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Fantasy Football Podcast: Divisional Round Preview 1-11-18

Another 4-game slate makes it harder to differentiate in DFS, but we’re breaking down the matchups to try anyway. Show notes: Falcons-Eagles: Could there be surprising value in a wideout from each side? And should you be paying more attention to Matt Ryan? Titans-Patriots: Can Derrick Henry do it again? Who’s set up to succeed in the New England backfield? Saints-Vikings: Will there be enough points in this game to make it worthwhile? Which Viking just might head into the weekend...


Fantasy Football Podcast: Wild Card Preview 1-4-18

Fantasy football season doesn’t have to end with the NFL regular season, and it doesn’t for many players. So today’s show jumps into playoff fantasy football. We’re talking some strategy for full playoffs drafting — i.e. which teams to target and how to approach them — before digging specifically into the FFPC’s Playoff Challenge. After we set lineups there, it’s on to the Wild Card slate and some DFS advice for playing on FanDuel and DraftKings. Check our Week 18 rankings for sleepers...


DFS Podcast: Week 17 DraftKings 12-29-17

Now that he’s locked up the season-long victory in the Crown His Ass Challenge, Jared has his sights set pretty firmly on the Lions for Week 17 — with multiple pass-offense picks across positions. With Kevin out once again, both remaining guys seem to agree pretty well on the TE tiers for this week, which could fill your flex spot as well. The 16-game main slate also leaves plenty of directions to travel at RB, but also lots of room for disagreement. And the D/ST slot gains a few more...


DFS Podcast: Week 17 FanDuel 12-29-17

​ ​A full, 16-game DFS slate for Week 17 should mean a bevy of QB options, but Matt and Jared didn’t have much trouble agreeing on their top targets — led by a certain NFC North passer with big upside at home. At RB, Derrick Henry carries a lot of popularity into the weekend but creates a bit of a divide on this show. There are other cheaper backfield options we can agree on, though, and we don’t have any trouble finding common ground at wideout — including a high-ceiling play at $5200....


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 17 Preview 12-29-17

Why not play your fantasy football season through Week 17? Jerry Jones answered that this week by calling the Cowboys’ playing time into question. Doug Marrone answered it as well, vowing to play “all out” … though in a position where it’s tough to trust RB Leonard Fournette. And we’re just hoping the Steelers will answer it before Sunday’s kickoff. We’re running through the teams we know are resting players as well as the injury situations you’ll need to watch into the weekend and a few...


DFS Podcast: Week 16 DraftKings 12-22-17

​ Can the Seahawks’ wildly disappointing Week 15 create DFS opportunity in NFL Week 16? There’s room for them in tournament lineups at least. But there’s also an affordable QB on the other side of the country, a pair of expensive RBs in the league’s best backfield, some volume bets toward the other end of the cost spectrum and a range of TE options to digest. At WR, is there a clear top guy or a pair to try to squeeze in. And what should we do with Dede Westbrook after he crushed fantasy...


DFS Podcast: Week 16 FanDuel 12-22-17

With Kevin still out tending to parental duties, Jared and Matt open the NFL Week 16 show agreeing disturbingly easy. That’s because there’s a nicely priced, strong-performing, under-played QB in a nice matchup to build around on FanDuel this week. His lead WR could be in for a big bounce back as well. In between, there’s a RB who has been delivering for a while but could get a boost from a teammate’s injury — along with a cheap rusher who has been loading up on volume lately. At WR, both...


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Preview 12-21-17

You probably drafted T.Y. Hilton somewhere in the 1st 3 rounds. But does that mean you need to put him in your lineup in Week 16? Not if you’ve been paying attention to his (looooooong) rough patch. Can we ignore the recent downturn for Julio Jones, or does he carry Week 16 risk? And what about the quietly tough matchup facing Jordan Howard? Should we start him because his team’s on a mini roll? Is it safe to go back to Joe Mixon against a soft Detroit run D? Do the injuries to Hunter...


IDP Podcast: Week 15 Who to Trust 12-16-17

Let’s kick this week’s show off with some key defensive injury situations to watch for NFL Week 15. Then we have updates on Denzel Perryman, some intriguing rookie LBs and some nice defensive matchups in the Eagles-Giants game … along with a few other notes. ​Check our Week 15 IDP rankings to answer your start/sit questions.


DFS Podcast: Week 15 DraftKings 12-15-17

​ It’s not usually easy to find certain touches way down the RB price list, but this looks like a good week to do so. We’ve got no fewer than 3 options at $5K or cheaper that can play across contest formats in NFL Week 15. We’ve also got affordable QBs from multiple games to like and a potentially underserved game stack out west. ​Check our Week 15 PPR rankings for potential sleepers and busts.


DFS Podcast: Week 15 FanDuel 12-15-17

​ The enticing Steelers-Patriots matchup is forcing Matt to look to a QB he hates to use, while Jared remains more focused on the other side. There are plenty of affordable RBs to go around, along with differing opinions on the Jaguars WR to favor against Houston this week. There’s agreement at TE and on defense, however. ​Check our Week 15 rankings for FanDuel dollars per point.


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 15 Preview 12-14-17

​ Blake Bortles. No one has been comfy starting him in real life or fantasy since that fateful day the Jaguars drafted him 3rd overall. But 2 straight encouraging outings plus a stellar Week 15 matchup has changed that. We’re figuring out during this week’s podcast just how many other QBs we’re willing to push Bortles ahead of. Jimmy Garoppolo? Jared Goff? Kirk Cousins? Drew Brees? (There’s at least 1 “no” in that group.) We’ve also got decisions to make at RB, WR and TE. What does Nick...


DFS Podcast: Week 14 DraftKings 12-8-17

​ Scheduling leaves us with no Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown or Patriots for NFL Week 14 … which just might make the DFS lineup decisions a bit more interesting. For starters, we’ve got suddenly popular dudes Jimmy Garoppolo ($5,500), Giovani Bernard ($3,100) and Josh Gordon ($5,500) to sort through. All figure to be highly owned across contest formats. Does that mean you need to get a piece, fade all 3 or something in between? We’re looking elsewhere for our main picks, including some...


DFS Podcast: Week 14 FanDuel 12-8-17

With Russell Wilson facing the Jaguars and Rob Gronkowski taking himself out of action for being an idiot, there are some tough calls in redraft fantasy football leagues. But those factors plus the Patriots and Steelers being out of main-slate DFS consideration actually adds some intrigue to the lineup building on FanDuel. We’re looking toward the top end of the QB group for both floor and TD upside. At RB, we’re giving a look to an early-season stud who has been letting fantasy owners...


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 14 Preview 12-7-17

​ Now that we’re into fantasy football playoff time, you don’t want to overthink your lineup decisions. So we’re here to do the overthinking for you. The NFL Week 14 game-by-game breakdown starts with the effect of Tyrod Taylor and Tre’Davious White injuries on the Bills-Colts matchup. Rob Gronkowski’s suspension has us pondering which TEs we’re willing to reach for – and we’re having trouble agreeing on whether it’s time to trust Ricky Seals-Jones. We’re also not on the same page with...


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 13 Recap 12-4-17

​ We should be leading off the NFL Week 13 recap podcast with Josh Gordon’s return, but Rob Gronkowski and the Giants wouldn’t be upstaged. The Giants finally canned HC Ben McAdoo on Monday, in a move that might not impact any of our fantasy football teams. Gronk’s vicious cheap shot to the back of Tre’Davious White’s head, however, figures to leave us without an early-round performer for at least 1 fantasy playoff week. Beyond that, we are talking Gordon, then backfield situations around...


IDP Podcast: Week 13 Upside Picks 12-2-17

It’s Week 13 and yet we still have muddy LB situations that aren’t clearing up. Can B.J. Goodson help our lineups immediately upon return from his 4-week ankle injury? Do we have a Chargers LB we can count on? We’ll try to sort through those spots. But there’s an old guy in Jacksonville who looks like a fantasy starter despite not playing full time all year. There’s an Oakland lineman who might be able to capitalize on a nice matchup. There’s a stud lineman leaning way in the other...


DFS Podcast: Week 13 DraftKings 12-1-17

There’s DeAndre Hopkins at WR, Jamaal Williams at RB and Hunter Henry at TE. Those are the obvious DFS starting points this week. But that doesn’t make them must plays. We’ve got e very similar target at wideout who figures to come at a significantly lower owned rate in either cash games or tournaments. There’s intrigue at the top of RB and a cheap bust from last week that Kevin’s willing to go back to. Listen in for all of our favorite DK plays for NFL Week 13. ​Check our Week 13 PPR...


DFS Podcast: Week 13 FanDuel 12-1-17

​ DFS lineup planning basically starts with Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins in NFL Week 13 … even if the 1st step in your plan is to fade him because of the high owned rate. We’ll touch on that while also delivering other names and values to like on FanDuel this weekend. The top of the QB list and a pair in the middle of TE pricing draw our primary focus at those positions as well, but opinions vary a bit more widely at RB. ​Check our Week 13 rankings, including FanDuel dollars per point. And...


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 13 Preview 11-30-17

​ Week 13 in the NFL season means that many of our fantasy football leagues are into the playoffs or right on the verge. So it’s time to hone in on all the important matchups and trends to make our best lineup decisions. Did Brett Hundley play himself into a streaming option Sunday night at Pittsburgh? We’re sorting through exactly who we’d play him over … or not. Is Austin Ekeler or either Browns RB joining Melvin Gordon as a starting backfield option from the Browns-Chargers game? And...


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