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Political podcast for those who know nothing about politics.

Political podcast for those who know nothing about politics.
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Political podcast for those who know nothing about politics.






PTSB, Michael D and all what's going down in Ger-man-y?

This week we're talking vulture funds in Ireland and lament the absence of any talk of personal responsibility in the debate. From PTSB we go to Michael D who, despite promising not to before the 2011 election, now wants a SECOND term. Greedy boy. Who dares run against him? Noone it seems, except Gerard Craughwell. Who, you say? Exactly. We talk some Brexit where we try to parse through the hysteria around the Good Friday Agreement and finish with Germany where the far right AfD are now the...


Ross retorts, love for Leo and welfare Fingenuity

This week the somewhat eccentric Ross Barry Grainger gets a chance at redemption after his LBC dressing down...but first we talk Leo rising high, a basic income experiment in Finland and the M5S movement in Italy. Hit us up at


Fire and fury and bins

New Year, New DV... we're back with the DV outlook for 2018 with an eye to what's a brewing around The Med, the release of Fire & Fury and we tee up the rebuttal of Donkey Votes contributor Ross Barry Grainger following his Brexit ding-dong with LBC's James O'Brien. / @donkeyvotes


DV interviews Peter Hitchens about Leo, good Friday Agreement, Brexit and Kevin Myers

Donkey Voters, We are bank with a bang though and in today’s episode we interview Peter Hitchens, long-time Eurosceptic, Mail on Sunday columnist and brother of the late Christopher. Peter has generated controversy over his criticism of our beloved Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and ignited a subsequent twitter storm with Irish tweeps about the 1916 rising and German involvement therewith. More here:...


May Day, May Day... UK election backfire

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party took more seats than expected in the UK election last Thursday. DV discusses how did the polls get it wrong once more, the Tories DUP deal to avoid a hung parliament and what's next for Theresa and Jeremy. Introduction this week is by former Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.


Enda's the Enda that

It's the Enda an era as Kenny throws in the towel after over 40 years in government. On this episode, we discuss the process for the next leader, how the leadership will most likely pan out and James learns what kickball.


President Trump - Part 2 with UK Correspondent Ross Barry Grainger

PART 2 WITH ROSS BARRY GRAINGER Dear Donkey Voters, After an extended sabbatical, the election of Donald Trump has prompted our hasty return to the airwaves. To show how sorry we are we are bringing you a bumper two part episode featuring two of our favourite triple named contributors - Carol Ann Conlon and Ross Barry Grainger! We look at who voted according to the preliminary exit poll data and assess the keyboard warriors claims of a new wave of racism sweeping the U.S. We also discuss...


Sam Cam Nissan, tycoon TDs, work shy French and Venezuela

This week we open with old Etonian David Cameron's latest attempt to resemble the man on the street, we're talking inheritance tax, landlord TDs, out of hours emails in France and the total and utter demise of Venezuela. Send us caffein-free painkilling suggestions to Brian & Jimmy


The people's cheaters, Irish economy reaching ludicrous speed & when are we going to the polls?

Hello Donkey Votes folk, It appears Volkswagen are cheating so we discuss what this could mean for you and why it's bigger than the destruction of a much loved brand. The Irish economy is heating up nicely and so is the general election campaign - will it be November or February next year? Listen up to find out more. Brian & Jim


Cameron & his pig, the Greeks vote (some of them), banking inquiry ends

Not the greatest turn out to the Greek election but Syriza do the business, Cameron apparently was up to no good in college, the banking inquiry hearings come to an end and the European Commission to take a look at football transfer legislation. Hit us up at and tell your friends.


DV chats to Tom Lyons (Sunday Business Post) about Michael Fingers Fingleton

Following his appearance in front of the Banking Inquiry last week, this episode of Donkey Votes focuses on Michael 'Fingers' Fingleton. We interview the man who quite literally wrote the book on Fingers, Sunday Business Post Business Editor Tom Lyons. Tom is co-author of 'Fingers: The Man Who Brought Down Irish Nationwide And Cost Us €5.4bn' and you can read his column each week in The Sunday Business Post. Follow him on Twitter via @TomLyonsBiz. Comments, questions and the works to...


A UK opinion of the Irish, Galway's plush cinema, pay for Minister's advisors, Irish Water protest

There's a cap on pay for Ministerial advisors but a few members of the cabinet are getting around that. It wouldn't be an episode without a thought on Irish Water following the weekend's protests. We chat about the Irish film industry and Galway's new cinema and The Artist Taxi Driver plays us out with his take on the Irish. Get in touch. Peace Brian and James


Irish Water bend the rules, Jimmy visits Greece & where is Paul 'f@#k you Deputy Stag' Gogarty now?

Our summer break has come to an end and we're back in business. - This week we look at Greece as the very tired population heads to the polls for the 12th time in 3 years. - We talk about the increasingly desperate Labour party's social media campaign which should be popping up on your Facebook feed any day now. Speaking of increasingly desperate, we touch on the governments latest attempt to address the Irish water fiasco and we finish with a special treat from Paul "fuck you deputy...


Greece: what happened & what's next, raising min wage w/ Cormac Staunton ( TASC), Irish Water & more

We’ve come a long way baby… this week DV sum up what has gone down in Greece over the last few months and what lies ahead. We chat to Cormac Staunton again from think-tank and drivers for social change TASC about investing in public services ahead of cutting tax and raising the minimum wage. We get Jimmy’s thoughts on who’s next in line after Enda oh and of course, it wouldn’t be a DV show without a harrumph about Irish Water. Comments, queries, compliments, complaints to...


Donkey Votes Interviews Dan Ariely

His TED Talks have over 8 million views, he's published 3 best-sellers and is Professor of psychology and behavioural economics at Duke University. In this episode, Donkey Votes speak to Dan Ariely about behavioural economics, herd mentality and bubbles, empathy and lots more in between. For more on Dan: Visit Follow: Watch & Listen: As always, send us comments etc. to


Denis O'Brien explained, #MarRef, #CK15 & Daithi, Greece (again) and more!

Donkey Votes has never sounded so good! We've had a production overhaul with our man Arron Faye from Spitshine Studios, Smithfield adding some aural sparkle to the show. This week: • We explain why everyone's talking about Denis O'Brien and what he's done • Greece has another god-dam deadline... SURELY this is the last? • Wastes of Government Money returns • We give you the highlights of Daithi's best bits from Tonight with Vincent Brown during #CK15 • #MarRef • and more... You know the...


So what's the craic now following the UK election? UK special

The UK election produced such a surprise result that we needed some time to think about it. In this post-election special our UK correspondent Ross Barry Grainger has some controversial views on how: · David Cameron is not really a Conservative · David Cameron is the most pro-European Union Prime Minister the UK has ever had · The UK election system is fair and all this talk of proportionality is just “loser-talk” · What the result could mean for Northern Ireland …and more etc


Google is too popular, Greece's deadline, US election, Cheap creches & more

In this episode of Donkey Votes we learn more about: • Why Google is under investigation for being too popular • Another deadline for the Greeks who keep finding cold hard cash for the IMF • Politicians getting huge discounts on childcare • Candidates for the Republican nomination to become President of the United States of America with US correspondent Eoin O’Connor Send us any other comments, questions or input at or Find us on Facebook...


Fine Gael comeback? | TASC interview on pay inequality | No more money in Greece | Yemen showdown

In this episode of Donkey Votes we learn more about: • Fine Gael's improved approval rating and the good news about our economy • pay inequality in Ireland with Cormac Staunton, Policy Analyst with research ThinkTank TASC • the upcoming UK elections courtesy of Ross our UK correspondent • Greece's deadline on when they will run out of cold hard cash • tensions in Yemen • ...and more! Also, do you or somebody you know pay for child care? Well we have requested how much it costs to leave...


Irish Election Literature, Greece update, latest opinion polls, banking inquiry & more

• We chat to Alan Kinsella of Irish Election Literature ( who owns the largest collection of political literature in Ireland and learn about some of the quirky manifestos that have appeared over the last 30 year. • We give an update from Greece and how they are brokering a deal with the E.U. • We look at recent opinion polls which sees Sinn Féin holding on to the No. 1 spot. • An update from the banking inquiry. ...and much more. Send us your...


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