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Dr. Westin Childs Podcast: Thyroid | Weight Loss | Hormones

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How to use Contrave for Weight Loss + Who should use it

Contrave is a newer weight loss medication that can be used to help certain people lose weight. Should you use it? Not necessarily, contrave is an "okay" weight loss medication but there are definitely better ones out there. I use Contrave in my weight loss practice to help patients with the following conditions: - Those with body set point malfunction. - Those with insulin resistance. - Those with thyroid problems. - Patients with binge eating disorder or other eating disorders. -...

Duration: 00:17:05

Iodine and Hypothyroidism - Are you getting enough?

Iodine is required for optimal thyroid function there is no question about it, but should you add additional iodine to your regimen? There are a number of factors at play when determining if you are consuming enough iodine and if you are utilizing it after absorption. Use this video guide to help determine if you are getting enough and to help determine if you should supplement with iodine if you have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's. You can read more about the topic on my website here:...

Duration: 00:14:49

Top 10 Low Thyroid Symptoms Explained

The top 10 most common low thyroid symptoms include: 1. Unexplained weight gain 2. Inability to lose weight despite changing your diet and exercising more 3. Fatigue 4. Unexpected hair loss 5. Menstrual irregularities 6. Changes in mood including depression or anxiety 7. Changes to other hormone systems in the body 8. Chronic pain or muscle tenderness 9. Cold hands/feet 10. Constipation If you have 4+ of these symptoms then you need to get a complete thyroid lab panel done to evaluate your...

Duration: 00:14:37

What Is A "Normal" TSH?

TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone and gives you an idea of what is happening in your pituitary but not other tissues in your body. Other thyroid lab tests should be used in addition to TSH to shed light on what is happening in the body. Other thyroid tests include: - Free T3 - Free t4 - Reverse T3 - Sex hormone binding globulin You can read more on my website here: This video is not intended to be used as medical advice. If you have questions about your...

Duration: 00:11:27

5 Benefits of using T3 Medication

When referring to T3 thyroid medication I mean medications like Cytomel and Liothyronine. In this video I walk you through the primary benefits of using T3 thyroid hormone medication. Benefits include: - More weight loss - Increased basal metabolic rate - Reduction in hypothyroid like symptoms - Increase in body temperature - Improvement in other hormone imbalances in the body You can read more on my website here: This video is not intended to be used as medical...

Duration: 00:14:05

How Hashimoto's Symptoms Progress Over Time

This video will walk you through Hashimoto's symptoms and how they progress over time. First hashimoto's symptoms start with generalized and non specific symptoms that can then progress to hyperthyroid like symptoms or hypothyroid like symptoms. Most of the time the progression goes from generalized symptoms to overt hypothyroidism over time. However, some patients do experience episodes of hyeprthyroidism as well. It's important to identify the symptoms of Hashimoto's ASAP so you can stop...

Duration: 00:11:13

Hashimoto's Flare Up Symptoms

Hashimoto's Flare Up Symptoms by Dr. Westin Childs - Thyroid and Weight Loss Expert

Duration: 00:16:54

Reverse T3 Treatment Guide + How to “Flush” it out of Your Body

High reverse T3 levels result in a slow metabolism, weight gain, low body temperature and symptoms of hypothyroidism. Reverse T3 is created from T4 in your body in the presence of inflammation, leptin resistance, insulin resistance and a history of chronic yo-yo dieting. Taking T4 only medication can actually make high levels of reverse T3 even worse. This guide discusses how patients get high levels of reverse T3, what causes reverse T3 to be elevated and how to flush high levels of...

Duration: 00:25:11

The Complete Guide to using Naturethroid: Dosing + Weight loss & More

Naturethroid is a form of natural desiccated thyroid which means it contains both T4 + T3 thyroid hormones. Many patients report a reduction in hypothyroid symptoms plus weight loss when switching from T4 only medications like levothyroxine and synthroid over to NDT like naturethroid. In this video I am going to go over the complete guide to using naturethroid including: + Why naturethroid is better than levothyroxine + Who should consider switching to naturethroid + How to correctly...

Duration: 00:23:43


Tirosint is a T4 only thyroid medication but with some twists. Many patients report significant improvement in hypothyroid symptoms when switching from T4 only medications like Levothyroxine and Synthroid over to Tirosint. But how can that be? Especially when Tirosint is a T4 only medication? This occurs for several reasons: 1) Inactive ingredients - + Levothyroxine and Synthroid contain MANY inactive ingredients (complete list in the video) which your body may be reacting to and limiting...

Duration: 00:24:33

Low Sex Drive In Women

Low sex drive in women is a serious problem and should be evaluated as soon as possible. In this video I go over the most common causes of low sex drive and decreased libido in women including how to correctly diagnose and treat the problem. One of the main causes of low sex drive is low testosterone. Low testosterone is an important factor in women as it relates to libido, muscle mass (and weight loss), mood and quality of life. What's interesting is that there is a strong link between...

Duration: 00:28:54

Best Supplements For Hashimoto's Thyroiditis of 2017

This video includes the best and strongest supplements for treating Hashimoto's thyroiditis in 2017. This is the updated and revised 2016 version. This list represents changes based on new patient outcomes and studies. As time changes so too do my recommendations. Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that includes not only hypothyroidism but a component of autoimmunity. Treatment must be focused on improving thyroid function as well as optimizing immune regulation and function....

Duration: 00:30:24

WP Thyroid Weight Loss

This video will walk you through a thyroid case study in which I show you how WP thyroid lead to weight loss in a patient of mine with before and after pictures. The combination of the right type of thyroid medication, plus managing hormones leads to significant weight loss in hypothyroid patients. Many patients wrongly believe that adding in thyroid medication will lead to significant weight loss and that is rarely the cause. In this example I walk you through: - How to decide which...

Duration: 00:26:20

Byetta Weight Loss

Do you have hypothyroidism and insulin resistance? This case study is from my practice and in this video I walk you through a patient who was able to lose 42 pounds over three months using Byetta, Natural desiccated thyroid and T3 containing medication. The problem with weight loss is that most patients approach it all wrong. They believe that eating less and exercising more will lead to long lasting weight loss and it just isn't true. Instead patients and Doctors should be focusing on...

Duration: 00:28:05

Hashimoto's Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight with Hashimoto's? In this post I outline the 9 steps that I use to help Hashimoto's patients lose weight in my practice. Hashimoto's patients need to be differentiated from other thyroid patients when it comes to treatment, but also when it comes to weight loss. If you didn't already know exercising more and eating less will NOT lead to lasting weight loss in Hashimoto's patients. I discuss the 4 main reasons for weight loss resistance that patients face...

Hypothyroidism Weight Loss

In this video I walk you through a patient who was able to lose 50+ pounds, reverse her diabetes and improve her energy levels within 3 months. This particular patient failed gastric bypass surgery, was suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue and of course weight gain. After adding the following therapies to her regimen she was able to lose 50+ pounds of weight, reverse her diabetes, remove her chronic pain and increase her energy: - Thyroid hormone replacement: she needed to use...

Thyroid Supplements

Thyroid supplements (if used correctly) can help boost your thyroid function, help with weight loss and help you feel better. The problem comes with knowing WHICH supplements to take and at WHAT dose. It takes over 13 nutrients to create thyroid hormone, convert T4 to T3 and sensitize the cellular receptors to T3. Many thyroid supplements cram all of these nutrients into a supplement and call it "good". This is the WRONG approach to take. Instead basing your supplementation off of the...

Levothyroxine Side Effects

Levothyroxine Side Effects by Dr. Westin Childs - Thyroid and Weight Loss Expert

Thyroid Medication

In this video I explain how I determine which thyroid medication a patient needs. There are basically three main choices in medications: 1) Natural Desiccated thyroid medication (including armour thyroid, naturethroid and WP thyroid) 2) T3 only medication (including Liothyronine, cytomel and sustained release T3) 3) T4 only medication (including levothyroxine, tirosint and synthroid) The question is how do you determine which medication works best for you? Patients who do well on NDT...

Armour Thyroid Weight Loss

In this video I go over the 5 main reasons that patients who switch from Levothyroxine to Armour thyroid DON'T lose weight. Many patients believe that switching from T4 to NDT will cause immediate weight loss and are disappointed when it doesn't happen. The truth is that Armour thyroid CAN help with weight loss but you need to make sure that these 5 barriers aren't standing in your way: 1. Your dose isn't high enough - Many Doctors under dose patients when converting from T4 medication to...
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