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Eve and Cath throw laughter at the crapness of life

Eve and Cath throw laughter at the crapness of life
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Eve and Cath throw laughter at the crapness of life





Do you think you're secretly a chicken? Eve and Cath enter the world of furries and the Annual Furry Convention, a place where you can dress up as any animal you choose. But if you think they're weird, how about the artists who want to celebrate the Earth by...erm...shagging it? Or the vegans who want vegan underwear. *Edible* vegan underwear? This show is all about the unconventional. And their underwear.


Punched Lasagne

Has anyone NOT slept with Colin Farrell? Kerry Katona claims he propositioned her but she turned him down which makes Eve and Cath very suspicious. We move from discussing the truth of this claim to an Australian comedian who is ripping the piss out of Instagram stars by trying to replicate their improbable yoga poses (and failing). That's the last time we try and brush our teeth with our feet. And lastly, we talk about the woman who says tantric sex left her vagina looking like a punched...


The Spermaholic

How would you react to infidelity? Eve and Cath discuss a woman whose husband's penis would probably win a prize for 'Most Unfaithful' but has never breathed a word to him about it. We move on to the sad case of the woman addicted to sperm (this one may not be true, but what the hell, it's funny) and finally return to that old fave, vaginal detoxing. PLEASE STOP TRYING TO GET US TO FUMIGATE OUR FANNIES! PLEASE!!


Did You Have Sex At The Office Christmas Party

Jingle Merry Bells to all you Hellions out there!! Eve and Cath talk about that most dangerous of traditions, the office Xmas bash, where new research reveals that illicit shagging goes on MUCH more often than we realized. We then discuss a new twist on the fitbit - a gift for the penis who has everything - and wind up with the sad story of Joe, the Tesco delivery driver who decided to celebrate his love for one of his customers by inviting her to suck his %^&. 2015 has been a great year...


Vaginas Behaving Badly

This show is all about...well the clue is in the title. From the angry feminist who decided to use her yeast infection as a sour dough starter, to what happens when you send men muff pics on dating sites, to the women who sleep with ghosts, Eve and Cath consider the strange and terrible things that happen when lady parts refuse to play by the rules.


Goat Man

Eve and Cath chat about the man who decided to opt out of the human race and become...a goat! With mixed results. Also the town that has been infested with a chlamydia outbreak at an abstinence school. Which is hilarious! Also hipster Barbie has quit Instagram. We're utterly bereft. No, really we are.


Period Pains

Cath and Eve discover that the cost of having a period over a woman's mentruating lifetime is EIGHTEEN GRAND! What could we do with all that money? New car, our weight in chocolate, sexy bloke in period costume? And free bleeding...for or against? And we discuss the rolling coverage of the sexual assault trial involving bandages and a prosthetic penis. And whether a rabbit may be involved. What? Also stars aging gracefully like the Brits or melted waxwork surgery like the US. We discuss...


The Biggest Penis In The World

You know you really need to get a new hobby when you've injected so much silicone into your chap that you have to carry it around in a satchel! On the Podcast, we discuss the trials and tribulations of having a member SO huge that it has its own bag. Add to this Gwyneth and the Food Stamp debacle (what is she doing with all those limes?) and...why are babies such a let down? As ever join Cath and Eve as they laugh a little too loudly at themselves and everyone else. It's a riot!


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