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The Doc G Show, November 15th 2017

This week the Doc invites comedian Jake Adams to the show to talk about his upcoming shows, his work on the Todd Glass podcast and his experience in golf college. Also fantastic new music from Big Thunder and the Rumble Fish, Mike Freund Band and Braek Haven!! Listen now.

Duration: 01:07:53

The Doc G Show, November 1st 2017

The November 1st show's got a little of everything. And by everything we mean NBA analyst Claude Lathan and then very special guest Luke Mitchell, lead singer of The High Divers! Other than that Dave "Burly man" Berlin gains the title of the most interesting man in the world and the Doc goes crazy because of smoke alarms. Listen Now!!!

Duration: 01:03:09

The Doc G Show, October 25th, 2017

Get ready. We don't think your ready. Are you ready now? Because this week on the Doc G Show, the Doc welcomes G-Love from G-Love and the Special Sauce! They talk about everything from the Rhythm and Blues Cruise, to the Sixers, to Trek bikes, to eating normal food with Andrew Zimmern in his house...Bizarre. Listen Now!

Duration: 01:08:53

The Doc G Show, October 18th 2017

This week on the show comedian Mike Charette joins the Doc. Mike's makin' bold predictions about the Orlando Magic...they're going to the finals...he said it...not us. It's the best damn show on the radio! Also we've got music from Chilly Chills and The Dead South!

Duration: 01:08:43

The Doc G Show, October 11th 2017

Justin's back in the saddle as he and the Doc ride headlong into This weeks show has a fantastic interview with lead singer of The Dead South, Nate Hilt. Don't miss fantastic music from The Dead South.

Duration: 01:07:53

The Doc G Show, October 4th 2017

None other than Dave "Burly-man" Berlin has taken reign of the co-hosting duties for the week. As per usual, entertainment followed Dave into the studio. Also listen in for Strong Water's world radio premier of their new song! Listen now

Duration: 01:01:34

The Doc G Show, September 27th 2017

Well....the Doc sums up this particular episode like this; Shoutout to Chad Kroeger, Walk slow with a big heart, don't feed your dog illegal street drugs, cousin lovin' is from New York, and shoutout to anyone celebrating their Scottie Pippen birthday...Since that tells you absolutely nothing about the show you should probably listen to found out what else they talked about!

Duration: 01:06:33

The Doc G Show, September 20th 2017

Join Justin and the Doc on their quest to destroy the WhiteChapel Fatberg! And while they're doing that enjoy interview with Cereus Bright's Tyler Anthony! It's all on the Doc G Show, and by all we mean those last two things we mentioned. Listen Now!

Duration: 01:12:18

The Doc G Show, September 13th 2017

The Doc wasn't blow away by Hurricane Irma! Not only that but he had Traver's Brothership stop by the studio. Join the Doc as he talks to Eric, Kyle, Josh and Ian about their touring, music, fans and experiences! Listen Now!

Duration: 01:07:53

The Doc G Show September 6th 2017

Sports Journalist Terrence Singleton comes on the show to tell the listeners what's going to happen this football season!! And generally, the Doc and Justin act like idiots. So, par for the course. Listen Now!

Duration: 01:05:54

The Doc G Show, August 30th 2017

The Doc is pullin' out all the stops on this show, with the radio-threesome (i.e., Dave, Justin and the Doc) back again. The guest of honor is Ahmed Bharoocha! The Doc and Ahmed discuss his comedy album, his Rolling Stone fame and his role on Dream Corp LLC. Also fantastic music from the Vandoliers and Cereus Bright. Aaaaand a fantastic preseason NBA discussion with NBA analyst Claude Lathan! Listen Now!

Duration: 01:09:53

The Doc G Show, August 23rd, 2017

I hope you're ready to rock and soul. If not you better get ready. Cause the Dead 27's are on the Doc G Show. Wallace Mullinax from the Dead 27's talks to the Doc about their current album, upcoming shows, vinyls, and roadtrippin' with the dead. Of course Hype City aka Justin is back and better than ever. Listen Now!

Duration: 01:07:53

The Doc G Show August 16th 2017

The Doc is on this week in a radio threesome. That's right, the Doc, Justin "Hype City" Evangelista and Dave "Burly man" Berlin saturate the airwaves with random crap they talk about. On this show the threesome talks about overflowing toilets in airports, Madonna, the NBA, and woolly mammoth tusks. Sounds about right. Listen Now!

Duration: 01:03:54

The Doc G Show, August 9th 2017

This week on the Doc G Show, the Doc invites Dave Berlin to be guest host. The Doc talks to comedian Kareem "Plug" Chapman about life, water slides and soul that order. Listen NOW!!

Duration: 01:07:45

The Doc G Show, August 2nd 2017

Switch your phone off of taco mode, and put it on Doc G mode...make sure the sexy sounds are turned on high. Justin and the Doc are starting off August right with great music from the Helmsmen and Chilly Chills. The Doc also talks to comedian Alan Massenburg! Listen Now!

Duration: 01:08:28

The Doc G Show, July 26th 2017

If you haven't been listening to the Doc G Show...that was dumb. BUT, we have good news, the 7/26 show is an awesome show to start listening. Rick Monroe stops in and we play some of his great tunes. Listen now!

Duration: 01:06:12

The Doc G Show, July 19th 2017

The Doc invites Mario Tory to the show and the two talk about Mario's career, eating habits, not being able to work at publix, trying to avoid diabetes from sweet potato casserole and much much more. Also music from the Vandoliers and Hans Wenzel. Plus Justin' is on the look out for some hatha jodi. Listen Now!

Duration: 01:07:13

The Doc G Show, July 12th, 2017

The Doc and Justin put on a great week after the 4th of July special. All the classic segments with special guest Greg Brennan of Strong Water! It's such a great show it could be TOO influential on your brain. So don't operate heavy machinery while listening to the know what we don't have enough listeners to take that chance, so you can operate heavy machinery just don't tell anyone you did...Listen Now!

Duration: 01:07:23

The Doc G Show July 5th, 2017

This could be the best episode of the Doc G Show yet...Chilly Chills joins the Doc for an interview this week! And Terrence Singleton is back talking sports. And of course the Doc talks about the Charles Bridge in Prague for like 5 minutes for no apparent reason. Like we said

Duration: 01:05:26

The Doc G Show, June 28th 2017

The Doc and Justin are back just being two nogoodniks talking shenanigans (It's from an earlier show look into it). The show is full of classic segments and special guests Digigost and Terrence Singleton! Digigost talks about his music and his upcoming show opening for Kilo Ali on July 20th. Listen now!

Duration: 01:05:24

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