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Kristen Wile - Episode 26

Andy Smith talks to the new Editor of Charlotte magazine, Kristen Wile. Remember to get in on the discussion by tweeting @Charlottemag and using the hashtag #discussclt.

Duration: 00:32:11

Media Matters - Episode 25

In this episode of the #DiscussCLT podcast, we bring you the audio from this month's life #DiscussCLT event at Lenny Boy Brewing Company. The topic was Charlotte Media Matters, and a panel of media professionals from around the city weighed in on topics such as fake news, the evolution of media, and what the challenges of running a media out in 2017 are. The panel that you'll hear includes Helen Schwab of the Charlotte Observer, Glenn Burkins of Q City Metro, Ted Williams of Charlotte...

Duration: 01:28:43

Garry McFadden - Episode 24

As of the publishing of this episode of the #DiscussCLT podcast on August 11, 2017, there have been 57 murders in Charlotte since the beginning of the year. To put that in perspective, there were 67 murders in all of 2016, and that was a seven-year high. Clearly, this spike in violent crime has people around the city asking themselves what’s behind this trend. To help discuss this, we talked to 30-year CMPD homicide veteran Garry McFadden. In his time as a detective, McFadden has...

Duration: 00:48:05

Michael Graff - Episode 23

A lot of things have changed in the four years that Michael Graff has been the editor of Charlotte magazine. Since taking the position in April 2013, he’s overseen a transition among many key staff members, including a new publisher. Graff has also led the magazine through a redesign in August 2016, navigated the constantly changing media landscape, and guided the magazine to be a leader in the coverage of the Keith Lamont Scott protests, all while finding time to win a City and Regional...

Duration: 00:32:02

#DiscussCLT Live Event Recap - Episode 22

During the June 15, 2017 #DiscussCLT live event, the discussion was centered around the theme of a broken system leading to two very different Charlottes. The talk was focused and and sharp all night, but we bring you a short exchange from the Q&A session towards the end. Audience member Patrice Funderburk and panelists Toussaint Romain, Greg Collier and Lawana Mayfield speak about the 2011 Crossroad Charlotte Initiative, a sense of urgency in the conversation, and the frustrations of not...

Duration: 00:22:20

Soul Food Sessions - Episode 21

Long before Charlotte’s food scene was dominated by tapas, fusions and small plates, soul food was the culinary cornerstone. Soul food has a long and intricate history in the southeast, and it extends far beyond cornbread and collard greens. But what is soul food’s identity today? What about it’s history is often overlooked? And how does soul food stay true to it’s roots while evolving for the future? To discuss these questions, Charlotte magazine Food Editor Kristen Wile talks to Chefs...

Duration: 01:00:06

Adaptive Reuse and Camp North End - Episode 20

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Charlotte’s in a rush to demolish its historically significant and character-filled buildings to build shiny but soulless spaces. It’s a common refrain at this point, one that most Charlotteans can agree is probably true, but undesirable nonetheless. So what are some ways to preserve that culture in a way that honors the past but is also suitable for the present? What are the challenges and goals that need to be considered? And in what ways can...

Duration: 00:44:49

The African American Community and Craft Beer - Episode 19

It’s no secret that the explosive growth of the craft beer industry around Charlotte has created an entirely new economic force that has become one of the city’s major attractions. Breweries like Olde Mecklenburg, NoDa, Birdsong, Triple C and more have become not just places to create a product, but to also hang out, host community events and be somewhere that you can really feel like you’re a part of the fabric of Charlotte. However, one factor that is rarely considered when sipping a...

Duration: 00:43:00

Oliver Merino - Episode 18

With the explosive growth of the banking industry over the past 40 years in Charlotte, the city’s immigrant population has also increased sharply. Between 2000 and 2010, the immigrant population nearly doubled from 4.7 - 8.4 statewide, spurred by rapid real estate growth and the corresponding demand for jobs in construction and the service industry. However, Charlotte has not been immune to the increased enforcement from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, seen in recent...

Duration: 00:49:14

Matt McKenzie - Episode 17

The state of North Carolina has had a long and strange relationship with alcohol laws going back almost a hundred years. In 1908, North Carolina became the first state in the south to enact prohibition, a full twelve years before the 18th amendment made the entire United States dry. It also wasn’t until 1937 that the old north state joined the rest of the country in recognizing the 21st amendment, ending prohibition. More recently, local brewers couldn’t brew a beer with an ABV higher...

Duration: 00:45:30

Tom Gabbard - Episode 16

Arts in Charlotte have been a star crossed endeavor for many years. In a city that grows in an almost defiant manner, the arts have struggled to keep up with the voracious pace set by banking, commercial real estate and craft beers. However, that is in spite of the efforts of our guest today. Tom Gabbard is the President and CEO of Blumenthal Performing Arts, a position he’s held since 2003. In that time, the uptown-based group has thrived in providing national touring shows and...

Duration: 00:44:00

Greg Lacour - Episode 15

Both locally and nationally in 2017, the divide between political ideologies appears to be wider than ever. Different sides of the spectrum are clearly split, and it seems that compromise and understanding are the last things people try to work towards. One of the places that this divide is most apparent? The differences between urban and rural communities. In our next live #DiscussCLT event, we try to take steps towards a more mutual discourse. We bring in voices from all across the...

Duration: 00:42:39

Lara Americo and Joanne Spataro - Episode 14

March 23 marks one year since the infamous Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, more commonly known as HB2, was signed into North Carolina law. Since HB2 hit the books, North Carolina has suffered a number of setbacks ranging from the loss of NCAA and ACC Championships as well as the NBA All Star Game. Gone too are major conventions, more than $500 million dollars in lost revenues and thousands of jobs from the public withdraws of companies like PayPal, Red Ventures and Deustche...

Duration: 00:41:54

Chefs Joe Kindred and Paul Verica - Episode 13

Fresh off of our #discussCLT event on Charlotte's food scene, Andy Goh and guest host Kristen Wile talk to Chef Paul Verica of Heritage Food and Drink and Chef Joe Kindred of Kindred Restaurant. The two food scene veterans are semifinalists for the James Beard Foundation Awards. We discover more about this honor and the future of the food scene.

Duration: 01:21:18

Jodie Valade and Erin Maddrey revisit The Love Issue - Episode 12

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we use the 12th episode of the podcast to talk about love and dating in Charlotte. We speak with Erin Maddrey and Jodie Valade, two writers who tackled topics in Charlotte magazine's Love Issue. Find the episode on your iPhone’s Podcasts app, the Google Play store, and Stitcher. Or simply stream it from our embedded SoundCloud link below.

Duration: 00:52:25

Charlotte Music Scene - Episode 11

In the 11th episode of the podcast, we talk to Snug Harbor co-owner Jason Michel and CLTure's Cameron Lee about the present and the future of the Charlotte music scene. From venue closures to music festivals, this frank talk touches on several sides of what it means to be a local music-lover in 2017. (Warning: Adult Language.)

Duration: 00:44:23

Charlotte Chefs and Restauranteurs - Episode 10

In the first episode of 2017, we talk to Chef Nicholas Tarnate of Aix en Provence and restaurateur Frank Scibelli (Midwood Smokehouse, Yafo Kitchen) about starting a new restaurant in 2017, with all of today's challenges and advantages. Bonus: Scibelli reveals locations of future spots for his ventures, including another Yafo concept. Also, Senior editor Kristen Wile joins Andy Smith as a co-host this week. Check out the 25 Best New Restaurants list, with includes Aix and Yafo, here.

Duration: 00:30:32

Christmas in Charlotte - Episode 9

In this episode, we talk to Charlotteans like Children's Theatre of Charlotte's Allison Rhinehardt and Keith Cradle about their holiday traditions, along with our own. #DiscussCLT Podcast, powered by OrthoCarolina, is a production of Charlotte Magazine.

Duration: 00:28:05

Community Involvement - Episode 8

#DiscussCLT Podcasts hosts Andy Goh and Andy Smith sit down with Keith Cradle, adolescent program manager for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office and board member of organizations like Carolina Voices and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. We talk about how getting involved can be so much more than monetary donations. DiscussCLT is powered by OrthoCarolina.

Duration: 00:39:23

Objectivity in Journalism - Episode 7

Producer Andy Goh hosts today's episode, which tackles criticism in food, the arts, and beyond. He's joined by Andy Smith and Adam Rhew, associate editor at Charlotte magazine. DiscussCLT is powered by OrthoCarolina.

Duration: 00:29:29

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