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Episode 86: Special Guest Cindy Whitmer on Therapy, Coaching and Pain

We have a LFK* local on today's episode! Cindy Whitmer is an Executive Coach and Speaker who brings an interesting twist to her coaching practice...she was formerly a therapist! She melds the two together to create a powerful program for her clients and we have the luck to have her here in good 'ol Lawrence, KS! (*For those who are wondering what the heck this is a loving nickname of our town, Lawrence Fucking Kansas.) "If it makes you hysterical, its your history." ~Cindy...

Duration: 00:34:25

Special Episode: New Year's Revolution

Happy New Year! We hope each of you had a fantastic holiday season. New Year is always an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and plan for the upcoming year. Many use the new year to jump start their goals or "resolutions." That isn't how we operate... Yes-it is a great time to check in, plan, manifest, etc. But EVERY day is a great time to get started. And every day offers a new chance to do your best. But with that said, we do have a couple of annual New Year traditions...

Duration: 00:15:34

Special Episode: Meditation and Writing Exercise Gift for Our Listeners

Happy Holidays! We are so incredibly grateful for each of you and we wanted to give you a special gift during this holiday season. Trust me, this exercise is a game changer! We apologize for the late delivery...but the holidays got the best of me and time was not my friend. I finally decided that if anyone would understand the need to put in some self care measures of sleep and focus on family it would be our listeners. Thank you for your continued support of our podcast and for being...

Duration: 00:31:48

Episode 85: Coaching on Shame and Blame

The shame and blame spirals can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you are dedicated to the work. When things seem to be shitty it is easy to start beating yourself up that you aren't doing it "right" and then blaming yourself or others for your struggles. In this episode Becca is needing some coaching around shame and then it turns out Jay needed to get some stuff off his chest as well. Join us this week in the private Facebook group to talk shame and blame. What are some of your...

Duration: 00:35:28

Episode 84: Part 2 of Coaching Call with Nicole Piar

Part two of our coaching session with Nicole Piar today! One of the reasons we love these calls so much is the moment you can hear the "Ah Ha" moment happen. You can almost physically feel it through the airwaves. And Nicole had several! I truly love her ability to laugh out loud at the things she has put herself through while living in her own story of being an outsider. A little more background on Nicole with her bio-- Nicole Piar is the author and illustrator of the Spirit Cats Oracle...

Duration: 00:31:47

Episode 83: Coaching Call with Nicole Piar on Outsider Syndrome and Authenticity

You guys all know how much we LOVE listener coaching calls--and today's is amazing as always. Nicole Piar is a spitfire of energy and a creator of incredible art. Her work blew me away when I first checked it out months ago on a whim when she joined our Facebook group. When she contacted us for a coaching session I couldn't get her on fast enough! Today we are talking about "outsider syndrome" and authenticity. We have discussed imposter syndrome frequently on the podcast but outsider...

Duration: 00:31:52

Episode 82: Special Guest Shana Ekedal on Frequency Coaching

We are thrilled to introduce you to Shana Ekedal--she is completely a soul connection sister! Her work is fascinating and directly relates to Jay's message. Plus she is funny, super intelligent and a beautiful soul inside and out. On today's episode we are talking Frequency and specifically how changing your frequency will change your life. Shana is a Frequency Coach and works with her clients to create HUGE shifts. For this week's topic in our private Facebook group we will be talking...

Duration: 00:31:02

Special Episode: Thanksgiving Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! We love that there is a holiday specifically for showing gratitude. So we are offering a Special Episode to give our thanks to YOU our listeners. We are so grateful for you and the work that you are doing. You are raising the vibration of the world and we are simply amazed. What really is a gratitude practice? Sometimes it can be hard to just get grateful when things feel pretty shitty. Let us help you get started or ramp up your gratitude! Thank you for listening! We...

Duration: 00:25:24

Episode 81: Coaching on It is Just a Thought

Sometimes it is important to go back to the basics. As we have been talking about recently, when life is tough the basics will get you through. One of those basic mantras is "it is just a thought." Just a thought. Whatever you are thinking? Just a thought. My boss hates me. Just a thought. I'm broke. Just a thought. I am going to have a crappy day. Just a thought. And the good news? YOU are in charge of your thoughts. What have you been thinking about lately? We would love for you to...

Duration: 00:33:07

Episode 80: Special Guest Kit Cassingham on ADD and The Work

With ADD and ADHD, you either love someone with it, work with someone with it or have it yourself. Doing the work is tough enough, so how do you manage when you are also dealing with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD? Today's episode features someone who can help you with just that situation! Kit Cassingham is a High Performance Coach who specializes in people with ADD/ADHD. As someone with ADD, Kit truly gets it and can help with the journey of transformation using special techniques and...

Duration: 00:31:56

Episode 79: Coaching on Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

We typically record a few weeks out from when each episode launches but after recording this episode last Friday I knew that we had to push it forward and get it out to our listeners! This is one of those episodes that I get chills thinking about. For one, I know so many people who are feeling this way at this very moment. For another, I recognize how blessed we all are that Jay has given us access to this work and the language around it. We have all had times in our lives where we just...

Duration: 00:31:12

Episode 78: Coaching on Byron Katie and "The Work"

Today we started the episode discussing Byron Katie and "The Work." And while we do spend some time there and eventually end up there...we took a wild ride in the middle! These are my favorite types of episodes. When Jay and I just get going with each other and we deep dive into so many different areas. I always walk away filled with knowledge, the desire to learn more and knowing that I have the ability to create my own story. If you haven't heard of Byron Katie and "The Work" please...

Duration: 00:34:17

Episode 77: Coaching on the #MeToo Movement

Watching as the Me Too posts hit my Facebook feed in a rapid pace the other day was incredible. It was amazing and horrific at the same time. Seeing women come together in this simple bond of sisterhood to announce that they too had experienced sexual harassment and/or assault was powerful...and triggering. So...we've said it out loud. Now what? How do we take action? How do we regain our personal power? In today's episode we explore the #MeToo Movement. And thank you to everyone who...

Duration: 00:32:57

Episode 76: Special Guest Ani Anderson on Body/Mind Connection

I know I keep saying it...but you are going to love today's special guest, Ani Anderson. She is such an incredible creator and her story is so interesting. Her work with her husband, Brian, focuses on the body/mind connection. Throughout the interview I had so many WOW moments that I basically didn't event speak. I just had to process all of the information and try not to scream YES YES YES!!! "When the relationship problem isn't tackled eventually it becomes manifest in the body in some...

Duration: 00:35:46

Episode 75: Coaching on Emotional Labor

The topic of Emotional Labor has been written about and discussed a lot in recent months. Of course it isn't anything NEW, we just now have a name for it! Pretty much every female friend I have had as an adult has vented about the frustrations, burnout, even anger of the behind the scenes mental and emotional labor they have within their relationships. It is the constantly rotating list of "to do's", the names of the kid's teachers, knowing which kid will throw up if served peas, the dates...

Duration: 00:41:57

Episode 74: Coaching on Staying True to YOU!

I have been really struggling lately with the idea that as a "transformed" person, I can no longer embrace some of my weirdo things that make me, well, me. I know it is the perfectionist in me combined with the desire to stomp out anything that could be perceived as negative. But who gets to choose that it is negative? Is my emotional nature really a bad thing? Or can I lean into what that offers me and the world? It makes me a more empathetic person. It allows me to express myself. And I...

Duration: 00:33:17

Episode 73: Special Guest Liis Windischmann on Healing

Our interview on today's episode is a little mind blowing. We are introducing you to Liis Windischmann, a woman who literally transformed and healed herself from several debilitating autoimmune disorders. Her story is one that I have played over and over again in my mind and I continue to find nuggets of inspiration from it. Liis has gone from a highly sought after model, style expert, inspirational lecturer and media commentator on fashion diversity, media literacy, body image and...

Duration: 00:31:22

Episode 72: Coaching on the Body and Mind Connection

We have touched on the importance of the body and mind connection throughout episodes but this week we are really diving into the topic. Jay has always wished he had added more to Lean Inside about the importance of body work so we felt like it was a good time to discuss exactly what we are talking about. The body reflects what is going on in the mind. A sore knee can be much more than a sprain. Headaches, weight gain or loss, stomach issues...all of these things can be part of your...

Duration: 00:33:19

Episode 71-Shelli Varela - 91217 4.02 PM

You are about to fall in love with an amazing woman on today's episode. Shelli Varela literally kicks ass. She is a firefighter, life coach, speaker, podcaster and all around powerful creator and we are so happy to introduce you to her. "You are either winning or learning." ~Shelli Varela A little more background on Shelli with her bio-- "Shelli Varela is the creator of the inspiring, innovative system that helps confused, uncertain or otherwise hesitant women go guns-a-blazin’ towards...

Duration: 00:33:18

Episode 69: Coaching on the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines

This week we are back into coaching sessions with Jay and Becca and using Jay's book, Lean Inside, to help guide our discussion. Jay says a little prayer, flips through the book and lands on the "right" page for our listeners...and this week was no exception! We are talking about the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines. This book. This woman! If you haven't read it is time. One of the "laws" discussed in the book is something we talk about a...

Duration: 00:32:14

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