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Episode 54: Bachelor Finale & Cyborg Eyes ft. Crick Watson MD

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news! Crick Watson MD is back on the program to talk to Jenna about the momentous finale of The Bachelor. The trio then grade dating profiles and break some very difficult news to a female listener who wrote in. Enjoy! Name Game (3:00) The Bachelor Doctor Is In (14:30) Review of the Bachelor Finale Thoughts on Becca as the Bachelorette Bumblebraggin’(29:15) Stacy Mark Down in the DM (52:00) -I have a crush on a close male friend of mine. We see each other everyday...


Episode 53: Mr. Crackers And Madoff ft. MadoffIvestment

Ryan aka MadoffInvestment stops by DTIFU this week with his barnyard of animals to chat about phobias, twins and living with musicians. Enjoy! Name Game (6:00) -MaddoffInvestment Bumblebraggin’ (20:30) -Connor -Houston (update from Ep 42) Down in the DMs (42:30) -I was dating a girl who thought she was moving across the country soon for work. Turns out she’s staying - when do I have the “what are we” talk? -I’m a mid 30’s female who lives with my guitar playing boyfriend. He wants to “make...


Episode 52: Footy Matches & Ex Talk

A year's worth of episodes in the books! This week Jenna and JR take it back to their bread and butter: grading dating profiles and answering your questions! Horrible dates to take both men and women on are discussed as well as whether or not you should attend your ex's wedding. Enjoy! Love in the Headlines (3:30) -Four Dates That I’m Pretty Sure Would Kill a Man Bumblebraggin’ (13:40) -Will -Sean Down in the DMs (32:00) -I have been invited to my ex's wedding. Do I go? We dated a few years...


Episode 51: Sherlock Holmes & Spirit Animals ft. CallMeVictoria

PGP writer and personality CallMeVictoria joins Jenna and JR to discuss the singles scene in Los Angeles, her upcoming move across the country and how to get photos for your dating profile when you know nobody in a new city. The trio grade some dating profiles and do a speed round of It Goes Down in the DM! Enjoy! Name Game (2:30) Bumblebragging (19:30) -Alexa -Zak Down In The DMs (50:00) - What are your and JRs dating spirit animals? - If the reason you’re breaking up with someone because...


Episode 50: A Valentine To Ourselves (This Is 50)

Happy Valentines Day! Jenna and JR revisit the past 50 episodes in 10 short segments where they recount their favorite guests, segments, memories and Bumble profiles in a special 50 Cent themed episode. Thanks for tuning in these past 50 episodes - here's to 50 more! Best 5 Bumble About Mes (7:30) Worst 5 Bumble Photos (13:45) 5 Weirdest Questions We’ve Ever Gotten (19:00) JR’s Top Five Fav Things About Jenna (27:15) Jenna’s Top Five Fav Things About JR (32:00) 5 Most Random Conversations...


Episode 49: I Hate LA

This week JR shares his KILLER tips for V-Day in Tip Included, the duo grade Episode 21 guest Taylor Stovall's Bumble and spend an inordinate amount of time trashing LA before giving their recommendations for visiting SoCal! Enjoy! Tip Included (3:55) -Valentines Day ideas Bumblebraggin’ (10:30) -Taylor Stovall Down in the DMs (23:00) -If someone farts during sex what do you do? -I’m stuck in a dead end job that I hate and I have no friend group. I live in the middle of the country and...


Episode 48: Girls With Black Eyes

Jenna's back in the Super Bowl and JR got feminists mad at him on Twitter. The duo are back with their Super Bowl party must-haves, they read a WILD followup from Guadalajara girl from episode 23 and grade a Bumble profile with death eyes. Enjoy! Put 5 On It (8:00) -Super Bowl Party Must-Haves Check In (22:55) -Followup to Guadalajara story from Ep 23. With a special twist that involves penises in mouths! Bumblebraggin’ (28:30) -Taylor Down in the DMs (39:00) -I invited a girl to my...


Episode 47: Hey Peter Man ft. PJ Hart

On this extra long episode of #DTIFU, JR joins PGP contributor PJ Hart aka Icehouse in his hotel room in SF to grade Bumble profiles and show how much smarter Peter is than everybody else. The trio play the Name Game then get serious while giving moving advice. Enjoy! Name Game (4:40) -Peter Hart Bumblebraggin (22:15) -Otter -Hayley -Garrett Down in the DM (67:34) -I’m moving to Texas (Dallas area) from the UK with my husband and want to know the best way to go about making friends.


Episode 46: Pooping & Bridezillas Ft. Charlie Walker

PGP writer Charlie Walker joins the pod this week to discuss how he met his gf through writing for the website and pooping in front of your significant other. Then, Jenna JR and Charlie grade a longtime listener's Bumble profile and answer a DM about the worst bridezilla of all time. Enjoy! The Name Game (3:45) -Charlie Walker Bumblebraggin’ (21:30) -Leah Down in the DMs (38:40) -I’m a serial monogamist who’s been sleeping with a FWB for over a year. He’s met my family and friends. I want...


Episode 45: 27 Dresses & White Lies

Jenna and JR discuss bridesmaid & wedding drama, review their first Hinge profile and answer a backlog of DMs! Travel tips for Central America are given and JR encourages a listener to tell a little white lie. Enjoy! Check-In (12:30) -Follow up to the “Married Coworker on Bumble” question from Episode 41 Bumblebraggin’ (16:20) -Maggie Down in the DMs (30:00) -I’m taking my wife to Costa Rica this spring, and since you guys are so well traveled I wanted your can’t miss CR and Central...


Episode 44: Jenna vs JR & Bachelor Talk ft. Crick Watson MD

Jenna and JR are back and they're joined by the Good Doctor Crick Watson! The trio discuss the newest season of The Bachelor and Crick quizzes Jenna and JR with their own versions of The Name Game! Happy New Year! Jenna vs JR in The Name Game (7:55) Bachelor Talk (21:10) -Thoughts on this season’s contestants -The contestants Crick finds terrifying -What Crick wants to see this season -Who are Jenna and Crick picking to win? -Crick Watson for Bachelorette contestant ‘18 Bumblebraggin’...


Episode 43: The Best Of 2017

Highlights from the past 42 episodes of Don't Take It From Us! Thanks for making our first year a big success by listening, downloading and sharing. Big things to come in 2018! Love, Jenna & JR Why Did We Start a Podcast? Hooking Up in Movie Theaters ft. Will Defries Mean Kendra Comments ft. Kendra Syrdal Dr. Crick’s Bumble Disaster ft. Crick Watson MD Bad Words ft. Kelsey Maggard Who Does Dave Like Better? ft. David Ruff Modern Wedding Hits The DVD Question Embarrassing JR Questions ft....


Episode 41: Playing Hurt & International Masturbating

JR's playing sick and Jenna just got back from being trapped at the Seattle airport for nine hours. The duo discuss Christmas shopping tips, masturbating while traveling internationally and give advice on how to ask your girlfriend’s parents for permission to marry her. Don’t miss next week’s episode when a bunch of our former guests open their Secret Santa gifts on the airwaves! Tip Included (10:25) -Sending holiday cards Check-In (14:10) -Christine & Wyatt Down in the...


Episode 40: Moving In Together & Ghosts ft. Nick Arcadia

PGP writer and personality Nick Arcadia joins Jenna and JR this week to discuss moving in with your s/o, girls getting by on their looks and the recent office holiday party he attended in which comedians were hired to mingle with the guests. Also a ghost throws a shoe at JR midway through one of his stories so at least listen to hear that happen! Enjoy! The Name Game (6:55) -Nick Arcadia This Week In Our Relationships (15:00) ***A Ghost Throws a Shoe At JR in His Studio/Closet!!!***...


Episode 39: Kevin Garnett & Kids

Jenna and JR are back from Thanksgiving break and have a lot to confess! They also get pretty heated over a NYC based dating “expert” who’s charging hundreds of dollars for what they do every week on this podcast for free! Adults only weddings are discussed as well as getting back into contact with a (married)ex. Enjoy! DTIFU Confessional (6:50) I’m Going to Lose This Weight, Damnit - the JR edition (12:45) Love in the Headlines/Bumblebraggin’ (22:45) -This Dating Profile Ghostwriter...


Episode 38: If I Ruled the World

Jenna and JR are back this week with a brand new segment! They also discuss JR’s wedding venue drama, traveling during the holidays and how much they hate Instagram. Keep those dating profiles and DMs coming - have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the long weekend! If I Ruled the World (10:00) Bumblebraggin’ (25:30) -Garrett Down in the DMs (39:30) -I go to a school in DC that’s almost 90% guys. I want to date, but they’re just not my type - what do I do? -Does a guy think less of a girl if...


Episode 37: Identity Theft & Handjobs ft. Producer Micah

Grandex's Producer of the Stars Micah Wiener joins Jenna and JR on a lazy Sunday afternoon to talk about getting his identity stolen, if handjobs are outdated and to plug himself to the point of exhaustion. Enjoy! Name Game (9:35) Love In The Headlines (24:00) -Are Handjobs Officially Extinct? Bumblebraggin (29:30) -Hunter Down In The DMs (45:30) -I live in a small town and recently went on a date that went well Unfortunately, my ex was at the same bar that night and now wants me back....


Episode 36: Taking Back Sunday & Taco Bell ft. Zoosk's Jenn Takahashi

Jenna's in London this week so Zoosk's Jenn Takahashi joins JR to talk about her crazy dating stories and share some actual REAL metadata surrounding dating apps! Rap battles, Taco Bell and emo bands are discussed as well. Enjoy! Tip Included (5:40) -#jenndatingtips -paying first Bumblebraggin’ (17:50) -Nicole -Rachel Down in the DMs (40:00) -My girlfriend told me she doesn’t love me as much anymore and that she slept with somebody else. What do I do? -My fiance and I announced that we...


Episode 35: Everybody's A Murderer ft. TV's Marissa Morrison

On-air news reporter and weather anchor Marissa Morrison joins Jenna and JR to grade Bumble profiles and she goes into detail about what it’s like dating while in the public eye. The trio also discuss traveling with friends who aren’t compatible with each other and play the Name Game! The Name Game (7:45) Love In the Headlines (25:00) – Do You Have To Break Up With Someone In Person? Bumblebraggin’ Face Off! (33:40) -Allie -Jon Down in the DMs (61:20) -I’m about to go on a trip with a...


Episode 34: I Want Candy

This quickly became one of those weird themed episodes where Jenna and JR can't stop talking about one subject. And that subject this week is candy! They also discuss catfishing, the time Jenna passed out at a casino dressed like a fairy and telling someone you don't want to be their best man. Enjoy! Love in the Headlines (3:10) -This woman ended up in a relationship with the model whose photos were used to catfish her Put 5 On It (20:50) -Jenna and JR’s Top 5 Halloween candies...


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