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EP 170: Why You Should Divorce In 2018 - and Don't Delay until 2019

This episode will explain why most of you will want to finalize your divorce in 2018, if possible. After 2018, divorce will be even more complicated than it already is. You probably already want an efficient divorce process, but the recent changes to tax law will provide some additional incentive to move things along. The change in tax law primarily concerns spousal support. Taxes are not a fun topic, but they are critically important to understand so you can make the best decisions for...

Duration: 00:19:45

0169: How to Deal with Divorce in 2018 (and an update on the BIG CHANGE to Alimony)

With the start of 2018, there is a lot you should be doing to prepare for divorce. This is a great introductory episode for you to listen to! Learn more about all of the great Divorce and Your Money resources at

Duration: 00:15:03

0168: Post-Divorce Checklist, Part 2

In the previous episode, we discussed the initial things you should do when you get your divorce settlement. You will need to study your settlement in-depth and create a calendar of all the dates and deadlines that will be coming. It will be important to stay on top of everything, even as your divorce is wrapping up, because there are a lot of small things to handle. It’s not quite time to rest yet. Listen to the previous episode for more details. This episode will be about setting up...

Duration: 00:13:35

0167: Post-Divorce Checklist, Part 1

Right now, a lot of divorce cases are rushing to a close. Most people want to finalize their divorce before December 31. The year that you are officially divorced is the first year you file taxes on your own. However, just because your divorce is wrapping up, it does not mean that the process is over. In this episode and the next, we will cover what to do after your divorce is over. Your post-divorce tasks fall into two categories. You need to ensure you receive everything you agreed to...

Duration: 00:13:52

0166: 5 Types of Attorneys to Avoid (If You Can!)

In this episode, we’ll discuss different types of divorce attorneys. Divorce financial analysts often work with a wide range of attorneys. They all have different styles. Many attorneys are excellent. In some cases, you may encounter an attorney that is not so good. The goal of the divorce attorney or family law attorney is to have the best possible outcome in your divorce. What that outcome looks like will depend on your situation, but you want an attorney who will put you in the best...

Duration: 00:12:34

0165: What is a divorce hearing, and how is it different from a trial?

When you go to court, you may be going for a hearing or for a trial, and there are differences between the two. This episode will explain what happens in each situation. Going to court is almost never like what you see on television. In particular, the process of going to court is not as glamorous as it seems on television. When you go to court for a hearing, a judge will look at evidence and make a decision about a specific issue in the divorce. That evidence could be written...

Duration: 00:10:17

0164: Why You May Need a Vocational Expert in Your Case

This episode is about vocational experts in divorce cases. Vocational experts are only used occasionally, but they should probably be used more often. What is a vocational expert? Often during a marriage, one spouse was not employed. They may have lost their job or they may have decided to be a stay-at-home spouse. It does not necessarily mean that they were unable to work, however. A vocational expert will help answer the question, “How do you know how much income a spouse can earn if...

Duration: 00:09:58

0163: Electronic Evidence in Divorce: Everything You're Doing is Tracked

Electronic evidence may come into play in your divorce case. Electronic evidence can be from your computer, phone, text messages, apps, cameras, bank accounts, and so on. Everything you do these days has a record. You may need to look for evidence of your spouse doing something they shouldn’t, like getting a hotel room. It’s increasingly common for people to leave an electronic trail that can come back to hurt them later. Most people forget that everything they do is tracked, one way or...

Duration: 00:10:19

0162: 7 Tips When You Are Going to Court

In this episode, we’ll discuss tips for when you’re going to court for divorce, whether it’s for a hearing or for a trial. If you will be going in front of a judge for your divorce, you should be prepared. Try to avoid making some of the most common mistakes with these tips: 1) Real court is not like television. 2) Dress appropriately 3) Show up early, but expect to wait. 4) There are time limits. 5) Not everything you may want to cover is legally relevant. 6) Answer questions...

Duration: 00:09:28

0161: 5 Your Attorney MUST Be Doing - Or You Could Have Trouble in Your Case

In this episode, we’ll cover five things your attorney must be doing for you. If they are not doing these things, your case may be in trouble. We offer a course on managing your relationship with your attorney, because it is one of the most important aspects in your divorce. You should be concerned if your attorney is not doing any of these things: This is inexcusable. If you contact your divorce attorney and they do not reply within a day or two, it is a bad sign. You should be able to...

Duration: 00:11:31

0160: How to Stay Involved in Your Divorce Process by Doing Your Homework

In this episode, we will discuss your involvement in the divorce process. You can have any number of experts helping you – lawyers, accountants, certified divorce financial analysts, valuation experts, social security experts, and so on. However, at the end of the day, it is your life and your divorce, so it’s up to you to stay on top of this process. Here are some of the major areas for you to be working on: This is one of the first steps you will need to take in your divorce...

Duration: 00:12:05

0159: 4 Factors That Determine the Cost of Your Divorce

“How much is my divorce going to cost?” This is one of the biggest questions people wonder about when going through a divorce. In this episode, we’ll talk about four factors that will affect the cost, some of which are out of your control. You have control over your responses and decisions in the divorce process. If you are asked to complete a financial affidavit or if you are questioned in an interrogatory, you are responsible for answering truthfully. If you’re thinking about a...

Duration: 00:13:59

0158: Owning a Business with Your Spouse

This episode will cover the options you have if you own a business with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Under normal circumstances, businesses are very complicated. When you are getting divorced, it is even harder. Because this is such a complicated topic, this episode will not be able to go in-depth, but we will cover the options that you have for dealing with your business in a divorce: This is one of the most common options in the divorce world. One person retains ownership in the...

Duration: 00:11:44

0157: Dirty Tricks Your Spouse Can Use to Delay Your Divorce

In an ideal world, it would take a minimal amount of time to go through a divorce. Unfortunately, in the real world, divorce is a slow process. Courts are packed, attorneys are slow, and the process often takes a year or two. However, it is possible to drag it out even longer, particularly if your spouse uses delay tactics. It can make your divorce more expensive and puts you in a much worse financial position. If your spouse is out to punish you, they can do so by dragging out the...

Duration: 00:11:30

0156: 5 Easily Avoidable Divorce Mistakes You're Making Today

This episode will cover five easily-avoidable mistakes you may make during a divorce. A lot of people think they can do a divorce themselves. Even if you are savvy, and your spouse is reasonable, you should still consult a lawyer. You may be able to hammer out 95% of the details on your own, but you want to make sure that you aren’t missing any steps. It can save a lot of time and headache later on. This goes for both you and your spouse. You cannot guess on your personal statement...

Duration: 00:14:10

0155: The Key Basics of Child Support

This episode of the Divorce and Your Money Show is about child support. This one of the most essential issues of divorce when children are involved. We will answer some basic questions about child support in this episode. What is child support? It is a mandatory payment that occurs during divorce whenever there are minor children present (under the age of 18 or 21, depending upon your state). Child support lasts until the child is an adult. The only exceptions are some children with...

Duration: 00:16:37

0154: 4 Reasons Why You Should Give Up the House in Divorce

This episode of the Divorce and Your Money Show discusses the reasons to consider selling your house when getting divorced. Many people come into the divorce process with strong preferences on this issue because they have an emotional attachment to their house. This episode will help you consider all sides of the issue. It’s a good idea to think about the financial side, because your house is one of your biggest assets. Here are four reasons to consider not keeping the house. After...

Duration: 00:11:27

0153: When does Spousal Support Normally End?

When does spousal support end? Whether you are going to be paying or receiving it, it is important to know. Most of the time, spousal support will not last forever. State laws vary, but they are relatively consistent about what conditions cause spousal support to end. It should be written in your settlement agreement; if not, consider adding these conditions in. Here are the five cases where spousal support ends: 1) When the recipient of spousal support dies. If the person receiving...

Duration: 00:14:10

0152: 4 Reasons You Don't Want "The Most Aggressive" Attorney

To get over 40 hours of information organized into easy topics, visit our Store. There you will find the best divorce resource in the United States – all 150 episodes of the podcast, organized to make it easy to find the information you need. In this episode, we will discuss a common misconception. Sometimes, people will have an urge to punish their soon-to-be-ex-spouse in the divorce, so they look for the most aggressive attorney that they can find. Attorneys know that many people have...

Duration: 00:17:35

0151: What is a Capital Loss Carryover, and Why It Could Be a HUGE Asset

This episode discusses the concept of a capital loss carryover. You might not be familiar with this important term. If you have a capital loss carryover, it is a valuable asset that needs to be treated as such in your divorce. What is a capital loss carryover? You may be familiar with capital gains. A capital loss is exactly the opposite. When you make an investment in a house, a stock, or a bond, you expect to make money on it. However, all investments have risk, so sometimes, they...

Duration: 00:15:34

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