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Starbucks Cups & The Ranch (E10)

This episode covers the current controversy over the new Starbucks Christmas cups and Danny Mastersons removal from Netflix show, The Ranch. The first part goes over the entitlement and assumptions needed to assume anything about an artfully colored coffee cup […]

Duration: 00:19:46

Black Friday & Net Neutrality (E9)

This episode covers my thoughts on Black Friday and the goings on with Net Neutrality. The first segment is more of an opinionated talk where I give my personal thoughts on Black Friday from both sides of the argument (For […]

Duration: 00:16:35

Trump VS Japan & Gun Control (E8)

This episode covers mostly my thoughts on gun control, but in the beginning there is a small part where I talked about Trump and another example of his habit to post before fact checking. The first part is the Trump bit, […]

Duration: 00:21:48

The Boston Racist & Trumps Golf Swing (E7)

This episode covers a race issue at Boston College and Donald Trumps attempts at getting friendly with people on the greens. The first part of this episode talks about a situation at Boston College where an alleged racist modified a […]

Duration: 00:30:48

A Saucy VW Golf & 3 Tons of Guac! (E6)

This episode is more of a humorous one if I’m honest. The first part of the episode covers a Michigan woman, Rachel Marie, who managed to get a packet of Szechuan Sauce from McDonalds and ended up trading it for a car. The second part is about a town in Mexico, Concepcion de Buenos Aires, who broke [...]Read More

Duration: 00:17:51

Tattooed Eyes & Dr Seuss (E5)

Sorry for the weird voice. I waited as long as I could to record because of it. This episode covers the issue that model Catt Gallinger had after getting a Scelera Tattoo/Stain. The artists who did it for her didn’t do it correctly, and she ended up with some vision issues. It is my hope that [...]Read More

Duration: 00:27:05

Transgender Children’s Books & Warrantless Searches (E4)

This episode covers the situation in California where a young male child came out as a female transgender. This is a topic that I cannot specifically relate to, so everything here is heavily opinionated, but I did my best to try and explain my thoughts. The second half covers the internet rumor spread by the [...]Read More

Duration: 00:20:48

Hide Yo Dogs! (E3)

This episode covers a supposed law that was passed that allows police officers to shoot dogs on sight. After recording this episode, it was brought to my attention that no such law was passed. However, it still stands true that officers can shoot any dogs that are acting aggressively. The problem is, who’s to say [...]Read More

Duration: 00:18:10


THIS IS A PSA Post. Not a regular episode. A rant against racism and the goings on in Charlottesville, VA. Regardless of this news, racism is and has been a long standing problem in the United States. It isn’t something that will just go away on it’s own. It’s something that people need to take [...]Read More

Duration: 00:23:41

The Sarahah Dilemma (E2)

This episode was originally supposed to be released 08/28/17, but I just released it today instead. Today we’re talking about the trending app, Sarahah. Some news companies have claimed it enables cyber-bullying. Which that might be true, I don’t think the way it’s been talked about is the way to solve the problem. The problem [...]Read More

Duration: 00:18:43

Intro Episode (E1)

An intro where I go over what this podcast is about and even give an example or two. Welcome, to the Don’t Get Mad Podcast. Download Twitter: Facebook:

Duration: 00:14:37