we start this month episode with a trailer of their rise to power! This episode contains new tracks by Headhunterz, Sub Zero Project, Frequencerz, Endymion, B-Front, Jack Of Sound, E-Force and Public...

Duration: 01:08:17

054 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! Here is your ammunition of this month! This episode contains new tracks by Warface, Adaro, Jack Of Sound and Public Enemies which are releasing their album 'Original Sinners' soon! Tracklist: 00:00 | Intro 01:52 | KELTEK - BassMode 04:53 | Digital Punk - Inevitable (Retrospect Remix) 08:20 | Isaac - Burn (Sub Zero Project Remix) 12:18 | Endymion & Crystal Mad - How It's Done 17:15 | Jack Of Sound - This Song Created Us 21:09 | Retrospect & Deluzion -...

Duration: 01:09:00

053 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers, your monthly refixx of the best new tunes is here! Episode 53 contains new tracks by Radical Redemption, Outbreak, Crypsis and more... It also features my new track with MYST! So crank up your volume and enjoy! 00:00 | Intro 01:49 | Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici ft. Hilight Tribe - Great Spirit (Wildstylez Remix) 05:39 | Crisis Era - Jump Up 08:35 | Hard Driver & E-Life ft. Szen - The Other Side 11:51 | Sub Sonik & Sub Zero Project - Ready For This 14:46 | MYST -...

Duration: 01:12:35

052 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Soldiers, Your monthly fix is here! Unleashed Episode 052 straight in your face! This months episode contains new tracks by Ran-D, Frequencerz, High Voltage, Gunz for Hire and my new track which will be released on Neophyte Records! We also have Clockartz taking over, so crank up that volume and enjoy! 00:00 | Intro 01:02 | Frequencerz - Victory Forever (Defqon.1 Anthem 2017) 05:09 | Donkey Rollers & Noisecontrollers - Human Enemy 08:15 | Hard Driver & Villain - What I Die For 10:56 |...

Duration: 01:10:18

051 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers, Your monthly shot of adrenaline is here! Unleashed E051. This months episode features new tracks by Hard Driver, Kronos, Act Of Rage and my remix of State of Perfection. Enjoy! dp 00:00 | Intro 00:53 | KELTEK - Down To Earth 05:10 | Psyko Punkz - Up And Down 08:12 | Ran-D - Band Of Brothers 13:14 | Airtunes - Wildfire 16:25 | B-Freqz - Freedom 20:14 | Hard Driver & LXCPR - My Own Space 24:36 | Hard Driver - Fresh 27:08 | Sub Zero Project & GLDY LX -...

Duration: 01:15:14

050 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

After four successful years of Digital Punk - Unleashed including hosting events all over the world and more than 200.000 monthly listeners, it is time to complete the leading hardstyle platform. Digital Punk presents the missing piece of the puzzle: Unleashed Records. This months show features the first release of Unleashed Records: Circus Of Insanity (Official Intents Festival Anthem 2017) by Digital Punk & Adaro! Besides this month's episode features not 1 but 2 takeovers by B-Front...

Duration: 01:09:08

049 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! This month I present you one of the biggest shows yet! It features the Qapital 2017 anthem that Hard Driver and I made as Public Enemies. It features the remix Alpha2 and I made of 'Attention'. It features an E-Force - The Edge Of Insanity takeover. It features new music by Atmozfears, Audiotricz, Adaro and so much more! I'm super proud, I hope you're too. Enjoy the show! Unleashed will strike at Daydream Festival on Friday the 7th of April! Check out the line-up at...

Duration: 01:05:19

048 | Digital Punk - Unleashed #4YearsUnleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! This is the 4 year anniversary of Unleashed! I'm super proud of how far we made it! I'd like to thank you all for your support and dedication over the past years. Looking forward, we're proud of hosting the preparty mainstage of Intents Festival 2017. I hope to see you all out there! This month's episode features new music by Public Enemies, E-Force, Sub Sonik, Andy SVGE and many more. So tune in and enjoy! Episode 048 on YouTube, Soundcloud & iTunes:...

Duration: 01:27:49

047 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! F*ing great news to start 2017! Digital Punk - Unleashed is hosting the preparty mainstage of Intents Festival 2017 and the weekend was sold out within two hours! Super proud. You better be there, because you don't want to miss this next level weekend of Unleashed madness. Next month we're celebrating 4 years of Digital Punk - Unleashed. Do you want to be featured in the show and gain fame among 200.000 listeners? Send your audio or video shoutout to...

Duration: 01:15:49

046 | Digital Punk - Unleashed - Yearmix 2016

Unleashed Soldiers! What a fantastic year it has been! I've released my second album 'Adapt Or Die' and the response was overwhelming! In the 'Unleashed Offensive' we had a sold-out Lucky venue in Rijssen, an extreme homeparty with, the pre party of Intents Festival, a backstage trip at Dance Valley and most of all, so much fun with all of you. To celebrate I hereby drop the Unleashed 2016 Yearmix! Nearly a 100 tracks megamixed in over 3 hours of hardstyle joy! Episode...

Duration: 03:42:14

045 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! We are back with a brand new, hard as f*ck, episode of Unleashed! In this episode Sub Sonik is doing a takeover with 4 tracks. Besides I'm playing 4 Digital Punk tracks. 3 of the featured on my album 'Adapt Or Die' and 1 brand new bomb: Digital Punk - Dishonored (Official Dishonored 2 Main Theme Song Remix)! Other than that the show features heavy hard hitters by Minus Militia, Gunz For Hire, B-Front & Adaro. Enjoy! 00:00 | Intro 00:52 | Requiem - Amore 04:14 |...

Duration: 01:11:27

044 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! My album 'Adapt or Die' just got released and I'm super proud of the result! Get your copy at This months show contains brand new bombs by Digital Punk, Ran-D, Crypsis and many more. Play it loud! Tracklist: 00:00 | Intro 00:56 | Devin Wild & Sub Zero Project - Meltdown 04:00 | Audiofreq - Stingray 07:01 | Ran-D & Alpha2 - Blinded 11:40 | Hard Driver - Welcome 15:04 | Digital Punk & Endymion - Stand Up & Fight 18:12 | Ran-D - MF...

Duration: 01:12:29

043 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! I'm so proud to announce that I'm releasing an album at the beginning of October called 'Adapt Or Die'. You can pre-order the album at now! Besides the show features new tracks by Warface, Outbreak, Crypsis, High Voltage and many more. Enjoy your monthly fuel!

042 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers. Another month has passed and that means another Unleashed Episode! It's time to reveal the identities of 'Public Enemies', Digital Punk and Hard Driver! The show begins with 3 new tracks of Public Enemies. Besides that we have new tracks from Ran-D, Adaro, Sub Sonik, Hard Driver and many more. So tune in and enjoy! Episode 042 on YouTube, Soundcloud & iTunes: Unleashed playlist on Spotify: Tracklist: 00:00 | Intro 01:35 |...

041 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! Episode 041 is upon you! A brand new episode filled with the newest and best tunes of the moment. This month it features tracks from Minus Militia, Public Enemies, Gunz For Hire, Adaro, Ran-D and many more! For 'The Unleashed Offensive - Mission #5', go check out my Facebook if you want to win an insane Dance Valley Unleashed Package including a limo ride, VIP, merchandise and more! For now, enjoy the show!

040 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! It's here, Unleashed Episode E040! Loads of new tracks, so crank up the fuckin' volume and enjoy! For 'The Unleashed Offensive - Mission #4' I want to know what YOUR ultimate mission would be! Let me know in the comments or send your ideas with a photo via private message and win the new Unleashed Flag!

039 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! I present you Unleashed Episode 39! Loads of new tracks, including 'Digital Punk & Alpha² - Loud As F#ck'! Are you ready for Mission 3? Win an Exclusive Digital Punk - Unleashed Intents Festival weekend for 6 people! You'll win a Unleashed decorated campsite with lots of goodies, breakfast served by me, join Da Syndrome, Sjek and me on stage, and more! A next level camping experience. Don't forget to bring your own tent! How can you win? That's easy. Make a Spotify...

038 | Digital Punk - Unleashed

BREAKING NEWS: and Digital Punk - Unleashed are doing an Unleashed event inyour livingroom, lodge, boat or special location, with a killer line-up, photoshoot, aftermovie, lights, audio and even the cleaning! Whatsapp a video of your location to + 31683051229 to win! This is UNLEASHED D-DAY! I present you episode 38 containing the long awaited track Digital Punk & Radical Redemption - Protest of Indignation! Besides it features anAlpha² 'Recharged' take over and new tracks...
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