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Meera Syal stars as Scarlett, a jobless divorcee piecing her life together again - by writing and reading erotic fiction to a group of partially-sighted care home residents. They love it! Recently divorced, and facing a bleak future after the end of her fast-paced career in publishing, Scarlett's had enough. She tries to check herself into a care home but is persuaded instead to become a volunteer reader to a group of blind and partially-sighted residents. They share some of their life stories with her and she is inspired to write and re-tell these back to the group, with an erotic spin. Her favourite niece comes to stay and, unknowingly, gives her more material when she recounts her online dating exploits. All in all, it's rich territory for Scarlett and the group look forward to her visits with relish. But she falls foul of care home protocol and is asked to leave. When Sophie finds out her aunt has a talent for writing erotic fiction, she is delighted and persuades her to start recording and publishing on line. The group can keep up with her stories and - who knows - it could become a new career for Scarlett. The cast includes Fenella Fielding, once known as England's first lady of the double entendre, William Gaunt and Sophia di Martino. Between the Lines is writer and director Rebecca Lloyd-Evans' debut on BBC Radio 4. Cast: Scarlett : Meera Syal Soph : Sophia di Martino Janey/Faith : Llewella Gideon William/Ronnie : Paul Herzberg Hettie : Fenella Fielding Tom : William Gaunt Writer and Director : Rebecca Lloyd-Evans Sound Designer : Eloise Whitmore Producer : Melanie Harris Executive Producer : Jo Meek A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4.



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