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Episode 17: How NASA Explores Digital Space in the 21st Century

Since its inception in 1958, NASA has accumulated a wealth of data and information as part of its spectacular research programme. One of its most significant challenges is how to turn this data and information into actionable knowledge. As Chief Knowledge Architect, our guest, David Meza grapples with this challenge every day. Hear David’s thoughts on what it’s like to work at NASA; our (sometimes unhealthy) dependency on technology; and how the digital workplace has influenced team dynamics...

Duration: 00:39:31

Season 1: Some of the Best Bits

As we close out our first season of Digital Workplace Impact, we’ve taken the opportunity in this episode to revisit some of the highlights. And what a season it was! We covered everything from the highs ignited by passionate people all the way down to the lows of the darker side of digital. Our exceptional guests have holidayed with colleagues, changed working practices, digitally transformed businesses over 300 years old and worked for robots. They’ve challenged the status quo and are...

Duration: 01:28:25

Episode 15 - Driving for Digital Workplace Success – with Williams Formula 1

Williams F1 is three years into a five-year digital and IT transformation programme. Graeme Hackland, CIO, talks to Paul Miller about how the digital workplace is helping the team to reach its shared goal: continually improving the performance of their F1 cars. He shares their journey to date, the challenges facing Williams and how the digital workplace has helped them to move forward. Follow the conversation as Graeme reveals insights into his team’s work and explains why Williams is more...

Duration: 00:43:25

Episode 13: Facebook, Oxfam and “Digital Leapfrogging”

Today, it is easier than ever to connect digitally with others around the world. Within the workplace, for those who sit in front of a computer, this is a straightforward task. However, how can the millions of employees who don’t sit at desks connect digitally with the rest of the organization? Workplace by Facebook launched with a mission to connect the previously unconnected. VP, Julien Codorniou, explains how its new platform has been able to successfully connect factory workers,...

Duration: 00:44:58

Episode 12: How to Measure a Digital Workplace

The digital workplace encompasses a number of tools and services, all of which are easily measurable. However, measuring their impact on the overall business objectives is a much more complex task. In this episode, Paul Miller is joined by two pioneers who understand how progress and performance of digital workplace initiatives can be measured meaningfully. They share best practice, showcase forward-thinking organizations and discuss whether more intelligent metrics are a blessing or a...

Duration: 00:45:22

Episode 10: Brian Solis Peers into the Digital Darkness – and Sees (the)Light

As a society, we can get caught up in the excitement of advancing technology and forget to consider the repercussions. In this (darker) episode, we ask Brian Solis, analyst, futurist and author, whether work will cease to exist and how the next generation can prepare for an unpredictable future. He gives us his perspective on where we came unstuck, what’s holding us back and why we need to take control before it’s too late. Show notes, links and resources for this episode: The Codecademy:...

Duration: 00:29:39

Episode 9: Fusing the Digital and Physical Workplaces

When employees have the option to work wherever they choose, a physical workplace needs to offer more than just a desk and Wi-Fi. Karen Gill, Vice President, Workplace Strategy at Fidelity Investments, and Ryan Anderson, Director of Commercialization & Business Development, IoT, at Herman Miller, explain how to transform the physical workplace from somewhere you have to go to into somewhere you want to be. They talk to Paul Miller about how biophilic design, sustainability and the Internet...

Duration: 00:51:50

Episode 6 - How Passionate People Create the Best Digital Workplaces

Often, passion comes with devotion, drive and a determination to achieve great things. The questions we explore in this episode are what sparks a passion for work in someone and how can you harness this extraordinary energy to create a successful digital workplace experience? Linda Tinnert, an ardent fan of internal communications and responsible for internal digital channels at IKEA; and Kevin Olp, a champion of creating experiences and formerly a Director at Northwestern Mutual, have...

Duration: 00:51:08

Episode 5: My New Boss Is a Robot

In a world where robots are no longer just the preserve of the manufacturing line, developments in AI mean that some people find themselves being managed by a ‘roboboss’, whether they realize it or not. Could you work for a robot? Dan O’Hara, SVP Digital Workplace at Avanade, became an Uber driver in his spare time for firsthand experience. He talks to Paul Miller about what it was like to be hired, trained, directed and rewarded by a robot. Follow the discussion as they explore when an...

Duration: 00:46:06

Episode 3: Can Governments Cope With Digital Citizens?

Our relationship with the state has always been complex. So what will the impact of the new digital frontier be for governments? Like an exemplar digital citizen, your host Paul Miller brings up your concerns with Sarah Gold (design director at IF) and Tom Cheesewright (applied futurist at Book of the Future). Join us on the campaign trail towards hyperlocal parliaments, a true sharing economy and the surprising immediacy of the future.

Duration: 00:50:41

Intro Episode: Digital Workplace Impact

Digital Workplace Impact is a new podcast from the Digital Workplace Group, where we investigate and explore the ideas, practices and people impacting the new digital worlds where we work. The show is hosted by Paul Miller, CEO of the Digital Workplace Group and focuses on in-depth conversations with the people who are shaping the evolving digital workplace globally. Guests in the first episodes include Jessica Hunt from Adobe, Ephraim Freed from Riot Games, Peter Fabor of Surf Office,...

Duration: 00:02:09