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533 Carlee Daub Knows That Coaching Is Not One Size Fits All

Carlee Daub has a bit of a competitive streak. No matter the activity, if she's going to do something she wants to do it as good as she possibly can. And that includes both her running and her coaching. But there is a point when too much competitiveness goes from being an asset to being a burden, so Carlee has had to learn when to push hard and when to dial things back a bit. Check out the full show notes for today's episode at


532 QT Coming Back from an Injury is a Delicate Process

While no runner wants to be injured, the odds say that most of us (if not all of us) will be injured at some point in our running careers. As such, it would probably be prudent to discuss the process (and it is a process!) of successfully coming back from an injury. While preventing an injury is always the best option, it isn't always possible. So if (when?) you find yourself injured, how do you keep your recovery on track and get back to running as quickly as possible? That is what we are...


531 Julia Chi Taylor Went Barefoot and Hasn't Looked Back

For Julia Chi Taylor, running has changed and evolved with her over the years. From her international career as an elite, to almost giving up on racing, to finding the itch to race again, Julia continues to embrace the different forms that running presents. Next on her list: running barefoot (yes, as in no shoes) north to south across Spain. Show notes and links to follow her adventure can be found at This episode is sponsored by Health IQ. Get a reduced rate on life...


530 Sam Gardner Used Her Traumatic Experience To Propel Herself Forward

It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. For Sam Gardner, running has been a common theme for some of the best, and worst, moments of her life. From being kidnapped and raped while on a run to winning a Rock and Roll marathon as a total surprise, the woman that Sam is today has been shaped, in large part, by the miles she has logged over the past 12+ years. Are you ready to take your running to the next level by working with a coach? Check out...


DRR 529 QT Race Day Experiments

How willing are you to try something new on race day? I know, common runner "wisdom" is to never do anything new in a race that you haven't done in training. But is that sound advice? Can you emulate everything about a race in training? I know I can't. And as such, I decided to run a few race day experiments in a recent half marathon. The results? Check out the meme (singular), race day photos, and other data points at Love the show? Check out the support page for...


528 Christian Griffith Is Making His Message Heard One Mile At A Time

Christian Griffith is no stranger to pushing himself to the limit. His next challenge? Running across the USA in an effort to raise $1 million dollars to support Help For Children. Christian was sexually abused as a child, and as a part of his journey across the country he will be hoping to help others heal from the abuse they suffered in the past. Check out the show notes for this episode at Love the show? Check out the support page for ways you can help keep the...


527 Kathy Vaughan Is Proof That Endurance Sports Don't End With A Diagnosis

Kathy Vaughan is definitely willing to push her limits. As the better half of Team Ultra Pedestrian, the idea of attempting to do something that no one else has ever done excites her. Her past adventures are, without doubt, epic in scope. But what's on tap for 2018 is downright ridiculous! Check out the full show notes for this episode at Love the show? Check out the support page for ways you can help keep the Diz Runs Radio going strong!


526: QT 2018 Goals Progress Report: Are You Still on Track?

One month into 2018, how are you doing with your goals for the year? On track? Given up? Somewhere in between? If you're crushing it, kudos to you. Keep it up! But if you're struggling, now is a great to to look back on the first month of year, identify where you are struggling, and take the steps to get back on track. Not sure how to do all that? I've got some suggestions for you. Notes, links, and some great GIFs/memes: Love the show? Check out the support page for...


Listener Q&A: January 2018

You ask, I answer. It really is that simple. This months' Q&A episode features Qs for me to A about training in the winter, advice for runners new and not-so-new, shoe talk, and the status of the book! Notes, GIFs, memes, and more at Love the show? Check out the support page for ways you can help keep the Diz Runs Radio going strong! Become a Patron of the Show! Visit to find out how. Get Your Diz Runs Radio Swag!...


524 Brad Kearns

How willing are you to change your long held beliefs? For years (decades?), endurance athletes have had two firm beliefs bordering on religious fervor: train hard to get faster and load up on carbs to fuel performance. Brad Kearns was at the forefront of busting these myths 20+ years ago, and there is more work to be done. Check out the full show notes for this episode at Interested in learning more about adopting the Primal Endurance philosophy? Check out...


523 Quick Tip: 5 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Hire a Running Coach

Would you believe a running coach that tells you that maybe you shouldn't work hire running coach right now? Because that's exactly what I'm saying. Point blank: I'm a good coach and I do everything I can to help my clients get the results they are striving for. But there are several times when a runner absolutely should NOT hire a coach. And I'm sharing 5 of them in today's quick tip episode. And not for nothing, but my memes and GIFs today are pretty damn good...


522 Ben Calabretta Wants Running To Be Attainable For The Masses

What do you love most about running? Is it the training? Racing? For Ben Calabretta, it's the community. And more specifically, it's about inspiring those around him. Especially those that think they can't run. Because Ben used to think that himself... Check out the full show notes for this episode at Today’s Episode is Sponsored By: Altra Find it what it’s like to fully Embrace the Space. Your feet, and your performance, will thank you.


521 Keith Shireman Merges His Athletic Training Background With The Mindset Of An Athlete

Keith Shireman is a fellow athletic trainer and endurance athlete (triathlon more so than running, but I'll forgive him!). Injury prevention is a key part of what athletic trainers do, and as such Keith shared some great suggestions for ways that we, as runners, can help keep our injury issues at bay. Check out the show notes at This episode is sponsored by Get expert reviews of running shoes free from any bias or favoritism at...


520 QT: Is It Worth It? Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 & RunLocker Premium Service

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Today I'm talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly as it pertains to the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 and the RunLocker Premium Membership service. Check out the blog post with photos, memes, and GIFs at Are you struggling with making progress toward your goals? Or struggling to ever set goals for your running? This might help. Love the show? Check out the support page for ways...


519 Ras Vaughan Lives a Life Unapologetically Full of Failure and Success

When you try to do something that no one else has done before, there is a very real chance that you will fail. For many people, the risk of failure is enough to put them off. For Ras Vaughan, the risk of failure is par for the course. Today I'm talking with Ras again about his latest adventures, which didn't exactly go according to plan. Schedule a one-off coaching/consultation call at Love the show? Check out the support page for ways...


518 Ian Morgan Has Traveled Across the World in Pursuit of Adventure

Only days after nearly dying during a marathon, Ian Morgan was back to running again. (Against doctor's orders, obvi, so don't try this at home kids!) Ian has gone from almost losing his life to falling head over heels in love, all thanks to our wonderful sport of running. Check out the full show notes for this episode at Love the show? Check out the support page for ways you can help keep the Diz Runs Radio going strong! Become a Patron of...


517 QT: Discipline is the Key to Your Improvement (in Anything)

How disciplined are you when it comes to your running? I used to think that discipline was the least of my concerns, until I really stopped to think about it. And after some reflection, I accepted the fact that I need more discipline in my life. What about you? Blog post, memes, GIFs, and links at Love the show? Check out the support page for ways you can help keep the Diz Runs Radio going strong! Become a Patron of the Show! Visit...


516 Deb Meeks Is the Ultimate Crew Mom for Ultra Runners

Ask any long distance ultra runner, and they will tell you that a good crew is invaluable. Talk to anyone that has had Deb Meeks crew for them, and they will tell you that she is the best "crew mom" ever! Today we are talking about some of the nitty gritty details of running/racing long distances and how to best support those that are crazy enough to tackle those insane distances! Check out the full show notes for this episode at This episode is sponsored by...


515 Sarah Shupp Is the Every Day Runners Biggest Ambassador

Sarah Shupp got into running as a way to help her lose some weight. Once she started dating (and eventually marrying) a runner, it was only a matter of time before she went all in on the sport. Done and done. Check out the full show notes at This episode of the show is sponsored by Altra. Check out to see the latest models of shoes and apparel.


514 QT: Too Cold to Run? Stay In and Make Some Real Progress

How are you handling the polar cyclone? Being brave and running outside anyway? Heading to the treadmill? Wrapping yourself in a blanket and refusing to get out of bed until the weather breaks? if you can tolerate the treadmill, more power to you. But if not, what can you do to keep yourself moving in the direction of your goals even when you can't run for several days in a row? Check out today's blogpost, which includes the best meme I've ever seen, at Love the...


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