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A new Disney podcast by three WDW obsessed former CP's who learn the facts they should already know about Walt Disney World.

A new Disney podcast by three WDW obsessed former CP's who learn the facts they should already know about Walt Disney World.
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A new Disney podcast by three WDW obsessed former CP's who learn the facts they should already know about Walt Disney World.




Episode 60: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (2017 Edition)

It's Merry, Not So Scary! or... It's Really Not So Scary! Choose your own lyrics, really! In this Episode...you guessed it...we are talking all about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party; MNSSHP if you're fancy :) This super fun ticketed event hap---WAIT A MINUTE---we already did that idea! Anyway, here is an update to our first MNSSHP Episode; an addendum, if you will. We also take a good look at the special offerings for the 2017 parties because we are headed to one next week. Also, stay...

Duration: 01:12:18

Episode 59: Hocus Pocus (1993)

After BEING FORCED to move to Salem, Mass. AGAINST HIS WILL, teenager Max Dennison (total lame-o) explores an abandoned house with his sister Dani (who is so much cooler than her brother) and their new friend, Allison (rich girl with nice YABBOS). After totally embarrassing himself by mocking a story Allison tells, Max, being the virgin and big dummy that he is, accidentally (on purpose) frees a coven of evil witches who used to live in the house. Now, with the help of a magical cat (Thack...

Duration: 01:02:53

Episode 58: Food, Wine, & Frozen: The Musical

We're back! A Podcast's Story. Join us for this sort of grab bag episode to hear Laura & Andrew's in-depth review of the Frozen Musical they were lucky enough to catch in Denver for its Broadway preview. We also talk about all the things we are excited to eat at Food & Wine this year as we go through the list of kiosks and menus with our trip coming up in just a few weeks. @disphilharpod @disneyphilharpodcast

Duration: 01:20:22

Episode 57: Queue's and Q's

This episode is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction...and yes...it calls for the Tower of Terror introduction because we mostly decided (spoiler alert!) one of our favorite queues on property is the Tower of Terror queue. In this episode we just talk queues, no big deal. The good, the bad, the germy, and the sweaty! Because this episode is brought to you by the letter 'Q', we also do a fun quiz game in which we put Laura and Andrew in a lightning round style of...

Duration: 00:58:15

Episode 56: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

How-to people! We've got backstage passes for you this episode and Sal-we're gonna need a bigger car. This episode is full of Aerosmith tunes, a look into the Mickey Monitor and this year's Food & Wine offerings, the obligatory sidetracks, "hot tips", and roundups bursting at the seams! So, put on those recording studio headphones, grab your black Les Paul, throw up a good shocker, and if traffic's bugging you--step on it!! Andrew has a new segment, guys! @disphilharpod @disneyphilharpodcast

Duration: 00:54:04

Episode 55: Bambi (1942)

Join us as we learn about the making of and the magic behind this true masterpiece, Bambi. This episode features one mid-level swear word, plenty of tangents, real weird side stories, and a roundup which goes OFF THE RAILS more than one time! Don't expect we got through an episode without mentioning The Shaggy Dog starring Tim Allen. Meet you guys at Blockbuster Video. @disneyphilharpodcast @disphilharpod

Duration: 01:05:27

Episode 54: Space Mountain

Welcome to Disney Philharpodcast. We’re now entering one of the real wonders of our world: Space Mountain. Blast off on a high-speed outer space adventure, and careen through the cosmos! There'll be movie quotes and songs, horror stories from working Epcot Strollers, we're talking: ALISON'S FAVORITE RIDE, and even more attempts to hand out individually wrapped Swedish Fish at the end of rides. Also: why doesn't Chips Ahoy already sponsor this attraction?? @disneyphilharpodcast...

Duration: 01:02:20

Episode 53: Show About Nothing Vol. 2

Well, not much to say here except: it's a show about nothing! We have a few news stories to discuss and about three roundups (most of which really go WAY off the rails). Basically, if you like Nic Cage, Swedish Fish, you pronounce Mario as "Marry-O", then we think you will really like this episode. Just imagine being dropped in the middle of a bizarre conversation between three weirdos--yes, so, just like any other episode. @disphilharpod @disneyphilharpodcast

Duration: 01:17:59

Episode 52: Enchanted Tiki Room

Ladies and Gentlemen, come with us to a world of joyous songs and wondrous miracles—Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Our siestas are getting are getting chorter and chorter. But not our episodes...those are getting longer and longer! Come join us for a Touch of Mark, even more attempts at 90's movie quotes, (it's kind of our thing, now) some luxurious plumage, a Grade A Beef with Under New Management and more tiki and bird puns than you might expect. During this episode, our ‘ohana...

Duration: 01:20:54

Episode 51: The Universe of Energy Pavilion

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Our names are Alison, Laura, and Andrew and on behalf of Exxon, Deepwater Horizon, Pete's O's, and Disney Philharpodcast, we would like to welcome you to the Universe of Energy. Our main show will begin approximately four days late because the airline lost Alison's luggage over the weekend. In this episode, we invite you to enjoy a unique discussion about the many facets of the Universe of Energy, which will be presented in an almost incoherent fashion...

Duration: 01:28:10

Episode 50: The 25th Anniversary Celebration

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, today we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Disney Philarpodcast. In honor of our past episodes, and in grateful appreciation to those of you who have listened to our show so many times, we proudly dedicate this, our 50th Anniversary Episode, to you as we discuss ALISON'S FAVORITE: The 25th Anniversary Celebration. Today, for the first time in our history, we sing one song nearly 1000 times and will spend a long time talking about the live action 101...

Duration: 01:21:08

Episode 49: Dumbo (1941)

Ladies and gentlemen! We will now present for your entertainment the most stupendous, magnificent, super-colossal spectacle! On this tiny, little, insignificant podcast, we will construct for you an episode about Alison's favorite Disney movie! Not of wood, not of stone, but of facts we should already know, of D23 announcements, of singing and It's Always Sunny jokes! A pyramid of ponderous, pulsating, pulchritudinous Disney-obsessed former cast members! I give you Disney Philharpodcast!...

Duration: 01:02:42

Episode 48: The Mexico Pavilion

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our Mexico Pavilion episode which includes all of Disney Philharpodcast's greatest hits: this is Alison's favorite pavilion in World Showcase, Mouth Sounds tries out some new homemade instruments, Laura sings, and naturally, we learn a whole lot of things we should already know. * Please excuse our poor pronunciation of any and all Spanish words--despite the fact there are close to 30 years of Spanish classes between us! @disneyphilharpodcast @disphilharpod

Duration: 01:22:25

Episode 47: SpectroMagic!

Welcome to the splendor, the spectacle, the sparkling sensation, the completely insane, Disney Philharpodcast, where the comedy and thrill of Disney fantasies come to electric life featuring Steve Winwood, Pete's couture line of overalls (O's), misheard lyrics, nitrous oxide, and don't forget Mouth Sounds. And now, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents, in a million points of musical light, the magic worlds of Disney...in SpectroMagic! (Please read all of this in the distinguished, soulful...

Duration: 01:08:22

Episode 46: Backlot Tour

Step through the gate of the Disney-MGM Philharpodcast Studios and enter a working movie and podcast Production Center. Your stay will include an in-depth look at live action movies and television, a lengthy discussion on the career choices of Gary Sinise & Tom Hanks, a poppin' off rendition of songs from the full length animated feature, Anastasia, and a unique opportunity to visit Disney animators working on their newest featurettes just before they inject all of them into Epcot. Please...

Duration: 01:10:50

Episode 45: Rivers of Light

Of all the gleaming planets in our vast universe, it is only here on Earth that Laura and Andrew and Alison harmoniously unite to create Disney Philharpodcast. We most graciously welcome you to a timeless celebration of water and light and all of the other Captain Planet elements with roots as far reaching as water curtains are high! Here, where the forces of large barges meet in harmony, the spirits of the river horses and donkeys are free to pop 'n lock together in the night sky creating...

Duration: 01:22:46

Episode 44: Country Bear Jamboree

Howdy folks! Welcome to the one and only, original, Disney Philharpodcast — featuring a bit of super-fun facts, history of the classic attraction, requisite Beach Boys tribute, way too many Silence of the Lambs references, and an in-depth review of the 2002 feature film based on this attraction. And right now, I give you a sordid assortment of executioners of music and song. Mouth Sounds… Hit it boys! @disneyphilharpodcast @disphilharpod

Duration: 01:16:01

Episode 43: Pete

We turned one of Andrew's goofy mix-ups into a whole episode! So, on this show, we decided to dive real deep into the life of the oldest Disney character there is: Pete. Such a deep dive, in fact, we go all the way back to Atilla the Hun on this one. Follow the long history of a career criminal and the arch-nemesis of Mickey Mouse; the black cat, the peg-legged, slippery sneak, the con-man, the myth, the legend: Pete. @disphilharpod @disneyphilharpodcast

Duration: 01:14:31

Episode 42: Trip Snippets 2

Fresh off a trip to our homeland, we come bearing gifts! After braving the 95% humidity in a good ole fashioned tent at Fort Wilderness, tasting from EVERY kiosk and pavilion in the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, and attempting the near-impossible Flash Challenge of hitting every Magic Kingdom attraction in one day, you can imagine we have a lot to share! So please enjoy these audio clips along with our commentary and look out for tons of GoPro videos courtesy of Andrew and Laura who have...

Duration: 01:35:53

Episode 41: Show About Nothing

Not much to say about a show about nothing! What's the deal with airplane food? But this episode is not really about "nothing", its about Disney World! And its about current news and rumors and its about our upcoming trip! So much to say really...so come hang with us for an hour (and a half...sorry, we needed more time to talk about nothing). Enjoy! @disneyphilharpodcast @disphilharpod

Duration: 01:27:40

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