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Ep 11 - Clarissa Explains It All!

Real talk, guys: this is our most ridiculously random episode yet. We’ve got sister/best friend Savannah Hughes with us to review Clarissa Explains it All! Plus, my dad the black hole, some truly awful renditions of Christmas songs, and the Church of the Holy Johnson. And hey, Nelly, if your Google alert worked and you’re listening…what’s with the bandaid? Give us an email.

Duration: 01:18:22

Ep 10 - Halloweentown

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week, Kellie and Katharine watch Disney’s Halloweentown! It’s a magical place where many different people live in peace, a lot like Cleveland. Plus, we talk about our favorite costumes of Halloweens past, Kellie’s haunted house, and Katharine’s haunted Iceland adventures!

Duration: 01:09:49

Ep 9 - Model Behavior

This week, Kellie and Katharine watch and review Justin Timberlake’s finest work, Model Behavior! What does Disney teach us in this gem? If you’re kind of a douche to people, everything will work out just fine. But it’s chock-full of overworked and underpaid teens, snappy one-liners, and dairy-based assault, and we just can’t help but love it.

Duration: 01:37:01

Ep 8 - Doug

This week we watched Doug, possibly one of the greatest and most wholesome cartoons of all time. Katharine has a stroke that temporarily turns her into Matthew McConaughey, and we both do impressions of other peoples’ impressions of chickens. Are you following? And listen, guys. There is going to be a full 8-minute period in which we complain IN GREAT DETAIL about baby/bridal showers. We’re sorry? But the world needs to know how terrible they can be.

Duration: 01:16:28

Ep 7 - Alley Cats Strike!

This one’s for the 90’s kids who also loved the 50’s. That’s right, Kellie and Katharine watched Alley Cats Strike! Or as Katharine might say, ALLEY CATS STRIKE! There were poodle skirts, sunglasses inside at night, mighty apples, and mayors who should probably be impeached because they bicker and gamble school names over a highly coveted junior high trophy. With a bonus factoid!

Duration: 01:02:04

Ep 6 - Darkwing Duck

This week Kellie and Katharine watch Darkwing Duck, a cartoon that literally gives them nothing to criticize because it's so pure. Plus, Kellie has Sexy Sick Phoebe voice, Katharine tries to avoid saying "I enjoyed that," and they both recall their very first jobs.

Duration: 01:05:42

ep 5 - Brink!

This week Kellie and Katharine review 1998's SMASH HIT, Brink! This is a movie full of ska music, awkward father-son relationships, and more than a few unfortunate innuendos. Plus, we talk about villains with pretty faces, our very first listener email, and our own mothers' affinities for rap!

Duration: 01:16:32

Ep 4 - The Adventures of Pete & Pete

This week on your favorite 90's television-themed podcast, we're talking about the Adventures of Pete & Pete! We talk about hot-button issues like student-teacher relationships, child murderers, kids with tattoos, and, of course, the town of Tombstone, Arizona...with bonus judgmental sighs from Kellie's dog!

Duration: 01:05:19