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Episode 55 - Playing with Strangers

Charlie and Raf discuss playing games with strangers. Whether at a meetup, a con, or a local game shop, we often run into opportunities to game with people we don't know. This can be a tricky situation, and they talk about how they approach it. Before that it's Pandemic Legacy Season 2 (NO SPOILERS), Battlestations 2nd Edition, Vegas Wits & Wagers, and World Championship Russian Roulette. Excited About - 2:05 Pandemic Legacy S2 (NO SPOILERS) - 5:42 Battlestations - 13:00 Vegas Wits &...

Duration: 01:10:53

Episode 54 -Shadespire Review

Raf and Charlie are back with an episode full of big releases, hidden gems, and an in-depth review of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. This tactical combat game is in both of their Top 10s this year and is super approachable to people who don't want to spend too much time assembling minis. Excited About - 2:34 Dispatch - 6:38 Planet of the Apes - 14:30 Twilight Imperium 4th Ed - 27:29 Escape from 100 Million BC - 40:43 Inside Voices Giveaway Info - 50:41 Shadespire Review - 52:47

Duration: 01:48:50

Essen 2017 Day 4

Celebrate (or mourn) the end of Essen with Calvin, Dee and a pile of special guests!

Duration: 01:21:16

Essen 2017 Day 3

Day 3 of Calvin and Dee's Essen Coverage is here! More game and more special guests! Hear from Ted Alspach, Eric Martin, Stephen Buonocore, and Efka & Elain from No Pun Include! Also, bird thoughts.

Duration: 00:39:17

Essen 2017 Day 2

Calvin, Dee, and Colin the Board Game Bear are back for Day 2 of Spiel! Stay tuned through the end to hear from more special guests!

Duration: 00:25:18

Essen 2017 Day 1

Calvin, Dee, and Colin the Board Game Bear are in Essen letting us know what they're checking out! Stay tuned through the end to hear from special guests Rodney Smith and Tom Vasel!

Duration: 00:42:18

Episode 53 - Evan Derrick Interview

Raf talks a couple of "A" titles, while Charlie gets into Rhinos and Sand-timers. Then, Evan Derrick of Van Ryder Games joins the fun with a feature interview. Excited About - 1:35 Wartime - 8:15 Approaching Dawn: The Witching Hour -18:30 Rhino Hero: Super Battle - 33:55 Azul - 41:40 Evan Derrick Interview - 49:10

Duration: 01:43:32

Episode 52 - Vengeance Review

Raf and Charlie fill this episode with new and upcoming games. They review Vengeance, a fast-paced new title that brings movies like Old Boy and Kil Bill to the table, putting you in the shoes of both Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino. Excited About -1:31 Scrappers - 13:07 Runebound Unbreakable Bonds - 19:42 Pit Crew - 27:25 Legend of the 5 Rings - 35:07 Red Scare - 49:50 Vengeance - 1:35:00

Duration: 01:38:18

Episode 51 - This War of Mine Review

Raf talks about secret words and abstracts, Charlie talks about werewolves and packs of gum. Both talk about the emotional roller coaster of This War of Mine the board game. Excited About - 1:30 Boo/Shy - 8:40 Codenames Duet - 19:40 Folklore: The Affliction - 29:30 Seikatsu - 42:45 This War of Mine Review - 54:55

Duration: 01:48:09

Episode 50 - Gen Con Wrap Up and Listener Questions

The best/worst of Gen Con to kick things off, then Raf and Charlie dive into listener questions to celebrate 50 episodes. Don't miss the new listener poll at the end! Gen Con Best/Worst - 2:40 Super Mario Level Up - 16:35 Tiefe Taschen - 23:50 Listener Questions - 39:45 Listener Poll - 1:34:12

Duration: 02:00:32

Gen Con 50 Night 3

Our last nightly episode! Captain Sonar Upgrade One, Richard the Lionheart, and Star Wars: Legion!

Duration: 00:17:49

Gen Con 50 Night 2

4 games in 10 minutes?! Sneak peek at some awesome games from the con floor. Shadespire, Massive Darkness, The Expanse, and Indulgence!

Duration: 00:15:40

GenCon50 Night 1

Day 1 from GenCon50! We talk about 4 games we've played on the con floor. Crossfire, Dead of Winter Flick 'em Up, Zoo Ball, and Centipede!

Duration: 00:13:07

Episode 49 - Our Review Criteria

Episode 49 - Our Review Criteria by Ding & Dent

Duration: 01:54:15

Episode 48 - Cthulhu Wars: The Definitive Review (For Now)

Calvin is back! He joins us to talk about Netrunner: Terminal Directive! Raf and Charlie talk the games they've been playing, share the plans for a GenCon meetup, and then get into a big review of everything Cthulhu Wars. Inside Voices - 0:01:45 Netrunner Terminal Directive - 0:03:52 Rebellion Expansion - 0:22:26 Warhammer 40k - 0:34:25 Meetups - 0:48:59 Cthulhu Wars Review- 0:53:27

Duration: 01:57:32

Episode 47 - Other People's Fun

Episode 47 - Other People's Fun by Ding & Dent

Duration: 01:31:51

Episode 46 - Wasteland Express Delivery Service

Raf and Charlie ride through the post-apocalypse with a review of Wasteland Express Delivery Service, a Mad Max inspired pick up and deliver game. Before they talk about what they're excited about and what they've been playing lately! Excited About - 0:01:34 Space Invaders Dice - 0:06:11 Sidereal Confluence - 0:11:43 Spoils of War - 0:25:31 Not Alone - 0:35:27 Wasteland Express Delivery Service Review - 0:44:56

Duration: 01:41:27

Episode 45 - App-Assisted Games

Raf and Charlie review a few recent releases, a modern classic, and then talk about the past and future of technology assisted board games. Are app-assisted games a fad? Will we continue to see more? How much tech is too much? Listen and let us know! Excited - 1:20 Oaxaca - 4:45 Alien vs Predator - 9:18 Gekido - 22:33 Unlock! - 31:44 Lords of Vegas - 44:10 Episode 50 Requests! - 51:55 App-Assisted Games - 53:20

Duration: 01:14:17

Bonus Episode - Warhammer 40k Dark Imperium

Charlie goes solo to discuss the brand new Warhammer 40k 8th edition boxed set Dark Imperium.

Duration: 00:34:38

Episode 44 - Geekway 2017!

Raf and Charlie head to Geekway to the West and discuss many of the games they played. Excited About Restoration Games H.E.A.D. Hunters What We've Been Playing Lately - Geekway Edition Wiz-War Adrenaline Bemused Strike/Tumblin-Dice Ethnos Dead of Winter: The Long Night Secret Hitler Cthulhu Wars Two Rooms and a Boom Rising Sun

Duration: 01:37:38

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