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We believe in the paranormal maybe more normal than you think!

We believe in the paranormal maybe more normal than you think!
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We believe in the paranormal maybe more normal than you think!






Ep 76 Maria Wheatley on the Winter Solstice

Please send us your paranormal stories, jokes & shout outs to Hello & thank you for listening, today we welcome back Maria Wheatley to talk about the winter solstice, which is also known as midwinter & is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight & longest night of the year, we also touch on burial chambers. Find more of Maria's work here:-

Duration: 00:41:53

Ep 75 Beasts of Britain with Andy McGrath

Beasts Of Britain is a book by Andy McGrath, a Cryptozoology 'enthusiast' who has spent over 25 years of researching and obsessing about the unknown creatures living right under our noses here in the UK, we cover bigfoot dogman and even flying crypitds. Check out Andy's book here:-

Duration: 00:39:39

Ep 74 Ancient Aliens secret pyramid message with Gary Parker

Thank you all who listen, please share this episode where you can, for today’s episode you may wish to view the photographs and drawings before listening you can do that via the link below also if you have any further questions for Gary you can contact him via his email here:- Photo link:- If you get chance please check out our NEW SHOP:- Thank you!

Duration: 01:25:03

Ep 73 Preston Dennett talks to us about Alien Abductions

Having worked as a MUFON investigator Preston has interviewed 100's of people about there close encounters with the 3rd kind now as an author he tells all, in his latest book, inside ufos, true encounters of contact with extraterrestrials. To see more of Prestons work or buy his books click this link:-

Duration: 00:57:32

Ep 72 Bitchcraft Girls discuss the Dyatlov Pass incident with us

The Dyatlov pass incident is where a group of hikers where found dead in mysterious circumstances in the Urals mountains back in 1959, to follow along with my theory please check out the map of where the bodies where found by this link:- Jessica and Christina kindly join us today and they host the bitchcraft podcast please check them out,

Duration: 00:47:04

Ep 71 Halloween with Varla Ventura

Hi all, thank you for listening and please tell a friend about us, that's how we grow, OK today we have returning guest author Varla Ventura to tell us some creepy tales, check out Varla's work and great new podcast here:- intro/outro music is Spooky Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:

Duration: 00:37:06

Ep 70 Can ghost's be controlled? Plus the haunted house called the Cage

Ok so today we take a look into a haunted house in Essex known as the cage, this is because of its past as a jail, where it is said to have held some witches. Then we look into the KGB's attempt to control a poltergeist, if you enjoy the show plz leave a review if possible and please get in touch either by Facebook or email.

Duration: 00:44:20

Ep 69 A chat with Santos Bonacci

A quick chat with Santos in this episode we cover a wide range of subjects from flat earth to diet, but Santos is big in to AstroTheology and has been researching it for years. Find out more about his work on his YouTube channel here:- outro track is The flat earth man by conspiracy music guru, listen again here:-

Duration: 01:02:47

Ep 68 Karen A. Dahlman on communicating via Quija Board

Karen is host of Creative Visions TV & author of infinite possibilities and a spirit communicator. Having a lifelong connection with spirit beings, she teaches within her books creative ways to commune with the Higher Self, spirit guides and the unseen dimensions and energies that exist among us. Within her message Karen shares the positive side to the Ouija Board as a tool for exploring the expansive realms of consciousness. Being a frequent guest on international talk radio and podcast...

Duration: 00:47:25

Ep 67 Joedy Cook on Dogman & more

Great guest great chat, today we get Jodey's thought and feelings on what dogman is and what makes it tick, joedy has been researching this subject for years so his opinion carry's a lot of weight with me, so hope you enjoy 10 days till new mic's. Thanks for sticking with us. Find out more here:-

Duration: 01:03:03

Ep 66 Speed Dating UFO's

today we welcome back our good friend Dale Harder who you may remember from our interview with an alien episode, he comes on today to help show us with best practice when it comes to communicating with ufo's

Duration: 00:41:28

Ep 65 The truth behind The Entity & The Hill's Have Eye's

So today we look at the real goings on in the case of the entity which was made into a book and then a 80's horror flick, then we get into the life of Sawney Bean and we find out why running off to live in a cave might sound like a great idea, but after 1000's of killings later, you might want to reconsider your life choices. Please review on itunes and say hi on facebook outro track is the ballard of sawney bean by raymy

Duration: 00:32:16

Ep 64 Chat with youtuber Dark Waters

Hi all today we talk to dark waters who run a youtube channel telling stories of the strange. Sorry for the bad sound Skype! for dark waters click here:-

Duration: 00:25:41

Ep 63 Phil Whyman Ghost Hunter

Today we speak to Phil Whyman star of ghost hunting TV shows such as scream team and most haunted, if you enjoy the chat Phil now runs ghost hunt events in the UK if you'd like to find out more click here please join our Facebook group

Duration: 00:47:47

Ep 62 The legend of Dick Turpin

Hello so today we talk about the life and trials of Richard Turpin, Better known as Dick and he was a right cock, a little different to what we normally do but we hope you enjoy please let us know, cheers music bed by Adam and the ants, great band check them out

Duration: 01:07:46

Ep 61 Medium Claire Broad

Hello and as always please send us your feedback via Facebook or Today we were glad to welcome Claire Broad a Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Author, Claire has been accredited by the ISM as a Registered and Approved Medium (RAM) she has also demonstrated to sold out theatre audiences. This was a great and open chat which we believe you will enjoy, thanks for listening. to find out more about Claire please visit

Duration: 01:04:09

Ep 60 Scott Carpenter and his book the nephilim among us

The t-shirt comp time is running low, for more details click here, Today we have a great guest on Scott Carpenter who has been a Bigfoot researcher for over 10 years and has some very strange encounters which w get into. If you'd like to read his book you can find details here

Duration: 01:04:31

Ep 59 Poltergeist, Gef the talking mongoose & The Greyfriars graveyard ghost

(Disclaimer you may hear some crying in the background, this is not a ghost but my baby teething, which is almost as scary) Hi ok so were back again with some more poltergeist stories for ya, we have the Thornton heath case, the ghost of bloody Mackenzie and the strange case of Gef the talking mongoose, who is a ghost in the form of a mongoose, his words not mine. As always thanks for listening please subscribe, leave a review if possible and tell a friend, that really does help, thank you.

Duration: 00:41:47

Ep 58 Ghost Planes

Today we are joined by the hosts of the paranormal night stalker podcast, Michael and Joel to talk about all things ghostly when it comes to planes, from mysterious landings to disappearing planes, hope you enjoy please let us know, don't forget to enter the t-shirt comp details on our website link below, thank you for listening night stalker link

Duration: 01:33:48

Ep 57 Alyson Lawrence

Today we had a great chat to Alyson Lawrence who is a member of the aetherius society we discuss all kinds of meataphyics truths, if you wish to speak to Alyson more her email is

Duration: 01:00:34

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