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The Sensitives.

A Fast Shortcast. How does a sensitive know if they're having a personal wobble or if they're tuning in to a collective shift? Happy Equinox!

Duration: 00:06:18

Hurricanes, Sensitives and Crazy Talk!

We recap on the 'Let's just cut the crap' series, we take a step further with challenging the limiting self belief program that stops you from attaining your best potential. We're also looking at the drama that the AI facial recognition study is creating with that whole 'Gay faces versus Straight faces' - and it's not quite what it says on the tin. Lastly, have you heard of Earthquake sensitives? Does this translate into Hurricane Sensitives? What would that look like? Indepth,...

Duration: 00:47:47

Lightworkers and Drama Triangles.

Lightworkers, false lightworkers and drama triangles.. we look at false lightworkers and the intrinsic connection to the Rescuer role in the Drama Triangle. We have a homework segment for facilitating a starting point of change if you're currently experiencing frustrations within work roles or relationships right now. You might need paper and pen .. there will be an exam on this!! Reflective, introspective and looking deep within, that is definitely the theme for the (UK) bank holiday...

Duration: 00:23:21

Vitamin Deaths, Blue Rules, Accreditation Issues!

Is there something else driving a program of disinformation when it comes to promoting articles about holistic health, vitamin deaths and self-directed healing protocols? Or.. is it simply about educating the consumer? What's going on there? We do a quick check in on the explosive content ripping up the alternative community right now and we discuss who accredits the accreditors... is this a proxy for white coat compliance? Nobody is spared this week!...

Duration: 00:32:56

Healing Dimensions and Red Flags.

We revisit the healing dimensional differences and how to recognise where you are in the densities.. you may be surprised with some of this! And, of course, the current situation with ongoing shocks and tactics in the alternative community, with that in mind, we explore a timely blog about red flags in the contact/disclosure scene.. but generally, these are really good pointers to watch out for any alternative scene. This is the podcast for the Dimensions and Beyond radio show....

Duration: 00:34:34

Star Trek Futures and Earth's Bubble Field!

This week has it all. Wondered about the VLF bubble around the earth? What about stories of those who died but weren't truly dead? We also have a light-hearted look at some Star Trek gadgets that exist now, way before the original story writers ever thought it possible! Have you heard of the term 'Attributional Bias'? It's not a commonly used phrase these days but the chances are, you exhibit this trait more times than you're aware of.. find out how to minimise it and be more aware of it -...

Duration: 01:20:35

Infrasound Facts and Experiencer Breakthroughs!

So you think you know everything there is to know about Infra sound? Well, we take a long hard look at everything from the scary early wartime research all the way through to the current healing applications - there are some surprises with this! We also salute the recent efforts of Barry Littleton's work as he progresses with his video testimonies about the difficulties of being an experiencer; Who do you tell? Why isn't there more experiencer testimony material out in there in the...

Duration: 00:34:24

7th Dimension, Healer's Notes and Workplace Wellness.

Notes for holistic healers and energy workers. We review and expand our knowledge working dimensionally with clients. Talking about some of the impact that the latest revelations from Dark Journalist is having on the alternative community. What's going on with 'Workplace Wellness' programs in the US; the bill that's just been passed which allows companies to demand that employees submit to genetic tests - with large financial penalties for those who do not comply. It's a hot potato this...

Duration: 00:36:27