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Matt Temby Fitness Guru Returns, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Wrestle Kingdom 12, WWE and MORE!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Dirty Mike, The Big Ugly, and Jammin Jason return for the new year to help YOU! Personal Fitness Trainer Matt Temby returns to tell everyone what the need to know to stick to your New Years fitness resolutions. Then the trio talk ALL THINGS STAR WARS!! Including the controversy around the newest Star Wars. Finally, everyone breaks down the State of Wrestling, whats hot and whats not! All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:48:58


DUW is BACK! The Red Prince, Tj Sykes returns to chat with Dirty Mike and Big Ugly. Find out where he recently traveled to wrassle, what he is doing now, and why he is PISSED. Dirty Mike, Big Ugly, and Tj breakdown all things current in wrestling from SS, to Woken Matt Hardy, Impact wrestling, to the Smackdown roster. All this and MORE!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

Duration: 02:03:21

Thanksgiving 2017, Thor, Stranger Things 2, WWE Survivor Series Preview and MORE!!!

Dirty Mike and Big Ugly are back as the year winds down to talk upcoming Survivor Series, Thanksgiving, and telling you what you should and shouldn't be watching on TV right now! Hear the about who actually got fired from wwe, how the movie Jigsaw plays into the rest of the Saw series, and a surprise phone call from a missing person. All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 01:20:08

TLC, Finn vs AJ, SWO Jess La...and SO many TANGENTS!!

Neville, Nia Jax, Kurt Angle, Jess La, and Tangents are on the menu for Dirty Mike and The Big Ugly. Hear their review of TLC, find out thoughts on Neville's leaving, Nia Jax future, and what should be done with Asuka and Shane McMahon and of course more tangents!!!! Then Dirty Mike has an exclusive interview with SWO Superstar Jess La. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 02:04:53

WWE No Mercy, Hell in a Cell, Tangents, and MORE!!!!!

Dirty Mike, Big Ugly, and Jammin Jason reunite to talk all things WWE. The trio breakdown the latest pay per views and of course... there are tangents! Discussions include Shane McMahon's crazy spot at HIAC, The Shield reunion, the state of the Women's revolution. Also hear some talk on the controversy surrounding the NFL. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:44:09

May/McG, Mae Young Classic, Sizzlin Stan Styles, and MORE!!!!

It may be a month later, but it is never to late to chat it up about the fight seen around the world! Dirty Mike and Big Ugly sit down with guest Corey Berger of MCW discuss last months bout of Mayweather v. McGregor. The trio talk some wrestling as the Mae Young Classic concludes. Find out what Superstar Corey Berger will be rubbing shoulders with at the upcoming MCW show. Then Dirty Mike gets an exclusive with SWO Superstar Sizzlin Stan Styles. He's talking shake weights and wrestling....

Duration: 02:24:15

Askua, WWE reality, The Defenders and The Cut Above Richard Bonnair and MORE!!!!

Dirty Mike and The Big Ugly are back together talking Asuka on the main roster, the reality storylines in wrestling, Roman Reigns, John Cena, and if the Undertaker should return. Big Ugly then begins a NEW segment in which he reviews Marvel's Defenders on Netflix. Then Dirty Mike has an exclusive interview with Indie Wrestler Richard Bonnair. All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 01:48:16

Summerslam Aftermath, Chris Burns, Joe Klunk and MORE!!!!

The mansion was packed with Chris Burns, Joe Klunk, Jammin Jason, Big Ugly and Dirty Mike discussing all things wrestling. Hear their thoughts on Summerslam, Brock Lesnar's future, their Mayweather and McGregor predictions, and news about Jon "Bones" Jones. This is a must listen podcast from a round table discussion. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:42:26


Dirty Mike and Big Ugly sit down with wrestling veteran and former EWA Wrestler, Booker, and Film Producer Brian Gamble AKA Desert Storm! In this special edition the squad covers Brian's rise in indie wrestling, how he became Booker of EWA and his storied wrestling career. Brian talks about his plans for EWA before his departure, and why it was the right time for him to go. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 02:48:52

Summerslam, State of Wrestling, Colin Kaepernick, UFC and MORE!!!!

Dirty Mike, Big Ugly, and Jammin Jason break down everything sports in this packed edition of DUW Podcast. The squad cover wwe's upcoming Summerslam lineup, the controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick and if he should get signed, Jon Jones win over DC, and the upcoming Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight. Dirty Mike also makes a big announcement you don't want to miss! All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 01:35:32

Vinnie Versace, State of Indy Wrestling, GBOF and MORE!!!!!

Dirty Mike, Big Ugly, and EWA's Vinne Versace weigh in by way of shoot interview on the state of indy wrestling, too much negativity, burning bridges, and HEAT. Later the crew talk Great Balls of Fire aftermath, all things WWE, and here Vinnie Versace's run in with a certain WWE Superstar. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 02:01:51

Midgets, Briefcases, Balls AND MORE!!!!!

Dirty Mike, Big Ugly, and Jammin Jason talk all things wrestling. The crew breaks down Indie Wrestling promotion EWA's Midget Mania, some Money in the Bank aftermath and thoughts on WWE's Great Balls of Fire. Dirty Mike tells some true WWE stories from his time with the company. All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 01:47:53

EWA's Derron J, Midget Mania, Extreme Rules Aftermath and MORE!!!!!

With Big Ugly absent Dirty Mike and Jammin Jason hold down the podcast. They talk Extreme Rules from the Royal Farms arena in Baltimore, MD, the upcoming EWA show Midget Mania, and an interview with EWA's own The Artist Derron J. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:18:42

The Show Mr. Jones, Jinder Mahal, State of Wrestling, and MORE!!!!

Dirty Mike and Big Ugly are joined by Keith Becraft to talk all things comedy and wrestling. The podcast gets an unexpected call as The Show Mr. Jones returns! He talks his absence from EWA Faith No More III, Supremacy, and a master plan. Later the trio break down the new WWE champ, who is stale, and best booking for the future. All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 01:49:33

EWA's Jesse O'Ryan, Is EWA in trouble, WWE Payback, Backlash and MORE!!!

In this packed edition of the DUW podcast, Dirty Mike, Jammin Jason, and Big Ugly discuss EWA's Faith No More III. Big Ugly probes Dirty Mike about the state of EWA and loss of major superstars. Jesse O'Ryan joins the podcast to talk his debut, big moments at Faith No More, and the future. The gang breaks down Payback, Backlash, and all thing current in WWE. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:54:31

EWA's #PatAnthony, HUGE EWA news, Wrestlemania aftermath, and MORE!!!!

Dirty Mike and Big Ugly send out a call to action for all listeners, and tackle the Wrestlemania aftermath. Then the DUW Podcast has an epic interview with #PatAnthony in which he drops HUGE EWA news, the future of Supremacy, and what is in store next for the EWA Champ. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:44:54

25th Episode, Wrestlemania, Aftermath, and MORE!!!!!

Dirty Mike, Big Ugly, and Jammin Jason discuss ALL things Wrestlemania. Hear their thoughts on the winners and losers, the Raw and Smackdown aftermath. The trio discuss the future of the Hardys, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and the Brand Shake Up. All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 02:04:07

EWA Superstar Tj Sykes Bonus Episode!!!!!

EWA Superstar Tj Sykes drops by the mansion to talk the beatdown he received from Supremacy, where is at mentally, and what the future may hold for him in EWA. Dirty Mike and Tj discuss their history, the retirement of Desert Storm. find out why Tj gets emotional. All this and MORE!!!!

Duration: 00:55:59

EWA's Violet, Women's wrestling, WWE's Elimination Chamber, and MORE!!!

Dirty Mike and Big Ugly sit down with EWA's Violet, and her role as #PatAnthony's Social Media Ambassador. Hear her take on Rage in the Cage, Supremacy, and women's wrestling. Then Dirty Mike and Big Ugly breakdown the Elmination Chamber. All this and MORE!!!!!

Duration: 01:41:20

EWA Superstar Tj Sykes, Rage in the Cage, Desert Storm and MORE!!!

Dirty Mike aka Mikey D sits down with former EWA Champion The Prince of Popstyle Tj Sykes to discuss the upcoming cage match he has with Desert Storm. Tj Sykes talks about his storied rivalry with Desert Storm, The Supremacy, and more. Later Dirty Mike and Big Ugly breakdown the interview. All this and MORE!!!

Duration: 01:46:34

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