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The Veil with Blake Healy

Book Link: Blake Healy, author to the book, "The Veil" joins us today to answer questions about seeing into the spiritual realm, and what lessons we can learn. Blake was born with a natural ability to visually see in the spirit, and has been practicing this skill for over 20 years. On the show, we cover the topic of the spiritual realm, angels and demons, the role of personal angels, spiritual effects on people, practical uses of this gift, and much more. Blake share...


How to Minister Self Deliverance - Michael W. Smith

MIchael W. Smith of and the Arizona Deliverance Center joins us today to discuss the topic of ministering deliverance and casting out demons from your own body. Michael has many years experience as a counselor and has ministered countless deliverance sessions. On this episode, Michael walks us through his system to minister deliverance for yourself when no one is available to help. This applies to physical, spiritual and mental needs, and has specific instructions...


Grace for Forgiveness of Sins

Have you committed a sin, and felt like your entire standing with God unraveled? Have you been dealing with junk in your life that seems to constantly hold you down? Did you feel you were past certain sinful activities, but years later, to have then reappear again? Ron Bertam, trainer at Inside Out Training and Equipping School, joins us today to talk about how applying grace in your life, can equip you to overcome the sin, and walk in your rightful forgiveness. Ron shares his personal...