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Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 41 - The End?

This week, the crew starts off with some strange news about buying empty boxes. It's followed by their opinions on 2D pixel RPG, Undertale. Finally it's wrapped up with a studio update that includes some somber news.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 40 - Getting Dirty

This week, the crew starts off with some Nintendo news dealing with a certain popular princess named franchise. Next they give their filthy opinions on racing simulator Dirt Rally. Finally, they round the episode out with game development studio updates. Ryan actually made something this week!


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 38 - The Farting Daughter

This week, the fellows talk about China changing the way loot boxes are displayed, and large updates to N++ and Heroes of the Storm. They also give their views on 2D sidescrolling city builder, Kingdom. It's all rounded out with studio updates.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 37 - Dollars For Jump Scares

This week, Nate and Ryan talk about a new competitor to Steam as well as a Switch-esque steam tablet. Next they give their experiences with Layers of Fear. It's all rounded out with some studio updates.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 36 - Can I Get a Witness

This week, Ryan and Nate start off with some listener stats and news about an old man on the river. Next they talk about their experiences with indie game, The Witness. Finally, they round the episode out with updates on their respective studios.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 35 - Dahasalim and Barbarka

This week, the crew talks about Pokemon on the Apple watch, Starcraft going free, and Gaming for Pixels. They follow it up with their first impression of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. It's all wrapped up with studio updates including some news about revitalizing old releases.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 29 - Nipple Scripts

This week, the crew talks about the big change to Steam's system for taking in new games. Bye bye Greenlight. :( Next, they talk a bit about the new Humble freedom bundle. What a deal! From there it's on to their thoughts on the underwater exploration game Abzu. Finnaly they round things out with studio updates.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 28 - LateX COMmander

This week, the crew starts off with some listener appreciation. It's followed by Overwatch and Steam news. Next, X-Com 2 is reviewed......Aliens.....Finally, the episode is rounded out with game development progress updates from Ryan and Nate.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 27 - Rat-scallion

This week, the crew talks VR and cross platform compatibility. They follow it up with their reviews on Warhammer: Vermintide and round out the episode with a indie dev studio update.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 26 - No Escape

This week, the Doom Ninja Crew talks Fox expansion and gaming hardware in the news portion of the show. Next on the chopping block, indie game The Escapists. Should money escape your wallet for this game or should it stay locked up? Finally, they talk studio updates with more on their work-in-progress titles.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 24 - Neener Neener Neon News

Nate talks about his experience with top down shooter Neon Chrome. It's followed up with a boat load of news. The episode is wrapped up with some big game development studio updates.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 23 - Game Biv Devoe

This week, vacation season is over and the crew is back at it. Nate and Ryan discuss their holiday shenanigans. Next, Nate talks about a sweet mobile MOBA, Vainglory. The episode is wrapped up with a studio update with some pretty big news.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 22 - Gayplay Footage

This week on Doom Ninja Podcast Nate discusses Devil Daggers, a fast paced first person shooter where survival is....difficult. Next, Nate gives his take on fantasy RPG Dragon Soul. Ryan rounds the episode off with some talk about the awesome multi-player dungeon crawler, Crawl and a brief holiday studio update.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 21 - Gimme That Crown

This week, Nate talks about his experience with tactics game Crowntakers and cutesy story game Monster Loves You. Ryan and Nate both tried out another free game, Tube Tycoon and had very different experiences. Since Nate is out of town for the holidays, Ryan does a crappy solo studio update to round out the episode.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 20 - I Know Your Rumblings

This week on Doom Ninja Podcast, Nate starts out with his views on another "Happy" game, Happy Dungeons. Ryan joins in for the down low on Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Why do people like this game so much?! Finally, the episode is rounded out with a studio update. Fight Santa and get outta town!


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 19 - Titan Up Minion Masters

This week on Doom Ninja Podcast, Nate explains the new Titanfall 2 update and future plans for Titanfall 2. He also didn't check his levels before recording so it sounds a little like doo doo. Sorry about that. After Nate fixed his levels, he and Ryan both go in depth on their experience with the new early access game Minion Masters. What's it all about? Does it stand out in the market? Next, Ryan and Nate both round out with their studio updates. Ryan is almost done adding Santa to...


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 18 - Hornography

This week, Nate starts out with some shoutouts to our listeners and an announcement about a new milestone that the podcast has reached! After that Nate gives the down low on Happy Wars, an unexpected MOBA with a lighthearted take on the genre. Next, Ryan explains all about Assault Android Cactus and how it has nothing to do with desert plants. Listen to find out what exactly an Assault Android Cactus is. In the studio update portion of this week's episode, Ryan starts beef with fellow...


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 16 - Hell Dives and Hard Drives

This week, our heroes speak of distant planets, liberty, freedom, and shooting bugs. Helldivers was the top voted game for this week so we hella dove into talking about it! After that, studio updates galore as Ryan finishes up Suburban Scavengers for it's upcoming release and Nate talks of his woes in the early stages of game development.


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 14 - Lemme Axiom a Question

This week on Doom Ninja Podcast, Ryan and Nate start things off with some Soundcloud viewer stats. Where are all of you beautiful listeners located? Ryan follows it up with his thoughts on Axiom Verge, the metroidvania made by one dude with a glitchy alien theme. Is it worth playing? Next, Nate finally gets his hands on Titanfall 2. Man and robot work together. An improvement on the first? Worth the hype? Listen to find out. We round the episode out with a studio update with both Ryan and...


Doom Ninja Podcast - Episode 13 - Get Back Up Again

This week on Doom Ninja Podcast, our heroes discuss the physics platformer Human: Fall Flat. Ryan gave it a try'll have to listen to see if it was worth the effort. Nate follows up with some info about an upcoming mobile title, Var Dragons, a game about catching dragons that are linked to airplanes. It looks pretty sweet. They'll be launching a kickstarter soon. Show them some love and I'm sure they'd appreciate it. We round the episode out with a studio update. Ryan talks...


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