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12: Me and the Undertaker.

Just in time for Wrestlemania season! Dutch and the Undertaker (Mark Calloway) go a long way back, all the way to the very beginning! Hear stories about how he broke in, how "hungry he was", how dutch was ultimately responsible for Taker going to WCW, and his thoughts on where his career has taken him! All this and more on a very special edition of Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell and Matt Koon!


11: An American Wrestling Tragedy

This week on Down and Dirty Dutch Mantell, Dutch talks about a little talked about American Wrestling Tragedy: Mike and Eddie Graham. Dutch talks about how and why he went to Florida to take over the book from Dusty Rhodes. Its a story without a happy ending, but there are lots of fun tidbits in here as well: what was it like to work with Flair?, What was Dusty concerned about at the funeral? What was Mike Graham like? All this and more on a very special episode of Down and Dirty with...


10: Cornette vs. Russo Stories. Bonus Episode: Free Episode of Rum Diaries!

Made available to listeners of Down and Dirty! A free episode of The Rum Diaries! (available to MLWRADIO.COM VIP members) Dutch Invites Cornette and Russo to sit down with the creator of "Wrestler's Court" and work out their differences... while we wait for hell to freeze over, Dutch tells some great stories as only he can do about breaking the news to Corny that Russo was coming in to TNA, and the advice Jeff Jarrett gave to Russo when Vinny Ru made the pitch to Double J that Cornette had...


9: WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett talks with Dutch!

Our first guest ever is WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who talks about his induction, his recent successes, breaking in the business, his first run in WWE, and much much more as he and Dutch go on a "car trip" and no subjects are off limits. Also, Matt Koon is announced as the new Co-Host! It's an episode of firsts, and you will enjoy it, on this episode of Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell!


8: Dutch remembers Andy Kaufman in Memphis

On this entertaining episode of Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell, Dutch recounts his first hand experience from the inside of the Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler angle that set the tone for future celebrity involvement in wrestling angles. Who referred Kaufman, where did he go first, what advice did Dutch give a female wrestler on how to best maximize her chances against Andy in a shoot fight? All the pul our matters at hand including whether the New Day are racial stereotypes and whether...


7: Randy Savage: The early career and development of "The Macho Man"

On this very special episode of Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell, Dutch recounts someone who he has known from the very beginning: Macho Man Randy Savage. From baseball player, to spiderman (?), to Randy Poffo to the Macho Man, Dutch has seen first hand Randy grow from a 155 lb kid to the man who he had a blood feud with in his pre-WWF prime. Listen to Dutch talk about, as only he can do, meeting Randy in 1973, feuding with him in Nashville in 1978, and their red hot rivalry on Memphis TV...


6: The early years and career of Steve Austin

On this fun and insightful episode of the "new and improved" Down and Dirty with Dutch man tell, Dutch tells us what set Austin apart, what motivated him, and what saw in him when Dutch taught Austin how to be a wrestler and gave him both of his names. A contentious discussion takes place about the Austin/Pillman gun angle, where do you stand? Also, new show producer Matt Koon joins Dutch and host Matt Farmer on air to discuss Dutch's "matter at hands" for the week: the XFL, former TNA...


5: Episode 5

Going down the road Dutch tells stories about drag out locker room brawls, and getting stiffed inside the ring!


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