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Comedian Matt Braunger hitches a ride with you for thirty minutes to talk, spin yarns, make jokes, and above all, entertain. Then he gets out of the car (or iPod, what have you, etc). No guests, no agenda, no lack of lively times. Real fun from a real ding-dong. Reach out at dingdonger@feralaudio.com






121 - Upstarts and Bike Chains and Wedding Dresses

On this week’s Dear Ding Donger, we hear about the upstart of Matt in the comedy world. Matt finds out how much extra it costs to taste food before the wedding. And how to have the most low key bachelor party, it’s like the movie Sideways but in Temecula, CA.

Duration: 00:25:49

120 - On the Mean Streets of Tacoma

In this week’s Dear Ding Donger we find out about reverse natural selection (if you know what that is). From there we hear about Playboy centerfolds on morning radio shows and Matt’s Mom’s rules of baseball. A special shoutout to Joe in Tacoma for the beer and conversation, thank you for your service.

Duration: 00:27:56

119 - 25 for the Rest of Our Lives (or not).

This week we have our first Dear Ding Donger voicemails, and then we take a trip down what life is like post 25, the pains, the aches, and bags of cheddar cheese. We also find out why working out with a hangover is like getting punched in the balls. Lastly hear about how you can become a famous farting clown.

Duration: 00:52:53

118 - Laughing at Death on a Bike in Hanoi

Lots to discuss on this week’s episode, like the new call-in feature of Dear Ding-Donger, the recent passing of @midnight (RIP), and some sweaty adventures in Hanoi. Sometimes you just have to keep trekking through the jungle, even if you come upon a naked 80-year-old.

Duration: 00:34:18

117 - Night Fever or The Effects of Hellish Jet Jag

Donger’s back from Japan (and the police station) with stories and tips. Like how “Night Fever” by The Bee Gees is the ultimate song-in-your-head bleach. Or where to get your vinyl fix if you’re ever in Tokyo. No Dear Ding-Donger this week, but stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the episode.

Duration: 00:33:31

116 - What Do You Do?

From atop his tangent-filled soap box, Matt requests that we all stop asking what people do for a living. Comedy is harder than it looks! Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 beers.

Duration: 00:37:38

115 - Who Keeps it Weirder?

What’s worse than a bad bartender? Matt discusses his approach to his new hour long special. By the way, Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in America.

Duration: 00:34:08

114 - Wardrobe Mishaps

Matt’s back from NY with a satchel of stories, covering topics like late life success, wardrobe mishaps, and grown men acting like babies. Plus, another Dear Ding-Donger segment!

Duration: 00:31:10

113 - My Dad Read the Exorcist at a Wedding

Do you ever just want to leave the party and read The Exorcist in the backyard? Donger’s dad did. This week, Matt reflects on his vacation with the in-laws, TV shows about comedians, and his favorite wines.

Duration: 00:29:14

112 - This Episode is Sacred and Spiritual

This week, Donger finds joy in a surprising Billy Joel performance, faces off with a skittish llama, and feels nostalgic for crappy Vegas venues. In the Dear Donger segment, an aspiring comic gets some open mic advice, and we find out who's getting first entry into the buffet of heaven.

Duration: 00:33:53

111 - Shanghai Thanks

Get Shanghai’d on this week’s episode as Matt kidnaps you and throws you on a ship sailing through the waters of comedy babies, family deaths, and much more. No Dear Ding-Donger this week, but remember to give yourself a break and take a deep breath.

Duration: 00:29:35

110 - I got to drop this baby made of jokes!

The time is right meow for Matt to push this sack of jokes out his comedic birth canal (via his Bridgetown Comedy Festival One-Hour-Special), so check it out. In this week’s Dear Ding-Donger: wallet-friendly death wishes.

Duration: 00:31:31

Sometimes Life Kicks You in the Nuts

Matt recalls Richard Nixon who, compared to the right-wingers now, seems cool in hindsight.

Duration: 00:32:54

I'm Taping my New Hour Special at Bridgetown in Portland May 5th and 6th and Self-Promotion is Fun!

Mark your calendars -- Donger is coming to Portland’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival! He remembers Don Rickles, coins the term Lady Woman, and discusses mourning the little deaths in life. In the Dear Ding Donger segment, Braunger talks CS Lewis, Portland nightlife, and pseudonyms.

Duration: 00:33:14

Done With the Tour!

Hey folks! In this episode: thoughts on weddings in churches, Boston weather, doing radio shows, and getting your act called "cute." In the Dear Ding Donger segment: the Dark Angel of Malaria.

Duration: 00:35:54

Tales of Chicago Public Transportation

This week, Donger is thankful for a heartwarming message from a fan and glad he's not bellowing into the darkness. Tales of Chicago public transportation, including the sad old dwarf who misses the train, the racist at the bus stop, and the drunk, angry man who by sheer force of will is finally able to catch the bus -- but also gets what he deserves. On the Dear Ding Donger segment, a little bit on the future of White Flight.

Duration: 00:34:24

Sex in the Park!

This week Donger has a little essential advice: find a routine, like sex in the park! Other Donger recommendations include the funky soulful album Drunk by Thundercat. Play on loop to test your loved ones. And tea swilling uber villains. Specifically, the book Moriarty. Donger reminisces about the good ol' days when suave men would stroll from the thickets of Griffith Park after smooching. He recalls one magical moment while hiking that he followed purple flowers into a secret den of...

Duration: 00:37:51

Well, You're Not Going to Believe This...

Matt honors the memory of his cousin who passed away from a heroin overdose the day before -- the second such recent overdose death in his family. There is power and danger in loneliness, and we all need to be aware of it. Don’t be afraid to seek help for the loneliness in your life, and please don’t mess with heroin. Donger addresses misogyny in comedy, tells a story about a stoned Lyft driver, and regales the tale of a drunken son arguing with his dad. In the Dear Ding Donger segment, we...

Duration: 00:35:56

The Two Jacques

Hey now folks, Donger's back from Toronto with tales to tell! From giving a news anchor some blunt advice about doing standup to sitting next to two hockey legends named Jacques, the trip was a genuine power play! This episode also features the story of a guy who is oblivious that a girl's not into him. In the new Dear Ding Donger segment, Donger doles out advice about long distance relationships and reveals his top two favorite dinosaurs.

Duration: 00:36:09

America Shouldn't be a Bowl of Radishes

Hey, have you heard Donger’s been working out? From sweating it alone in exercise class to being worked out by hunky Australian men, he’s seen it all. Listen in to find out why America shouldn’t be like a bowl full of radishes and why a face tattoo would make pilot season so much more tolerable. Also, just so you know -- if you believe you're a member of a "master race" but still live with your mom, you’re a hypocrite.

Duration: 00:34:15

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