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The Don't Be a BS Marketer Podcast is all about living in a world free of bs marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the bs and invites a guest to discuss their Big Idea about messaging success. A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.

The Don't Be a BS Marketer Podcast is all about living in a world free of bs marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the bs and invites a guest to discuss their Big Idea about messaging success. A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.
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The Don't Be a BS Marketer Podcast is all about living in a world free of bs marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the bs and invites a guest to discuss their Big Idea about messaging success. A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.




229: Athletes in the Workplace

Image courtesy of James King Performance. March Madness is about buzzer beaters and bracket busters. However, the triumph and heartbreak of the March Madness tournament aren't just limited to college basketball players. Ask any current or former college athlete. They can tell you about the moments they were the team celebrating a big upset or the time where they were the star player. On the flip side, they can tell you about the times they were humbled. Listen to this week's March Madness...


228: Matthew Helfrich P2

Imagine being a 27 year old professional in finance during the 2008-2009 recession, staring eye-to-eye with your panicked clients delivering them bad news. For Matthew Helfrich, that was a reality. Only five years into his career, Matt found himself sitting across the table from clients delivering bad news and hiding behind numbers. He learned quickly that numbers and data didn't mean nearly as much as empathy and understanding to his clients. Matt began to listen and provide a more...


227: Matthew Helfrich P1

You can have data without information, but you can't have information without data. Despite having infinite data at our finger tips, we as marketers rarely use it to our advantage. Our target audiences don't want statistics, they want stories. Real stories. Matt Helfrich is Partner and President at Waldron Private Wealth. Over his 16 years at Waldron Private Wealth, Matt has worn many hats including Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Investment Officer. Matt found his home at Waldron...


226: John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck P2

How do you learn and grow? By getting your hands dirty and making mistakes. That’s how John Chamberlin established the persona for the YaJagoff brand. When he teased a blog post on Sandusky, a number of readers reacted with frustration. They let him know that they followed YaJagoff to get away from the heavy news and laugh at bad parking and funny headlines. John was smart enough to listen to his audience and shift gears. He wrote a new blog post and reached out personally to each follower...


225: John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck

Marketing hasn’t changed, but the medium has. Social media affords us the opportunity to reach a much wider audience, but you HAVE to flex your relationship-building muscles to make it work. John Chamberlin built the YaJagoff brand by accident. After losing a job as VP of Marketing, he turned his attention to mastering social media. Inspired by a Port Authority bus driver who refused to pull over and let traffic by, John started the YaJagoff blog to ‘call out the Jagoffs that make the rest...


224: Jane Werner P2

What sets The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh apart from other institutions around the country? An investment in talent rather than stuff. Since its expansion in 2004, the museum has grown exponentially, jumping from 86K to 150K visitors in a single year. Today, the museum hosts 305K onsite visitors annually in addition to the 50K people it serves through outreach and the remarkable 1M people who attend its traveling exhibits at other museums, children’s hospitals and libraries. The...


223: Jane Werner

‘We tend to put these subject matters into silos, when in fact, if we though across disciplines, I think that we’d be much more creative—and problem-solving.’ Jane Werner has always been fascinated with the connection between art and science, recognizing the way that both disciplines require a questioning of the way we understand the world, and this connection has become the common thread in Jane’s extraordinary path from art major and luggage salesperson to Executive Director of The...


222: Hey No BS’ers: Guest or No Guest?

Listen to Episode 222 as Dave seeks the audience's perspective of the No B******t Marketing Show! As a listener, what format of the show do you most enjoy? In this edition, we highlight the overall format and theme of the show. Guests like customer service expert and bestselling author, Shep Hyen or acclaimed hip hop cartoonist Ed Piskor bring our listeners unique value. On the other hand, when Dave does a deep dive on a Marketing or Leadership topic, listeners often say how they can apply...


221: Are You a Creative Leader or Free Loading Follower?

I’ll hear this one from people quite a bit: “Let’s meet. I want to pick your brain on some ideas about our Marketing and Messaging.” Or “We’re working on our sales messaging. Have any ideas?” This got me to thinking…where do you weigh in on the value of ideas? Well there are two camps...listen to this episode to find out more and see which one you fit in. The No BS Marketing Show brought to you by Larrimors Men’s and Women’s Designer Clothing. Free shipping. Free returns. Shop men's and...


Stupid $H!# People Say in Business Communications

Listen to Episode 220 as Dave shares some of the Stupid $H!# People Say in Business Communications! Whether the context of the communication be at a meeting, presentation, or email, we all can relate to some of the Stupid $H!t that has been said to us... If you have been told: With all due respect, or even, I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but..., than this episode will certainly be entertaining! Tune in as Dave covers four of the "Stupid" common phrases that we all experience in Business...


219: Understanding Your Customer Can Fuel Decision Making in More Ways than One

Listen as Dave explains the importance behind overcoming those "hangry" emotions.


218: George Hartnett PART 2

What is George Harnett’s secret weapon in filling an open leadership position? He talks to the employees who will be working under that supervisor, securing their feedback around the job description and explaining the other qualities he is looking for in a leader—decision-making ability, good judgment, and positive work habits. This valuable communication with front-line employees helps them appreciate that seniority or ‘breathing rights’ alone will not be the basis of his decisions....


217: George Hartnett

Ambiguity results in mediocrity. A big part of what makes George Hartnett a truly great leader is his ability to articulate his vision for an organization and communicate clearly with volunteer boards, front-line supervisors, and the staff as a whole. Early in my career, I had the pleasure of working with George to help turn around a healthcare system, and his mentorship influenced the kind of leader I am today. George began his career in healthcare administration as a resident at Methodist...


216: Marvin Carolina PART 2

‘I don’t think you understand what you have here.’ When Marvin Carolina was working with JE Dunn to implement his seminal Minority Contractor Business Development (MCBD) initiative, one of his mentors flew to Houston to watch him present. After just a few hours, he told Marvin that his delivery, passion and sincerity set him apart—making his diversity and inclusion program something special. The MCBD program Marvin designed for JE Dunn has trained more than 300 contractors nationwide, and...


215: Marvin Carolina

Results-driven. Focused. Prepared. Resilient. Principled. These are the qualities that helped Marvin Carolina succeed as an athlete, a corporate employee, and an entrepreneur—building the leadership skills necessary to rise through the ranks in sales and marketing with Oscar Mayer and eventually branch out on his own through Carolina Beverage Distributing. Today Marvin serves as the founder and CEO of Team Carolina, a full-service training and consulting company with a focus on diversity and...


214: John Dame Part 2

Business isn’t just about making a buck. It’s about making a difference. Previous leadership models were about command and control, using rewards and consequences to push employees into getting the job done. But that style doesn’t work anymore. To attract and retain talent, companies are learning that they must bring a sense of purpose and meaning to the work they do and create an ecosystem where people feel connected and valued. John Dame leveraged his 32-year career in radio broadcasting...


213: John Dame Part 1

Ever get the feeling people are blowing smoke up your ass? Executives are rarely challenged in a way that is meaningful, surrounded as they are by yes-men. But you can’t get better if you only ever hear what you want to hear. And you don’t grow if you don’t put yourself in a position to be vulnerable, to keep learning and improving every single day. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with one of my mentors, John Dame. John is the owner and managing partner of Dame Management Strategies, a...


5 Reasons You Suck at Using the Written Word

One area most of you suck at involves writing—using the written word to convey thoughts, goals, ideas, deadlines. I’m talking about emails to peers. Conveying the goals of your team to your team. Updating your boss on what’s working, what’s not and where you need her help. Reaching out to clients to tell your story in a follow up email. Developing a Sales proposal. Or for those ambitious writers among you, producing content. I’m here to provide you with a No BS way to do just that. Listen to...


The No BULL$#!T Marketing 2017 Year in Review

2017 was a great year from a No BULL$#!T Marketing standpoint. Hear how MASSolutions adapted to a changing marketplace to help the company and its clients achieve success in 2017.


211: Sean Ellis Part 2

In episode 211 of The No B******t Marketing Show, Dave continues his interview with Sean Ellis the CEO and Founder of After a brief recap of his background, Sean offers valuable marketing insights from his previous experience. He tells us about how he created strategic messaging for companies like Dropbox and Eventbrite by talking to existing customers and figuring out if the product offered was a must have for them and why. He’d find out what benefits the customer was...


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