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Ep 29 "One Big Podcast (Raisins On Their Cookie)"

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 29 “One Big Podcast (Raisins On Their Cookie)” This Week’s Cast: Yajaira, Lisa Bo-Besa, Kris w/a Special K, and (regular) Chris. We’re back with an all new episode after our week off for the #OneBigHoneymoon in the DR with My Morning Jacket! This week we cover off two new Schmucks of the Week, Yajaira can’t keep away the Hiccups, we spend way too much time talking about the Spice girls, and diets! We’re starting this weeks episode off with a special tune for...


DWS Ep 28 Poutine On The Ritz

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 28 “Poutine on the Ritz” This Week’s Cast: Yajaira, Lisa Bo-Besa, Kris w/a Special K, and (regular) Chris. We’re back after a last minute change in plans, but not for long, as we are taking another week off after this while (regular) Chris & Yajaira head to the DR for their Honeymoon and the My Morning Jacket One Big Holiday festival! This weeks shenanigans includes a proper re-do of the Pringles challenge, we talk about our “Bob’s Burgers” inspired dinner,...


Ep 27 "#sourcremelite"

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 27 “#sourcremelite” This Week’s Cast: Yajaira, Lisa Bo-Besa, Kris w/a Special K, and (regular) Chris. Our special guests had to reschedule until next week, so after a tight 45 last week, we’re back with a full length episode! We have a couple of SOTW candidates to talk about, we do the Doritos challenge from last week’s Super Bowl commercial… #fail, and ladies, do you ever wonder how to make your man happy? The answer is in this episode. There is also a...


Ep26 "BIg Game Food Baby"

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 26 “Big Game Food Baby” The “Big Game” is in the books, and much to the chagrin of (regular) Chris the Eagles defeated the Patriots (BOOO!) in SB LII. Even though the game ran a little long, we still managed to pull together for a tight 45 minute post big game podcast. Lisa, Josh, Kris w/a Special K join (regular) Chris & Yajaira at the podcast table. Food was one of the main topics of this episode, too much food! We recapped a few of the groups favorite...


Ep 25 "The ClamCast"

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 25 “The ClamCast” - Special Event Episode! Welcome to the ClamCast, a special event Episode! Yajaira & Lisa are joined around the Podcast table by 1st time special guests Karen, Tirrah, Jacky, and Chelsey (Straight Outta Dunedin). Jenna joins the group as well for her 2nd appearance. No guys allowed, well except for Executive Producer Chris. The ladies cover everything from A to Z, with stops along the way on Celebrity Sex Tapes, Sex Stories, Running, Food,...


Ep 24 "Tasty Looking Spiders!"

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 24 “Tasty Looking Spiders!” Lisa and Josh are back! Our second episode of 2018 has us reviewing one of the greatest endings to a NFL game in a long time. We announce the winner of the Schmuck of the Week poll, and In remember for 2018, we’re going to let you the listener vote on our Schmuck of the Week! This weeks 2 SOTW contestants come from Yajaira’s home state of California. We discuss the reasons why you shouldn’t huff a variety of items, the upcoming...


Ep 23 "Live From Polk County"

Dinner with Schmucks - Episode 23 “Live from Polk County” Happy New Year! We’re back with our 1st episode of 2018. Just a trio this week with Yajaira, Chris, and Kris with a Special K. It’s been a few weeks since we last posted a show, so we try to fill in the blanks for everyone. In something new for 2018, we’re going to let you the listener vote on our Schmuck of the Week! This weeks candidates both come from Polk County, so after listening head over to our Facebook page to vote! We...


Ep 22 "Mice And Chips" - A DWS Game Night

In episode 22, Mice & Chips, it’s our Holiday Game Night, and we have a few 1st timers to the table. Special guests Junior (Aka June Bug) Maria, and Jenna, join the regular group of Lisa, Yajaira, Chris, and Kris with a Special K. It’s iPhone Season here at DWS Home base, we have to teach Maria what a Podcast is, and how to use a mic. Holiday Game Night features the game of Things this time, along with a brief game of Dirty Santa to wrap things up! We’ll be back in the New Year with our...


DWS EP 21 Evil Gummy Bears

DWS EP 21 Evil Gummy Bears by Dinner With Schmucks


Ep 20 #choices - a podcast about nothing & everything

In episode 20, #choices - a podcast about nothing & everything, we’re no longer teens! And old acquaintance of Yajaira and Lisa join us for his very 1st #dwspodcast. We have a plethora of Schmucks of the week, we stumble upon a new mobile game, discover the origins of the Kelsey Grammar sound clip, and drinking games have gotten lazy in 2017! We have planned our next game night, and holiday extravaganza for 12/16. We’ll be doing some Facebook live, so make sure you like us on Facebook to...


DWS EP 19 Sex And Drugs And Porn

In episode 19, Sex and Drugs and Porn, we’re back to celebrate the last episode of our teens with Kris with a Silent K, who is pretty much a regular now. As the title reads, this is a NSFW episode. We recap Thanksgiving, and our Schmuck of the Week puts us on road to our title. Lisa talks about a new customer, and Yajaira gets uncomfortable about another 1980’s PSA. We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast, if you do, please make sure to subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes and...


Ep 18 "#deckcast"

In episode 18, #deckcast, it’s the inaugural #deckcast from the backyard! Special guests Dan and Matt return, and after a longer appearance by Yajaira, it turns into another Bro-Cast. We talk about the Wedding of the century and our encounter with the Machine himself, Bert Kreisher! Ever wonder what happened to that 16oz package of Jimmy Dean Sausage? Enjoy the #deckcast! Follow Dan on Instagram instagram.com/itgoose We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast, if you do, please make sure...


Ep 17 "Ghost Semen"

In episode 17, Ghost Semen, we are joined by 2 special guests, Kris with a silent K, and Chris’s brother Dan stops by for his second appearance on the Podcast. We have a follow up about last week’s Schumck of the Week, we also learn a story just 2 weeks ago that was though to be #fakenews, turns out to be real! Well, at least we think. Lisa has some #fakenews for us, Kris just got back from a hunting trip, and Chris & Yajaira are closing in on the Wedding Day! We are going to take an...


Ep 16 "Sweet Sixteen"

In episode 16, Sweet Sixteen, the gang recaps the Bachelor/Bachelorette extravaganza, and reveal all of the juicy details! Our Schmuck of the Week is local #polkcounty, beware folks, it involves an animal! Lisa has ramped up her soundboard, and Yajaira is none to impressed… Halloween is in our rearview mirrors, and we look ahead to next week’s Game Night featuring the game “Things”. The Wedding is rapidly approaching, and we need to find some energy! So grab your ambient, and a nightcap,...


Ep 15 "I Don't Know Gun Fu"

n episode 15, I Don’t Know Gun Fu, It’s our Halloween Spooktacular! We talk a little about the couple upcoming weeks for us here in #riverview. Our Schmuck of the Week once again comes from across the pond. Yajaira joins the episode a little late, but she has a good reason #thatbaby. To get us into the Halloween spirit, we check out some of our favorite SNL Halloween skits! Any questions??? We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast, if you do, please make sure to subscribe, rate, and...


DWS Ep 14 Shamokin Double Ds

In episode 14, Shamokin Double D’s, we welcome a few special guests to the Podcast! Kris with a K returns for his 5th episode, he’s now a part time Schmuck! We also welcomed 2 first timers in Jenna & Robert to the dinner table, and podcast table. Our Schmuck of the week comes to you from across the pond, there is a serial killer on the loose in Tampa, we’ve got a great place for you to conduct your legal business and grab a drink if you are dehydrated. We get you warmed up for Halloween...


Ep 13 "#gofundYoself"

In episode 13, #gofundYOself, the gang does Lunch with Schmucks! In an unusual early podcast, #thatBaby is kept entertained with his favorite movie Moana, while Mom & Dad deliver comedy bronze with Josh & Lisa. Our Schmuck of the Week WOKE, the Boy Scouts in spite of the fact that membership is on the rise, want how much for snacks?!?! Yajaira and Lisa introduce us to something… well… you decide… Too Many Guys. Josh describes his juicy love affair… with a cupcake! Enjoy the episode! We...


Ep 12 "THE Grinder Hookup" with The Coarse Grind Podcast (Swapcast)

In episode 12, we swiped left on the Coarse Grid Podcast! Our very 1st swapcast is in the books with Sean Rosler and the Coarse Grid Podcast. Josh discovers a potential new career path, the soundboards are in full effect as Sean & Chris reminisce about the old XM Opie and Anthony days. We talk about the origins of both podcasts, and spend more than just a fleeting moment talking about food! After all, the podcast is called DINNER with Schmucks. In the end Christopher Walden just says, Bai,...


Ep 11 "Wildflowers"

In episode 11, Andrew is back! Well, sorta… it’s been a long day for Lisa, Josh, and Andrew as they moved Lisa & Josh into their new place, and it shows! We discuss the somber day that Oct. 2nd 2017 brought. There is a call out to O.J. to join us on a future episode, along with Bert Kreischer! Andrew’s childhood hero has a secret, and the girls thought Free Pretzels was a thing at NFL stadiums! If you’re enjoying the podcast, drop us a line to let us know! We’d love to hear from you! We...


Ep 10.5 "Warm It Up Chris 'N Kris" (Pop-Up Episode)

In episode 10.5, we have a special pop-up episode “Warm it Up Chris ’n Kris”. Kris with a K stops by the house for a special Saturday night pop-up episode. We talked about VR gaming, Phish, and explored a new concept “TV with Schmucks”. Enjoy the special episode, it’s a laid back episode! We hope you enjoy listening to our Podcast, if you do, please make sure to subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes and Soundcloud! You can find us on YouTube as well! Patches are in!!! Peel & Stick backs,...


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