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An in depth discussion by fans, for fans.

An in depth discussion by fans, for fans.
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An in depth discussion by fans, for fans.




Episode 041: Klank featuring an In Depth Interview with Klank Diolosa - Discography Discussion

Industrial December 2017 continues as we discuss Klank! We don’t just discuss Klank on this episode of Discography Discussion, but we discuss Klank…. With Klank…. Diolosa of the band Klank! It’s about to get real as we talk about music making in 2017, as well as the landmark stamp made by Still Suffering on music, and industrial. Klank talks about how suicide is still a relevant topic to write about, and about making an impact, especially on young fans. All this, and more on this episode of...

Duration: 02:09:33

Episode 040: Sybreed - Discography Discussion

We begin Industrial December 2017 with Sybreed, a band that may have been years ahead of the times with it’s style, and approach to metal. There may be nothing new when it comes to industrial music in the early to mid 2000s, but I think we can find the twelve megatons of gravity in the machine gun messiah. This is Industrial December on Discography Discussion, and we’re celebrating the best of industrial music, and metal. #discussmetal #Sybreed Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on...

Duration: 00:56:40

Episode 039: Living Sacrifice featuring Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy - Discography Discussion

It’s a full house for this episode of Discography Discussion, and the discussion is not for the faint of heart. Dan, Joe, Geoff, and Buddy become very vocal about everybody’s favorite death metal band, Living Sacrifice. Also, we had some time to talk to Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy on a cold, late night. Jason, formerly of Becoming The Archetype, gave his own thoughts, and experiences with Living Sacrifice including a story of playing on stage with the band. Everyone is friends now,...

Duration: 01:55:25

Episode 038: Discussmetal vs. Roach Koach - Discography Discussion

Are you ready for the battle of opinions? Discussmetal, or Roach Koach… Who is doing music criticism proper? Well, I guess it’s just a matter of opinion, man. Listen to the hosts of both podcasts lay out how they developed their personal approaches to music criticism, and try to nail down if music criticism is even relevant in the age of music on demand. You might not be rushing to the record store, but you are listening to Discography Discussion. #discussmetal #RoachKoach #NuMetalCanon...

Duration: 01:40:40

Episode 037: Deadsy - Discography Discussion

The last story ever, and the key to gramercy park, it’s time for Discography Discussion to talk about Deadsy. Time to commence a journey into Phantasmagore, all the covers, and greatest hits that go into a perfect record. #discussmetal #Deadsy Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - Subscribe to RSS - Listen to Discography Discussion on iTunes -...

Duration: 00:40:38

Episode 036: Metallica Revisited with Jarrod Montague - Discography Discussion

If you had the chance to talk to Jarrod Montague, the former drummer of Taproot, curerntly of Westfall, and author extraordinaire, what would you say to him? We decided to talk about Metallica. And, by us, we mean him. Jarrod talks about his origins in heavy music, how he found Metallia, why Lars Ulrich is his favorite drummer, and how this all lead to “True Rockstars.” Plus, our hosts get the chance to catch up on everybody’s favorite metal band. Have opinions changed, stayed the same,...

Duration: 01:58:28

Episode 035: Vildhjarta - Discography Discussion

Join us as we discuss a band you’ve likely never heard of. This is what happens when you let Geoff pick the band. Listen as our hosts discuss the shortest discography they’ve seen so far, as well as reflect on the newest ‘The Contortionist’ album. #discussmetal Discography Discussion will be participating in a 24 hour gaming marathon in support of Extra Life | Play Games. Heal Kids.- If you haven’t heard it already, listen to our episode about ‘The...

Duration: 00:35:07

Episode 034: Poison The Well - Discography Discussion

Good evening, kiddies…. podcast host Melissa joins us for our discussion on Poison The Well. There is a definite ‘Loss of Silence’ when you decide to ‘Exist Underground.” After a thirty-six hour day, Dan takes the lead demonstrating his lyrical-memorization-prowess and analysis of strong metal, and hardcore. Keep your eyes on the stream, grab your double-hopped IPA, and listen to this episode of Discography Discussion. #discussmetal #GoodEveningKiddies #PoisonTheWell If you love “Tales...

Duration: 01:12:59

DAN DRIVES 004: “To the record store.”

Dan Drives to Luna Records in Indianapolis to buy some new vinyl and marvel at the wonders of the McDonald’s Moon Man. Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - Subscribe to RSS - Listen to Discography Discussion on iTunes - Discography Discussion on Google Play -

Duration: 00:08:43

Episode 033: Tourniquet with Vaughan Gregory of Grave Forsaken - Discography Discussion

Dan and Joe call out to Perth, Australia to chat with “The original podcast guest host” Vaughan Gregory of Grave Forsaken! This week’s discussion, the seminal Christian thrash metal band ‘Tourniquet!’ Who is the better vocalist Guy Ritter? Or Luke Easter? Did the band change after Gary Lenaire left? Is ‘Crawl to China’ too alt rock? Did the band successfully return to their thrash metal roots? Are animal rights songs too preachy, and is Ted Kirkpatrick absolutely amazing? To find out eat...

Duration: 02:35:35

Episode 032: Sepultura - Discography Discussion

It’s time for the Chaos metal. Did Sepultura die after Max left the band? Did “Roots” influence nu-metal as much as nu-metal influenced Roots? Does Derrick Green have a good singing voice? How fast can Geoff run when listening to Chaos AD? Find out in this episode as the guys journey through their Morbid Visions and try to deliver themselves from their Machine Messiah. #discussmetal #Sepultura #GeoffRunsLikeHell This weeks playlist can be found at the end of the show notes. Enjoy. Join...

Duration: 01:46:01

DAN DRIVES 003: “Cassettopia”

Dan talks about Cassettes for 13 minutes and apologizes for being drunk on the Dream Theater episode #discussmetal #dandrives Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - Subscribe to RSS - Listen to Discography Discussion on iTunes - Discography Discussion on Google Play - Listen on Stitcher -...

Duration: 00:18:07

Episode 031: Kyuss with Trey Suiter of Rifft - Discography Discussion

The time has come for Kyuss to be discussed. Only one podcast could bring this desert rock thunder to your ears, and Trey Suiter from Rifft is backing us up. Trey sheds light on everything that is great about Kyuss from the Wretched beginnings, all the way to the circus leaving town. Sky Valley brings the Blues for the Red Sun to this episode of Discography Discussion. Stoner rock incoming, fear the heavy, and the rants are strong with this one. #discussmetal #Rifft #Kyuss Find everything...

Duration: 01:17:54

Episode 030: Dream Theater Part One with Jon Drake of Talk Toomey Podcast - Discography Discussion

Coming in hot from their appearance on the Drunken Lullabies Podcast, Dan and Geoff summon Jon Drake from The Nerf Herder Council and Talk Toomey Podcast to discuss the only band that matters to you and me, ‘Dream Theater.’ At least that’s what would have happened if we hadn’t encountered our greatest foe, technical difficulties. There was an issue with the audio on this episode. Unfortunately, the discussion is not complete. However, we will be finishing the discussion with Jon Drake as...

Duration: 01:11:36

DAN DRIVES 002: “First World Problems”

Dan gives some insight as to what the next few “Discography Discussion” episodes will be, as well as his preparation process for each podcast. He then complains for awhile that he has too many hobbies and not enough time for them. Boo Hoo Dan. Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - Subscribe to RSS - Listen to Discography Discussion on iTunes -...

Duration: 00:23:10

Episode 029: The Chad Kent Interview with Chad Kent of Atomship - Discography Discussion

Atomship is back, and we’re talking to with Chad Kent. Okay, now that you’ve recovered from that statement as much as we have… He tells us all about label politics, honoring the memory of Nathan Slade, RIP, tilted drum kits, Stryper, Dan talks about how the drummer really can make the band, the songwriting skills of Derek Pardoe, the inspiration for great beats, playing drums for Ghost Embrace, Papercut Massacre, and Castle Bravo. what happened to Watership Down, and much, much...

Duration: 01:06:03

DAN DRIVES 001: “I am not a moron. (probably)”

Introducing “Dan Drives.” Dan just can’t stop talking. We told him to keep it to himself. Instead, he started recording it and made a mini podcast out of it. On this first drive home, Dan ponders about progressive metal, the Mars Volta episode, and ghost towns. #discussmetal #GhostTown Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - Subscribe to RSS -...

Duration: 00:15:04

Episode 028: The Mars Volta with Andrew Schwab of Project 86 - Discography Discussion

It’s time for Rock 101, and the presentation of Sir Schwab has begun. Our guest this week, Andrew Schwab, has brought ‘The Mars Volta’ to the table. Dan, Joe, Geoff, and Andrew talk about Rock music, art, creativity, take a few minutes on Truthless Heroes, and the importance of a producer when making great music. Can the widow, and goliath stop frances the mute? Find out right here on Discography Discussion presented by #discussmetal #TheMarsVolta #AndrewSchwab...

Duration: 01:06:49 Recap 2017 Rock N Pod Expo with Joshua Toomey from Talk Toomey Podcast - Discography Discussion

More recaps the 2017 Rock N Pod Expo from Nashville, TN. Joshua Toomey joins us to look back on the weekend, and celebrate this awesome expo. It was a great first year, and hopefully it is not the last. There were podcasters podcasting, vendors vending, and a screening of “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” Sidenote, they found DC-101 guy. Thank you everyone, we will see you in the future. Tune in for a new episode of Discography Discussion in a few days. #rocknpod #discussmetal Things...

Duration: 00:19:14

Episode 027: Swallow The Sun - Discography Discussion

“The Doomhammer” is bringing the doom metal on this episode of Discography Discussion. In celebration of the eclipse crossing over the United States, we decided to talk about a band that is far darker than an eclipse. Whether you be a dead girl in the woods, or a new moon after a blackbird, get ready for the soul crushing doom that is ‘Swallow the Sun,’ High Brew Coffee was consumed in mass. #discussmetal #SwallowTheSun #Doom Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon -...

Duration: 01:13:33

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