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Dr. Leonard Coldwell – The World’s Leading Authority for Natural Cancer Cures for terminal health conditions as well as Stress Related Illness, Burn Out Syndrome and Management diseases. “Dr C” as he is known to his fans is also known as one of the leading authorities for Constitutional Law ( Common Law ) Sovereignty and the fight for Liberty and Freedom. He is a thought after champion of the Health Freedom Movement and for the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He was one of the very first publishing over 40 years ago information on Natural Health and Stress Related illness, Anxiety and Depression. His fight for Freedom is legendary as Radio Host Jeff Rense ( www.rense.com ) stated. Dr Coldwell is a Legend in his own time. Multiple awards winning Radio host of Coast to Coast George Noory stated in his new TV show with Dr Coldwell: I know and have interviewed most experts worldwide, Dr Leonard Coldwell is simply the best of the best! Radio Host of Latenight in the Midlands: “ Dr Coldwell is the ONLY guest that we promote with all of our ability’s. Dr C is fearless and the most result producing teacher, educator, coach and health care practitioner known today.




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