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Platinum Desire

The 90s saw a trend for erotic thrillers and none were as erotic nor thrilling as Sheridan’s 1998 picture Platinum Lace. In the director’s commentary, he opens up about lead actor David Samson’s tragic hot-air balloon accident, filming people having sex in a tree, and the sensuality of James Galway’s flute based soundtrack.

Duration: 00:28:21


2009 saw Sheridan make his shattering film about surviving chronic swimmer’s ear – Snowflake. A modern classic that is routinely voted into the all-time top 200 films about minor illnesses. The director’s commentary offers insight into the difficulties of filming inside someone’s head, the limitation of La La Land’s opening shot, and the morality of snow leopard exploitation.

Duration: 00:27:44

The Canine Dimension

In 2001, Sheridan took on big budget sci-fi with the thrilling and visually stunning The Canine Dimension, a cross dimensional special effects extravaganza. The director’s commentary throws light on Ryan Gosling’s sandwich preferences, how to credibly depict dogs drinking cappuccinos, and which Hollywood megastar’s passion is military tactics.

Duration: 00:29:42


An early cult hit for Sheridan Monkhouse. In 1988, he released Hellmare, a terrifying slice of horror that resonates to this day. The dramatic director’s commentary shares Sheridan’s thoughts on rumours of a Hellmare curse, where Richard Gere shops for wicker furniture and the controversial ‘horse misogyny’ accusations that plagued the release of the film.

Duration: 00:25:24

Interceptors 3

In 1993 Sheridan Monkhouse made the third in his hugely acclaimed and influential Interceptors films. His director’s commentary throws insight on the casting on lead Interceptor Henge Masterson, keeping maimings to a strict minimum in battle scenes and how James Cameron used Christian Slater as a footstool

Duration: 00:30:40